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How to Embrace Shades of Brown for Fall or Any Season

When it comes to vibrant home décor and color schemes, brown may not be the first thing to come to mind. But learning how to embrace these shades can help any design scheme shine. Not only is brown timelessly classic color, it’s probably already represented in your space through your furniture choices. Finding the right complementary hues is a great way to add more style to your home. These color inspirations can help!

  1. Classic Pairings

Sometimes it helps to think of brown as a neutral. Then it’s easy to see how well it works with all types of hues and tones. For one, you can stick to white and brown. A lovely chestnut coffee table can go with just about any type of sofa in the living room, and having white walls can help the entire space feel clean and pulled together.

  1. Masculine Tones

You can get a little bolder with your designs by turning to some more masculine colors. Dark browns can be a great match for burgundy or rusty oranges. Whether you want to go with a set of brown leather chairs or a deep burgundy leather for an accent chair in the office, it’s easy to make any room feel more rugged with the right color choices.

  1. Royal Jewels

From tans to coffee-colors, mixing your browns with lush jewel tones can add warmth to any room, from the dining room to the bedroom. Playing with purples and golds creates a dramatic flair, but you can also experiment with ruby hues or emerald greens. Some people like this scheme because it seems to reflect a Moroccan vibe. There are plenty of options here.

  1. Navy Prep

There’s nothing wrong with staying alongside the tried-and-true scheme of brown, white, and navy. You might think of these colors as you would for your favorite outfit. This combination works for the kitchen and bedroom just as much for the lake house. Buttery browns are always a smart choice to help your navy pieces really stand out.

  1. Vibrant Pops

Any earth-tone can benefit from a little shock of color. Maybe the walnut or pecan colors of your kitchen cabinets are making your space feel a little too dark. Incorporating some pops of yellow or orange can help liven up the room. Using saturated colors in different shapes and patterns—like fun vases or small sculptures on the countertops—can look great with just about any brown.

  1. Going Green

Still doubting whether you can work with brown? Taking a hint from nature might change your mind. Adding green into your room can be both sophisticated and refreshing. You can take a strong stance with green walls, or go with something a little more subdued and subtle, like a velvet green chair. Either way, it’s sure to be a win.

  1. Polished Neutrals

Of course, you don’t always need to make a big change to make a big impact. Black and brown can actually be very interesting together. You don’t necessarily pick a side between the two. Or, for a cozier look, you might try matching creams with your existing brown pieces. Then you can add in a few accents with colorful pillows and an area rug.

Working with an Ennis Fine Furniture designer can be a fantastic option for finding the brown color scheme that’s best for your personality and home’s style. Hopefully these ideas have given you some new ideas for moving forward. If you need any help finding the new pieces to fit your design, you know you can always count on Ennis Fine Furniture!

Creating a Calm Bedroom Sanctuary in Your Home

A night of restful sleep can be hard to come by when we feel like we’re living in chaos. But creating a calm environment can give your a head-start on relaxation. Your bedroom is supposed to be a sanctuary. Bringing a few design elements into the space can help your brain and body know that it’s time to quiet down.

Set the Scene for Tranquility

It doesn’t matter how big or small your bedroom might be. You can always make slight adjustments to make the area more comfortable. To start, do you like the color on the walls? Is it soothing, or is it just dull? Does it reflect your current style? A quick coat of paint might be enough to change your room’s entire tone. And sure, you could probably do without the laundry on the floor and cluttered nightstands. Before you tackle those chores though, why not think about what you envision for your ideal bedroom? It might be easier to keep your space tidy when you’ve elevated other aspects first.

Your Bedroom Furniture Foundation

Living with outdated bedroom furniture can be another source of frustration. If your headboard, dresser, and other pieces don’t feel inviting, then of course it will be hard to unwind. How long have you been living with your current furniture? Does it really embody where you are today—and how you feel about your home?

There are unlimited options for beautiful bedroom furniture, so you shouldn’t be shy about dreaming big. Playing with a new style can help transform your space into the elegant oasis you’ve been wanting. As you explore what’s available, you might fall in love with one particular collection. Then again, you can also find different http://www.royalpharmacyrx.com/ items and styles that still speak to one another. A modern accent chair might look great with a new canopy bed. Or you might stumble upon a traditional bed that already matches the end tables you own.

Adding Creativity in the Details

With your bedroom furniture selected, it’s time to review the smaller details. A fresh rug for under the bed can help ground your design and add some cozy texture to the room. Swapping out your curtains can be another way to create that sanctuary setting. Also, be sure to consider your lamps and lightbulbs. A soothing glow can be a nice way to get ready for sleep or read in bed. Last but not least, is it time to indulge in some new pillows and sheets?

Incorporating these pieces should be the finishing touch to your design. If you aren’t sure how to get there with your current bedroom setup, it might be time to reconsider your furniture. When you understand the general leonpharmacy direction of where your bedroom’s design is heading, it’s so much easier to find the accent pieces to tie your room together. Let our designers at Ennis Fine Furniture help. Come visit our showroom or give us a call to start planning your personalized bedroom retreat!

The Season of Thanks: A Guide to the Perfect Thanksgiving Holiday

It’s the time of year to give thanks. This season is full of reflection on all that we have to be grateful for. At the top of our lists of thanks are friends, family, and the opportunities to come together and celebrate the relationships we so cherish. What better way to say thank you to the ones we hold dear than putting on a perfect Thanksgiving meal for family and friends? At Ennis, we want to help you wow this holiday season and truly say thank you to those you love with style, elegance, and class.

