Let There Be Light!

kitchen lighting at Ennis Fine Furniture

Your home is a refuge from a world full of deadlines, due dates, and sensory overload; a haven from the harsh sounds and lights which can overwhelm. Whether you want more drama, more tranquility (or just more light!) in your home, we recommend you rethink lighting’s ability to add to the quality of your life and your home’s comfort and character. In other words, make you home refuge even more functional, comfortable and personalized.

Central Lighting: The Center of Discussion

One of the easiest and most economical ways to elevate your home’s interior lighting is through the addition of a central light fixture to a room. For a more elegant and refined style, try one of our chandeliers, with a myriad of modern and traditional styles available for your choosing, you are sure to find on that fits your tastes and requirements. If a more rustic or industrial look is what you are looking for, you should consider a lighting fixture, such as the Pinecroft Wall Sconce, by Uttermost that lends itself to a more casual feel. You see, formal to casual- lighting sets the tone and the mood.

Brightness: Putting Together the Room

Not only can lighting change things up in your home but varying the intensity of the brightness across rooms and spaces can also greatly enhance and or change the feel to any area. The gentle glow that one might want while reading by lamp light on the sofa contrasts greatly from the bright, well-illuminated feel of a light designed to brighten a kitchen island. In order to differentiate your spaces, mix and match lamp shades and even consider sconces hung at intervals or light dimmers to add drama and character across your living space. Once you see what lighting can do from both a functional and fashion perspective, we know your imagination will be ignited.

Layering Lights & Colors: The Final Touch

To add further character and complexity to your home lighting, consider layering lights and colors. While some rooms have a focal point for which the necessity of light decreases outwardly, many rooms have several areas of varying utility. For example: the space at an entryway can be made stylistically different from that of a staircase through coordination of different lighting styles and lighting intensities. It is important to note that layering of lights does not have to be functional; it can be for aesthetic presentation alone (which is often the most enjoyable!) Get creative—after all this is your home and even the lighting should have your unique sense of style.

There are so many unique and undiscovered aesthetics that can be achieved with lighting that we understand that it can seem a daunting task. It is not at all because we are here to help! Come into one of our Ennis Fine Furniture locations and speak with one of our professional designers to discover more about how lighting can change your room and your outlook. Come prepared to be amazed as we have over 4500 lighting options in our catalog to choose from! Helping you pick, not only the perfect lighting, but the perfect everything for the home of you and your family, is what Ennis designers do best! As always, your design consultation at Ennis is complimentary.