Experience The Classic And Rare at Ennis Fine Furniture


Here’s how a popular dictionary defines Vintage:

Vintage- Noun

1: a season’s yield of grapes or wine from a vineyard

2: wine especially: a usually superior wine all or most of which comes from a single year

Vintage- Adjective

1: of wine : of, relating to, or produced in a particular vintage

2: of recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality : classic- even RARE

 Regardless of the era, there have always been people that have tastes that lean towards those things that can be described as vintage.   There is vintage wine (as described above), vintage automobiles, and certainly vintage clothing, to name just a few vintage things.  But did you know there was also a class of furniture that can be described as “vintage?”

But what does “vintage” mean when applied to the furniture and interior design world?

To some it is furniture that has reached a certain age.  To others it means the furniture piece has a certain weathered or distressed look.  To someone else it means that the furniture piece is of a classic style that has with stood the test of both time & trends.  Yet, to the next person they may understand vintage to mean something that was trendy years ago & has made its way back again to the forefront of style.  Take Midcentury Modern, for instance.  “MidMod,” as it is often called, is a perfect example of furniture that was in style decades ago and has become widely popular again.

At Ennis Fine Furniture, we understand that a simple term like “vintage” may mean different things to different people so no assumptions are made about how you may define it!   We have no “sales people” at Ennis.  The people you will meet at our four locations are all career design professionals.  You’ll find Ennis design experts ask a wide array of questions because they want to get to know you, their client, in a personal way.  This is how they can truly understand your desires and your creative influences.  Ennis professional interior designers take your dream and make it theirs, too.   The collaboration that results is reflected in the manifestation of your vision that has now made your home a dream that has come to life for you and those you love.

So, you may be wondering about now how the professional designers at Ennis Fine Furniture may also fit into the description of the word “vintage.”  It has nothing to do with age as our designers represent a wide range of age groups.    Here’s how:  Ennis professional designers are both CLASSIC in their absolute professionalism, and RARE in that they provide a level of service not to be found in regular furniture shopping experiences.

Professional design services are complimentary to all Ennis Fine Furniture customers and clients and our designers will undoubtedly make your experience superior to any others.

We now present to you some links to great, yet differing, vintage style furniture that are available to you at Ennis:

The Finger Lakes Collection by Stickley is a great example of vintage design that endures beyond time and trends.  This cherry table by Stickley has the patina that is reminiscent of generations of love and use and perfectly fits the description of vintage inspired furniture.

Soft, uncluttered lines with classic hand tufting on the back and this Carillon sofa sectional by Kinkaid manages to combine modern comfort in a style that is decidedly vintage!

This Belle Chest by Drexel is a wonderfully romantic style chest of drawers that features a weathered finish and handsome pulls that are inspired by vintage European nobility, yet will fit so very stylistically in the modern American home.