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Stickley Furniture: Still Made in the USA

Stickley living room furniture, made in the USA

Stickley Furniture: Still Made in the USA

Last entry we discussed the timeless heritage designs that are still being produced by the Stickley Furniture Company, one of our partners in providing exceptional quality here at Ennis Fine Furniture. The company, then owned by the Stickley family, underwent a restructuring in the 1980s when the Audi family stepped in and took over for the next generation of Stickley craftsmen. Still proudly made in the USA, Stickley Furniture Co. continues to promote the Arts and Crafts movement as a distinctly American tradition, limiting the size of its workforce to help preserve, manage and fiercely defend every one of its disciplines on craft; a work culture so passionate it proudly embodies their motto of “to the best of my ability” in every piece it produces. These traditional practices have helped keep Stickley true to its mission statement, but it hasn’t kept the company from expanding its collections and keeping its design profile fresh.

Take the Park Slope Collection. This expansive range began as an update of the classics found in the more traditional Stickley Mission Collection, but it soon morphed into a juxtaposition of modernization and craftsmanship. At first glance, the curves and repeating lines are reminiscent of the Pasadena Bungalow series; the oak spindles take your eye up and down the back of the chairs, bedposts, or settles, giving off a tall, regal appearance. Instead of harking back to the subtle warmth of a more natural wood stain, Stickley has opted to showcase many of the Park Slope pieces in a vivid black sheen. This modern retelling allows for the oak grain to be brooding and dark for times when natural shadows dominate in the room, while also letting it shear off in bright, brilliant refractions when shone in some overhead illumination. The modernization of the Mission look has simplified curves in some places, dramatized negative space in others, and overall has streamlined the movement into an almost minimalist feel. It gives the appearance of a design that’s been beautifully distilled, reduced to only the essential parts needed to pull your eye in from the sensory overload of modern life.

So, if you’re on the lookout for American-made furniture–pieces of exceptional quality and craftsmanship–then it is definitely in your best interest to see what the Stickley brand, motto, and life are all about. Take a trip down to an Ennis showroom, cast your eyes onto one of these inviting designer chairs and let them linger peacefully for a bit, tracing the black-lacquered hemispheres and polished dramatic angles of the Park Slope Collection until you’re ready to plop down in one and experience the greatest feat Gustav Stickley and Co. ever pulled off: making an art form out of simply sitting down.

Cabin Fever

country cabin in the winter

Cabin Fever

Has it happened yet?  You know that sense that winter has been here forever and spring, even though around the corner, seems so far away?   Do you have cabin fever?   Instead of fighting this winter phenomenon, we want to suggest you embrace it!  After-all there is much still to appreciate about the colder months.  Especially if you make your home a comfy, inviting sanctuary.

Consider adding rustic or even cabin-themed furniture and accents to preserve the warm glows of winter, and a few well-selected pieces can have you enjoying the colder months indoors again.

A More Rustic Look― The Options are Endless

Traditionally, “cabin” furniture has been considered more masculine, rustic, and woodsy. Despite this, a variety of wood styles and colors can be incorporated into your room to catch anyone’s eye without going all out with actual log-hewn furniture. While log-hewn furniture is wonderful, it is also true, this type of furniture is not for everyone … or for every home.  If actual log hewn furniture does not match your personal taste, solid wood furniture, such as those created by the artisans at Stickley, is sure to appeal to you and your family.

Speaking of Stickley.  What could represent a more versatile design that dresses up your home with understated elegance like their Grand Lodge Collection?  The beauty of the Grand Lodge Collection is its ability to fit comfortably into your winter cabin, urban loft, or suburban home.  And, as with all Stickley furniture, the Grand Lodge Collection has that Stickley quality that never goes out of style.

Another Stickley piece that adds rustic charm to your kitchen or dining area is the Harvey Ellis China Top or a similarly styled rustic curio cabinet to your home.   This Stickley design is rustic but is also oh-so classic and beautiful!

Stickley has been making quality American furniture since 1905 and both Stickley collections, the Grand Lodge and Harvey Ellis, are handmade right here in America.

Mix & Match Your Way

Other “cozy” materials such as leather do not just fit but add perfectly to a more rustic, warm look. Pick dark brown leathers, like those incorporated into this Hancock & Moor ottoman that will lend itself very well to a more rustic theme in your living room or family room area.   Other design elements, such as wood accented wall art, lamps, area rugs, & warm bedding all should be used to round out your cozy home look & feel.  As with all great home design, some anchor pieces, along with additional accent décor, can create a total environment.

