Which Color Scheme are You Ready to Try?

beautiful green colored couch with two similar chairs

Whether you build your living room collection piece by piece over time, or you invest in your furniture all at once, it’s always helpful to have a guiding light for your design. Working within a color scheme helps inspire your space in a strategic way. If you need ideas, consider these five themes. There’s a fit for every personality and style!


  1. Cozy and Traditional


Perhaps the easiest place to start is with lighter, warm tones. Painting your walls with oatmeal or honeysuckle hues (perfect for Autumn, by the way!) can become a soothing backdrop for any living room. A comfy beige sofa and a couple wooden end tables in a dark finish can feel both sophisticated and snug. Just be sure to add in a few accent pieces. Tossing some dark blue or green pillows onto the couch and looking for a new rug can really bring your whole design together.


  1. Modern Industrial


We’re starting to see more homeowners embrace the industrial vibe. This design scheme actually utilizes different textures and materials. It’s not just about color! If you find yourself drawn to these metal accent chairs, the industrial theme might be for you. Mixing in different wood pieces can prevent your living room from feeling sterile. In addition to the chrome and aluminum accessories you might be using, add a few pops of color (like mustard yellow) and some indoor plants to keep things looking fresh.


  1. Vibrant and Inviting


For a bolder look, consider bright shades of blue, orange, or red. Finding an area rug with a fun geometric pattern can be a great launching-off point with this color scheme. When you already have bright white trim or walls in your room, your vibrant accents will really shine. After choosing a strong color, though, you’ll want to make sure it stays balanced with the rest of your design. A more traditional coffee table or upholstered sectional can keep things in check.


  1. The Beach Cottage


You can also give a nod to a quiet, island color scheme. A woven jute rug and incorporating pieces with bamboo are subtle ways to introduce your living room to the cottage theme. Darker wood tones help steer this style towards a more timeless, classic look. Pale greens or blues with a light throw or accent pillows can look great. Clean cream walls add a lot to this design, too. It doesn’t take a lot to make a big impact.


  1. Playful Eclectic


If you’re interested in whimsy patterns for your curtains or want to create unique color combinations, then the eclectic theme is right up your alley. Choosing a couple statement pieces and surrounding them with more classic items will keep your space grounded and stylish. We especially like these chairs from Hancock and Moore. Pairing them with some mid-century modern items can be a smart, yet playful approach.


Ready for some updates? We’ve got a great selection of living room furniture at Ennis Fine Furniture. Please stop by your local showroom to explore your options. We’d love to help point you in the right direction for your home’s new color scheme!