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You are the boss of your life and the Boss needs a proper home office!

Having a home office these days has become as much a rule and not so much the exception.  Telecommuting, cottage industry, job-sharing, online commerce stores and a host of other societal factors has driven the need for a comfortable, functional home office.  That corner nook where we used to just pay the bills will no longer do for today’s home-based work leader.

Your home office must fit your needs.  Are you working solo and part-time in the space, or do you see clients at your home office?  Do you need to conduct business in a quiet, more private setting?  Many modern homes have rooms that are specifically designed as home offices.  If that is not your home, then a room where you can shut the door (such as a spare bedroom) may be perfect.  If there is no need for privacy, then an open space like a bonus room might do the trick.  In either setting, the important thing is your ability to work in comfort.   When you have the right kind of office furniture in your home, you will feel confident in your ability to get the job done.

Regardless of where your home office is configured, you will need a desk, so let’s start by considering something very special.   Are you thinking of a traditional executive type desk?  Something that speaks of power and success?   Did you want something sleek and functional in a desk that just also happens to be a work of art?   Guess what?  That’s not too much to ask.

Take a look at the La Costa Live Edge Desk by Lexington Homebrands!  This beautiful desk, of course, fits any home office setting, but we see it working particularly well in an open, lit and airy home loft environment.  This stunning workplace features a polished stainless-steel base and mahogany drawers.  The solid Trembesi live-edge top is unique on each piece!  Textures, tones, materials set the stage for excellence every time you sit at the La Costa Live Edge Desk.

Every home executive needs a great chair.   We submit to you that the Hancock & Moore Amato chair will have you feeling like you are in the “power position” every time you sit down to go to work!  This tufted leather chair is available in a variety of colors and features pneumatic swivel and tilt features for ultimate comfort.  Take note of the distinctive Mahogany distressed finish as this styling que takes its inspiration from the Wall Street boardrooms of old.

Now, how about sumptuous seating for your office visitors and guests?  These Hancock & Moore Luxe Button and Tufted chairs provide exceptional comfort to your clients while speaking volumes about your own style, savvy and success.

An aficionado of American craftsmanship and quality will automatically want to look at what Stickley has to offer for their home office.  That same discerning person will undoubtedly also see the value in furnishing their office with a set like this Stickley office unit.  Abundant desk space and file space that will keep you organized and productive in true Craftsman Style is just part of the appeal of this office unit.   Want to add just a bit of additional Stickley charm?  Add the functional Stickley Desk Box to hold your writing instruments and accessories!

Regardless of what business title you may or may not possess in the work-a-day world, inside your own home, you are the CEO of your life and you deserve to have an office space befitting a boss of such an important enterprise as your own life!

The outstanding and business savvy designers at Ennis Fine Furniture welcome your inquires and are eager to help you put together the home office of your dreams.   As always, Ennis professional design services are complimentary to Ennis customers.

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