While some might want to go all out and decorate an entire home with rustic or cabin-themed furniture and decor, focusing on one room is also a great way to create that rustic retreat you have in mind. Remember that the simplest elements such as warm, simple lighting are a sure way to set the desired ambience in your living space that leave both guests and family feeling like they are at a warm, winter retreat. So, now you are ready to add some rustic comfort into your home.  Here is what you do next.  Visit Ennis Fine Furniture.  At Ennis, we have options that are fit for your home and for you. Come into our store and meet with one of our professional designers to talk about how to customize your home today!

The Features that Make Every Holiday gathering a Success

The Holidays are all about spending times with friends and family. Inviting your loved ones over for a small gathering or a larger party can be a wonderful way to celebrate. You just need to make sure you have everything set up for that big meal!

Consider a New Buffet Line

Sitting down for a formal dinner is always nice, but for some events, it can be better to go with a setup that’s a little more mobile. This year, organizing a buffet line might be the way to go—(especially if you have a new buffet table from Ennis to showcase). Your guests can simply grab a plate and load it up with all of their favourites. Then everyone can eat at their own pace. Some people might naturally migrate to your dining table, while others might choose to munch on a few snacks in the living room. It’s nice to offer different seating choices, especially when you’re serving a crowd.

Dress-up the Beverage Cart

Having a separate area for your beverage selection can also help keep the traffic moving. This is an important detail for those big meals and long guest lists! A great bar cart stocked with everything you need for your signature cocktail is sure to get some compliments.

These pieces are great for other treats too. Your beverage cart doesn’t have to be reserved for adults. You can have a stylish hot chocolate cart for the kids, for example, complete with whipped cream, sprinkles, and chocolate sauce. Or you might go the route of sharing soda in those classic, glass bottles. Getting a little fancy is always appreciated.

Enhance with Holiday Scents

After everyone has had their fill, you can start to replace the smell of good food with a different fragrance. There are plenty of ways to create the perfect atmosphere. Embracing your sense of smell can invoke all sorts of fond memories for you and your guests. Maybe a hint of vanilla can remind everyone of Nan’s best sugar cookies. Or the scent of cedar might help everyone feel even more relaxed by the fire.

It’s easy to light a few scented candles around the living room. But you can also make your own customized fragrances at home. All you need is a pot of water or a slow cooker and an assortment of fruit or spices. Just cover your goodies in water and set it to simmer. This recipe for homemade simmering spices calls for orange peel, apple slices, cinnamon sticks, and fresh ginger. You can also add cardamom, cloves, star anise, or any other spices in your cabinet! Playing around with different combinations can be a lot of fun.

Your home should reflect your style at every turn. From the holiday scents in the air, to the new furniture items you chose this year, everything you bring into your home has a story. We would love to help you find your next great piece. Come browse our selection at Ennis Fine Furniture. We know you’ll see something truly special!


Do you remember a time when families enjoying a meal together at the family table was the norm instead of the exception?    Supper time meant family time.  Families connected around that dinner table during those evening meals.  Everyone got to learn about each other’s day; the good, the bad, the happy and sad.  Families focused on each other and developed bonds around the dinner table that lasted a lifetime.  Indeed, it could be argued that the American family unit, if not built at the family table, was certainly strengthened there every evening.

How fun was it yester-year when the “adults” would prepare a special meal, decorate the table, and deploy only their finest plateware and cutlery, all because they were hosting a “dinner party.”  And, we can’t forget the buffet or serving table.  The serving table sparkled.  This special table was many times arrayed with the colorful and delectable hors d’oeuvres that were served, along with the wine or Champaign for the evening.   Oh, how smart family, friends & neighbors, looked all dressed up in their finer ware for that evening that was to be filled of food, drink, discussion, laughter and warmth!  A dinner party was a special event that was anticipated by all those who received an invitation!

Sadly, somewhere in the not too distant past, the important traditions built around the American dinner table became lost among the demands of modern life.  Our hyper-busy schedules, multi-tasking, carpooling, and …  you guessed it … mobile devices have taken us away from the table.

Let’s return to the table, shall we?

