Before and After Restoration

The Art of Fine Furniture: Ennis Renews, Reimagines, Personalizes, and Perfects

The Ennis Fine Furniture tradition is that of quality home furnishing and decor. Each modern and beautiful Ennis showroom upholds this tradition, highlighting renowned brands such as Drexel Heritage, Stickley, and Lexington. But there’s another side to the Ennis tradition that, while not seen on a day-to-day basis, is foundational to the Ennis tradition of quality and personalized service.

Behind the scenes, in a workshop housed in Boise’s Ennis Fine Furniture store, is a world of furniture craftsmanship like none other, where a small group of talented and experienced artisans renew, reimagine, personalize, and perfect furniture for clients nationwide. What is known to many as upholstery services, the artists at Ennis Fine Furniture offer so much more than new fabric solutions to outdated and worn furniture. These individuals spend their days working with clients to renew family heirlooms, reimagine beloved pieces, personalize new furniture, and perfect each newly purchased piece of furniture before it is delivered to customers.

Working with the strong bones of trusted brands, these Ennis craftsmen breathe new life into furniture, offer clients personalized solutions, and create staple pieces that will enhance the style of your home.


In the center of the Ennis workshop sits a rocking chair, upholstery ripped, exposing a fine cherry wood frame. This chair, a beloved family heirloom, awaits a renewal. But this won’t be the first time this rocking chair has been updated. In fact, this will be the third time, over a period of several decades, that this one rocking chair has graced the Ennis workshop.

Family tradition and heritage is a centerpiece of Ennis Fine Furniture. That’s why our talented artists work with families to update or restore heirloom furniture pieces. Whether we are working to update a rocking chair to hand down to a new mother-to-be, upholstering a favorite living room chair to restore it to its original quality, or bringing a new look to an outdated piece, Ennis professionals bring expertise and skill to each project, creating new pieces to last a lifetime.


Ennis Fine Furniture is quality. We provide customers with only the highest-quality furnishings, that outlast any other brands. Home furnishing and decor purchased from Ennis Fine Furniture are staple pieces in your home, that are adaptable to any living situation.

Our talented Ennis craftsmen work with clients to reimagine their beloved furnishings to fit any space in their home. Working with fine furniture, the options are limitless. From converting a living room couch into a more space-conscious love seat to updating the look, color, and feel of a family dining room table, Ennis Fine Furniture offers solutions to reimagine your furniture.


It’s common to find the perfect furniture piece, only to bring it home and realize the color, style, or details don’t quite fit with your home decor. Ennis Fine Furniture is here to personalize any piece in your home, and make it yours. We work with the finest materials, and our talented artisans can turn any furniture piece into the perfect piece for your home and to meet your needs. From upholstery to the finest finishings, Ennis Fine Furniture artisans are here to work with you and to provide you with a personalized experience and final product.


A process called deluxing guarantees every piece of furniture leaving Ennis arrives at your home in absolutely perfect condition. Ennis Fine Furniture’s dedicated and detail-oriented artisans inspect every piece before it leaves our store, assuring that your home furnishings arrive with every detail exactly as they should be. Unlike box furniture stores, home furnishings and decor from Ennis Fine Furniture will always arrive in perfect condition, and our talented craftsmen and professionals will work with you to assure quality, style, and furnishing that will last.

When it comes to your home, choose quality, tradition, and style; choose Ennis Fine Furniture.