Creating an Inviting Entertainment Room with Ennis Furniture

Stickley Furniture's Keeler sofa.

Creating an Inviting Entertainment Room with Ennis Furniture

An inviting entertainment room can become the heart of your home, offering a space for relaxation, socializing, and fun. At Ennis Furniture, we understand the importance of creating an environment that is both stylish and functional. In this blog, we’re focusing on transforming your entertainment room with expert interior design tip.

Tips for Designing an Inviting Entertainment Room

  1. Define Your Space: Start by determining the primary activities you want to enjoy in your entertainment room. Whether it’s watching movies, playing games, or hosting gatherings, having a clear vision will guide your furniture choices and layout.
  2. Comfort is Key: Comfortable seating is essential. Choose sofas and chairs that offer both support and coziness. As an example: Stickley’s Keeler sofa is a perfect example of cozy comfort! Sectionals can be a great option for larger spaces, providing ample seating for guests. Consider fabrics that are durable and easy to clean, ensuring your furniture remains inviting and pristine.
  3. Functional Layout: Arrange your furniture to promote interaction. Position seating in a way that encourages conversation and ensures everyone has a good view of the television or game table. If your space allows, create distinct zones for different activities, such as a viewing area and a gaming nook.
  4. Ambient Lighting: Lighting sets the mood. Incorporate a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Dimmer switches are an excellent addition, allowing you to adjust the lighting to suit different activities.
  5. Personal Touches: Decorate with items that reflect your personality and interests. Artwork, photographs, and decorative objects can add character and make the space uniquely yours. Don’t forget to incorporate elements that enhance the room’s functionality, such as shelves for game storage or a bar cart for refreshments.

Highlighting Exquisite Pieces

Hekman’s Bar and Game Room Table: A perfect blend of style and functionality, Hekman’s Bar and Game Room Table is crafted from Rogue Cherry veneers and select solids. The cherry inset top features intricate Maple, Walnut, and Cherry inlays, offering a sophisticated look. This versatile table comes with a removable top, which reveals a chess/checkers board on one side and a backgammon board on the other. The storage space beneath the removable top is ideal for keeping game pieces organized. Four drink drawers and antique brass hardware add to its practicality and charm (isn’t that a cool feature??). The Hyannis Retreat finish completes the elegant design, making this table a standout piece for any entertainment room.

Jonathan Charles Bar and Game Room Queen Anne Drinks Cabinet: Live like a queen with the timeless elegance of the Jonathan Charles Queen Anne Drinks Cabinet. This stunning walnut and burl walnut veneered cabinet features finely cast patinated brass escutcheons and hinges, set on a carved walnut base with shallow carving and ball and claw feet. The fully fitted interior offers ample glass storage and a shelf, perfect for showcasing your finest spirits and glassware. The intricate design and quality craftsmanship of this piece will undoubtedly become a focal point in your entertainment room, combining beauty with functionality.

Making the Most of Your Space

When designing your entertainment room, consider how each piece of furniture contributes to the overall ambiance. The Hekman Bar and Game Room Table and Jonathan Charles Queen Anne Drinks Cabinet, in addition to many others, are not only beautiful but also enhance the room’s functionality, ensuring your space is both inviting and practical.

At Ennis Furniture, our expert interior designers are ready to assist you in creating the perfect entertainment room for your home. Visit our locations in Spokane, Boise, and the Tri-Cities to explore our wide selection of fine furniture and let us help you bring your vision to life.