Develop a family tradition of dining together around a table that exudes traditional style, warmth and beauty …

Canadel has a beautiful dining table in the Champlain collection that has a style that may even summon family dining memories from years ago.   This line is both rustic and charmingly sophisticated.  Whether the occasion be a Thanksgiving gathering of immediate family, or a festive “just because” evening with friends from the neighborhood, this quality Canadel line provides the perfect venue.  Undoubtedly you will need a serving table that coordinates perfectly with your new table.  The matching buffet table from Canadel is a fitting setting for your feast with family and friends.   Copious room for both storage and display is a hallmark of Canadel and the Champlain does not disappoint.  Make an appointment with your family—starting this week—to meet at least once for dinner around the family table.   No devices allowed.  Just the people that matter most- your family.

 Throw a dinner party and invite your “A-Listers” over for a sophisticated and elegant dinner party …

If you are looking for a table that adds dramatic flair to any room, this oval dining table by Thomasville from the Spellbound collection will add sophistication and glamour to your gathering.   The matching Spellbound buffet table features copious amounts of storage, unique serpentine doors, and custom-case polished, nickel hardware.  Only a personal butler could better serve your guests!

Goal for you:  Set a date, get your invitations sent, and host a dinner party at your home this month!

The people in your life make your dining room the perfect dining room …  

We want to know what your vision is for the perfect dining space and the Ennis designers can make it come to life.

Whether it be glamorous, functional, modern, or understated (really, any combination of them all!), the professional home designers at Ennis Fine Furniture are confident that they can provide the perfect setting for your family-night dinners, as well as your evenings of entertaining at home with friends.

You bring the family and friends; Ennis Fine Furniture brings the style and comfort that completes your perfect dining room.  Ennis design services are complimentary to our customers.

Let’s return to the table, shall we?

The Season of Thanks: A Guide to the Perfect Thanksgiving Holiday

It’s the time of year to give thanks. This season is full of reflection on all that we have to be grateful for. At the top of our lists of thanks are friends, family, and the opportunities to come together and celebrate the relationships we so cherish. What better way to say thank you to the ones we hold dear than putting on a perfect Thanksgiving meal for family and friends? At Ennis, we want to help you wow this holiday season and truly say thank you to those you love with style, elegance, and class.

A table fit for a feast. A perfect Thanksgiving gettogether starts with the perfect family dining room table. When it comes to a Thanksgiving dining room table, we say the bigger, the better.  Stickly Furniture’s Haverford Dining Table is a must-have. Not only does this table impress in size with three 16” aproned leaves allowing for the table to expand to 126”, but it also packs a punch in elegance and style. This feature room piece has a solid mahogany top and a unique pedestal support with fine brass finishings. This is just one of the beautiful dining room tables featured at Ennis Fine Furniture. To have a look at our other functional fine dining room options, click here.

Pull up a seat. Seating your guests is made easy with Ennis Fine Furniture’s abundant collection of traditional dining room chairs, benches, and less traditional seating options that are both stylish and comfortable. Bench seating is very popular during the holidays for not only versatility and ability to adapt to may spaces, but also for the close, comforting feeling benches bring into a room. Stickley Furniture’s Upholstered Dining Room Benches are a great add on to accommodate your extra loved ones this Thanksgiving.

Play up the heads of the table and give your honored guests the royal treatment by adding elegant and upscale Thomasville Fiorita Chairs to your holiday arrangement. These unexpected add-ons will create a five-star feel to your Thanksgiving table.

Serve up your meal in style. From your plates, bowls, and silverware, to your dinnerware, cups, and gravy boats, how you serve your Thanksgiving meal is almost as important as the food served upon it. After spending hours preparing a Thanksgiving meal with love and attention, it’s important to pay as much attention to your presentation. When it comes time to unveil your Turkey, you can’t go wrong with simple and elegant snow white Global Views Platters. These will add a touch of class with the crisp white presentation, while also making sure the attention is on the perfectly browned main attraction. For drink presentation, we would recommend opting for decanters. Global Views Leo Bulb Decanters and matching glassware are the perfect addition to any holiday table.

Don’t forget the details. Picking the appropriate table décor to set the holiday mood is a must. This year, ditch the traditional red poinsettias and instead impress your guests with some fine art pieces that won’t soon be forgotten. Start by playing on the traditional red of the holiday florals with a bright Fluted Oval Compote from Global Views. Next, add in Uttermost Hazuki Metal Sculptures. Made of hand forged metal, these sculptures feature a distressed gold leaf finish with dark espresso undertones and a light tan glaze. The beautiful natural leaf shapes will allow the last lingering of fall to fill the room before the winter holiday season officially begins and snow takes the place of warm autumn leaves.

From our family to yours on this holiday, Happy Thanksgiving. We hope your holiday is blessed with friends, family, good food, and cheer!