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Tips and Tricks to Find the Highest Quality Furniture

In today’s “disposable” world, landing a great deal is more about quality than it is about price.  Quality, by nature, is a characteristic that endures.   Furniture that is built well; with craftsman techniques and skill, is furniture that can really stand the test of time.  And what is more, when you find the right piece for your home, and have the satisfaction of also knowing it is of high quality, that is truly an investment worth making.

Check For Quality

You want to furnish your home with décor and furniture that fits your style and also doing some pre-purchase checks for quality will make the difference in your satisfaction.

Wood Furniture

Embracing your personal aesthetic with quality furniture often means taking a closer look at solid wood furniture, rather than cheaper items built with particle board, composite woods, and fiber boards. Pro Tip: Don’t hesitate to ask what kind of wood is used in the framing of a sofa. In a perfect world, your sofa’s frame will be made up primarily from solid hardwood.

You can put your money toward furniture that will look great for decades by considering a few other key details.

  • Consider the type & locations of solid wood used in the construction of the furniture
  • Open every drawer; how is it constructed and how does the function feel
  • Be on the lookout for nails, glue, and staples

Quality wood furniture will have wood joinery on the drawers and corners, so inspect from every angle to make sure you are getting a piece that is really special.


Often considered the most important piece of furniture in the home, it is well worth your time and attention to make sure you are getting a high quality piece of furniture.  In addition to the sofa matching your sense of style, you’ll want to make sure your sofa is a quality piece of furniture.

  • Test the sofa springs for firmness and construction
  • Find reversible cushions
  • Look for sturdy legs

When you remove the cushions to check the springs underneath, you will also want to see whether those cushions are covered on both sides. That means you will be able to flip them over every couple of months to help them last longer. Going with a sofa that has solid, heavy legs that are joined to the sofa frame is also smart.

Inspect Other Upholstered Furniture

Many of the rules for quality sofa construction also apply to upholstered furniture. For your upholstered lounge chairs, dining chairs, ottomans, and other items, make sure to select a furniture manufacturer that takes the time to line-up intricate patterns on the fabrics.

  • Check for pattern alignment
  • Inspect the side padding
  • High-quality skirting

Additionally, you will want to give the back and arms of the furniture a squeeze to make sure the padding is consistent. You do not want to feel the frame underneath, and better padding will help your furniture continue to look nice even years after you first brought it into your home. Taking a quick look at the skirt—if the piece has one—is also a good idea. The fabric should be lined and slightly weighted to help it stay uniform.These are just a few tips to help you identify quality furniture.  Of course, the best way to make sure your furniture is of true quality is to shop at Ennis Fine Furniture.  We pride ourselves in stocking only the best furniture manufacturers at Ennis Fine Furniture.  Moreover, we pay close attention to style. A high-quality and highly functional piece of furniture should both look great and have been built with care. Let us help you find the perfect items for your home!

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