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Top 3 Ways an Ennis Designer Can Help You!

Perhaps the BEST news about using an Ennis Designer is that you pay nothing additional for his or her service.  That’s right!  You get years of experience and training for free when you shop with Ennis. But we’d rather use the terms “included” or “complimentary,” because free usually connotes it’s cheap or has lesser value…and that is certainly not the case here!

We assure you that when being assisted by an Ennis Designer you are benefitting from some of the finest talent and training in the region.  Many of our designers are formally educated and industry accredited and all of them come highly recommended by happy customers. For Ennis Designers it is not simply a vocation, it is a passion.

So here are the most important ways an Ennis Designer can help you:

  1.  Vision – A trained professional can see things you can’t.  How considerations like scale, color combinations or texture become part of a room.  How to integrate some of your favorite older pieces with new pieces to ease your room into a refreshed yet familiar space.  Our team members are great communicators and listen to clues about your lifestyle and affinities.  Their artistry ensures you get the look and feel you’re after at home. As one of our designer says, “you should feel a big hug when you walk in the room.”
  1.  Value – When you invest in quality furniture we’re happy to say you don’t pay an additional fee for the design service when using Ennis.  And this saves you money in several ways.  You won’t make a costly mistake purchasing an item that does not work for your home.  In your younger days you may have endured hand-me-downs or furniture that was practically disposable (hello big box, some-assembly-required!) Impeccable craftsmanship and classic design will reside beautifully in your home for a long time saving you money in the long run.  Wouldn’t you rather have pieces that your children and grandchildren can’t wait to inherit?
  1. Time – Let’s admit it, sometimes finding just the right item can be tedious.  Ennis Interior Designers make the entire process of searching and ordering a breeze.  They do the homework… you get the final decision.  Since Ennis carries so many high quality brands, we have a world of choices.  And to further boggle the mind, many of our furniture lines are customizable in thousands of ways:  trims, pillows, feet, leather color and texture, fabrics, arm styles…oh my! Our designers are also time management experts so if you’re remodeling a space for instance, your custom sofa won’t show up before the floor is finished!  And remember, we’re here to deal with any issue that may arise so you don’t spend hours on the phone or searching for paperwork.

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