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maximalism designed living room space

To the Max!

To the Max! In the process of enduring lockdowns with sanity intact, we have rediscovered the inherent value of having a space that one can …

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mid-century modern living room design

Back to The Future With Mid-Century Modern

Summer months are just around the corner.  This is the time of year when people often begin to think of moving, upgrading, or reimagining their …

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kitchen lighting at Ennis Fine Furniture

Let There Be Light!

Your home is a refuge from a world full of deadlines, due dates, and sensory overload; a haven from the harsh sounds and lights which …

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country cabin in the winter

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever Has it happened yet?  You know that sense that winter has been here forever and spring, even though around the corner, seems so …

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Christmas Living Room

Creating a Winter Flare For The Heart of Your Home

The winter season is a magical time filled with laughter, joy, and hopeful anticipations for the Christmas Season.  Just as the Holiday season both paint …

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kitchen dining furniture

Create Your Perfect Living Space For Thanksgiving

You can still create a perfect living space for this Thanksgiving by choosing from in stock items. Currently, enjoy exceptional savings on CLEARANCE furniture for …

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Stickley Quality Construction

Tips and Tricks to Find the Highest Quality Furniture

In today’s “disposable” world, landing a great deal is more about quality than it is about price.  Quality, by nature, is a characteristic that endures. …

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Ennis Offers Sofa Customization Choices That Really Dazzle And Delight!

You just cannot deny it.  The sofa is the anchor piece of furniture to the room you, your family, and guests are likely to spend …

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Stickley Executive Desk

5 Home Office Improvements to Love Your Space

Given enough time, every company will experience change. But rarely have we seen the type of widespread shifts in the workplace than with the coronavirus …

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Stickley Writing Desk

Creating a Zen Refuge in a Chaotic World

Creating a Zen Refuge in a Chaotic World Your home is supposed to be a refuge for your family. When you have an intentional space …

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Improve Your Small Bedroom with Designs That Think Big!

Improve Your Small Bedroom with Designs That Think Big! When it comes to smaller bedrooms, there’s often a fine line between feeling comfy or feeling …

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Bar Stools 101- A Shopping Guide

Spicing up your kitchen area with a new collection of bar stools is a great way to bring everyone together. More casual than your traditional …

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The Features that Make Every Holiday gathering a Success

The Holidays are all about spending times with friends and family. Inviting your loved ones over for a small gathering or a larger party can …

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Hosting for the Holidays? Make Your Home More “You!”

Celebrating the holidays with friends and families is one of life’s great joys. If you’re playing the host this year, you want to make sure …

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How to Embrace Shades of Brown for Fall or Any Season

When it comes to vibrant home décor and color schemes, brown may not be the first thing to come to mind. But learning how to …

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