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Need Design Inspiration For Autumn? Look To Nature And Ennis!

Just as Spring-time is when the Earth shakes off the monochromatic cloak of Winter to don a fresh color palette of myriad colors, autumn is the season where mother nature again changes wardrobe in a burst of new colors!  autumn is truly nature’s grand encore.

This season is arguably the most colorful time of year.  There is something more vivid in the blue of the sky, the whites of the clouds, and of course, the myriad of colors displayed in all the foliage around us.

You have to look no further than the colors, textures, and boldness of natures’ autumn to gain inspired insight into how you may prepare you home for this beautiful Fall season.

Color- BLUE

While hues of orange, golds, and reds are immediately identifiable with fall, we propose you consider blue.  Yes, blue.  Think about it.  The sky is never so blue as it is in the crisp air of Fall.   So we recommend you bring some of that beautiful Fall sky into your main living space (in a major way!) with this stunning sofa by Drexel.   Drexel calls this the Chubby sofa because of the spacious comfort it provides.  Want to add an even deeper hue of blue?  Then check out the matching Chubby chair by Drexel.  Of course, Drexel provides you with a host of fabrics and textures to drape your Chubby sofa with, but we love and recommend this plush, velvety blue covering and we know you will love it also.


First- we have to ask the obvious question.  When aren’t beautiful woodgrains in style?  Of course, they are always in style, but we say there is a special connection with fall because of their essential relationship with trees and rich textures!

As an ode to this wonderful season, we present to you this gorgeous Thomasville Bibbiano Sideboard  cabinet as a breathtaking addition to your autumn-time home.   This Thomasville piece boasts beautiful, exotic wood inlays as well as a Dark Emperador marble top.  This sideboard works well in either your living room or dining room.  Imagine your favorite fall wine variety decanted and ready for you and your friends as you celebrate the turning of the season!


As autumn is mother nature’s most bold of seasons, we believe you should also be bold in your home furnishing choices and décor.  Mix it up; boldly move outside your comfort zone!

Mash it up this fall!  A splendid (and fashionable) mash-up of wood grains and industrial metals in a bold, French style trunk comes to us from Hooker Furniture.   The Arabella Trunk is, of course, functional as a storage trunk (think blankets and throws), but we believe its sophisticated French elements and glamorous touches make it perfect as a cocktail table, too.

Accessorize this autumn!  Bring the beauty of fall to life in your home with quality wall art.  Nothing makes a seasonal statement this time of year like the evocative imagery of autumn leaves.  Uttermost bronze leaves are actually formed from real leaves and combines premium quality materials, like bronze and gold leaf veining.   In addition to hanging them on your wall, these sculpted leaves are engineered with small pedestals that also make them a great table-top display no matter the time of year.

Fall is one of our favorite times at Ennis Fine Furniture because there are so many design inspirations derived from this season.  Are you interested in additional design inspiration?  We welcome your inquiry!   Professional design services is complimentary to all Ennis Fine Furniture customers.

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