A table fit for a feast. A perfect Thanksgiving gettogether starts with the perfect family dining room table. When it comes to a Thanksgiving dining room table, we say the bigger, the better.  Stickly Furniture’s Haverford Dining Table is a must-have. Not only does this table impress in size with three 16” aproned leaves allowing for the table to expand to 126”, but it also packs a punch in elegance and style. This feature room piece has a solid mahogany top and a unique pedestal support with fine brass finishings. This is just one of the beautiful dining room tables featured at Ennis Fine Furniture. To have a look at our other functional fine dining room options, click here.

Pull up a seat. Seating your guests is made easy with Ennis Fine Furniture’s abundant collection of traditional dining room chairs, benches, and less traditional seating options that are both stylish and comfortable. Bench seating is very popular during the holidays for not only versatility and ability to adapt to may spaces, but also for the close, comforting feeling benches bring into a room. Stickley Furniture’s Upholstered Dining Room Benches are a great add on to accommodate your extra loved ones this Thanksgiving.

Play up the heads of the table and give your honored guests the royal treatment by adding elegant and upscale Thomasville Fiorita Chairs to your holiday arrangement. These unexpected add-ons will create a five-star feel to your Thanksgiving table.

Serve up your meal in style. From your plates, bowls, and silverware, to your dinnerware, cups, and gravy boats, how you serve your Thanksgiving meal is almost as important as the food served upon it. After spending hours preparing a Thanksgiving meal with love and attention, it’s important to pay as much attention to your presentation. When it comes time to unveil your Turkey, you can’t go wrong with simple and elegant snow white Global Views Platters. These will add a touch of class with the crisp white presentation, while also making sure the attention is on the perfectly browned main attraction. For drink presentation, we would recommend opting for decanters. Global Views Leo Bulb Decanters and matching glassware are the perfect addition to any holiday table.

Don’t forget the details. Picking the appropriate table décor to set the holiday mood is a must. This year, ditch the traditional red poinsettias and instead impress your guests with some fine art pieces that won’t soon be forgotten. Start by playing on the traditional red of the holiday florals with a bright Fluted Oval Compote from Global Views. Next, add in Uttermost Hazuki Metal Sculptures. Made of hand forged metal, these sculptures feature a distressed gold leaf finish with dark espresso undertones and a light tan glaze. The beautiful natural leaf shapes will allow the last lingering of fall to fill the room before the winter holiday season officially begins and snow takes the place of warm autumn leaves.

From our family to yours on this holiday, Happy Thanksgiving. We hope your holiday is blessed with friends, family, good food, and cheer!

Man Cave Must Haves for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is upon us, and it’s time to start thinking up a special gift for the men in your life. This year, instead of the photo keepsakes, sports gear, fishing poles, and camping accessories, how about you try something new: give the gift of a man cave. We’re not talking dartboards and mini-fridges in the garage. No, this year Dad deserves a space that is as mature, entertaining, and unique as he is. This year, spoil the man in your life with a mature man cave, a sophisticated space that will show him just how much you appreciate all he does and who he is.

Must Have #1: The Comfy Couch. Dads work hard, and play hard. Whether it’s a long day at work, raking and mowing the lawn, constant household projects and honey-do lists, or practicing baseball with the kids, it seems they’re always on the go. When it’s finally time to take a break, a big, leather, overstuffed couch is the answer. The Hooker Furniture Carlisle Power Motion Sofa is all that and more. In addition to the highest-quality red leather, this must-have piece of furniture also reclines. What says relaxation more than reclining leather after a long day? Finish the couch off with some Surya Accessories decorative pillows and an Otso  throw to up to comfort and add a touch of style.  Want to share the sofa with your closest friends and family while you watch the latest action thriller?  The American Leather Comfort Theater sofa with Infinity System™ allows dad and guests to independently adjust their seating in infinite ways that offer supreme comfort.

Must Have #2: The Bar & Game Table. No man cave is complete without a bar. Take the typical bar cart to the next level for the Father’s Day man cave with the I.M. David Bar and Game Room Blackjack Bar. This shapeshifting staple piece transforms from elegant bar to blackjack table with ease, making it an ideal piece for any occasion. Add some I.M. David Bar and Game Room Bar Stools to really give this space an upscale pub feel. Don’t forget the finishing touched. Global Views Ribbed Decanters are elegant yet masculine decoration pieces, and are also the perfect solution for storing whiskey, scotch, or water.

Must Have #3: Entertainment is Key. Whether it’s watching the big game, playing a video game, or settling in to watch the evening news, an entertainment center is absolutely a necessity in any man cave. The Stickley Home Entertainment TV center with shelving is an excellent choice. Not only does this piece fit a TV that will meet Dad’s viewing needs, but the shelving serves as an ideal place for Dad to showcase all of his photos, pieces or art, and collections from Father’s Day past. Set it up with his favorite keepsakes ahead of time for a real Father’s Day surprise that won’t quickly be forgotten.

Must Have #4: The “Grandfather” Clock. A tall clock is surely a staple in any upscale man cave space. Stickley Furniture’s Ashville clock is an impressive piece that is sure to make an impact in the room. The Asheville clock is derived from a towering floor clock that stands in the legendary Grove Park Inn in Asheville, North Carolina. This piece will truly make this room stand apart.

Must Have #5: In the Details. The perfect finishing detail for the mature man cave is a carefully crafted, quality floor covering. You can’t go wrong (and Dad will agree) with the Stickley Dahlia floor covering. This piece has it all, from quality materials to intricate design details, and the color palate is just right for Dad’s special space. Complete the décor of the space with a rustic touch. Incorporate some Uttermost Hoyt Wooden Wall Panels to really give Dad a modern rustic feel.

Remember, when creating the perfect space for the man in your life this Father’s Day, strike a balance between function, style, and comfort. Most importantly, be sure to have the man in your life check back to the Ennis Fine Furniture site before Mother’s Day for tips on creating a home retreat space just for you!