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Merry Christmas from your friends at Ennis!

As we prepare for the holiday season, it’s important to remember what truly matters most in life. Caring for our loved ones and spending time together takes center stage this time of year. We gather together in the kitchen, living room, and around the dining room table. That’s why now is the perfect time to reflect on what makes our home into a true haven.

What Really Makes the Holiday Season?

Getting the house ready for family, friends, and other guests is a common concern as Thanksgiving rolls around. Rather than stress about these holiday visitors, though, why not use these moments to appreciate how you’ve made your home your own? Creating new, fond memories is easy when your priorities are in order.

  1. Open Homes and Hearts

Inviting out-of-town friends and relatives to stay in your home is a great way to have extra time together and catch up. Making sure your home is ready to take on these guests becomes so much simpler when you have a designated guest room bed. But no matter how much space you have to spare, your home will only feel as big as your heart. When you sincerely welcome loved ones into your home, a sense of comfort will always shine through.

  1. Embracing Gratitude

We all understand the meaning of Thanksgiving. We use the holiday to give thanks for what the year has brought to our personal lives and families. The holiday weekend also lets us reconnect and share these celebrations with the ones we love. Using these days to count our blessings is a clear example of bringing gratitude into our lives. Of course, embracing gratitude doesn’t have to end on Thanksgiving. Why not carry these teachings into every day of the year?

  1. Family around the Table

Gathering around the table for the big Thanksgiving meal is a hallmark of the holiday season.

But this gets us thinking. Shouldn’t we attempt to return to the table more often throughout the year? Too often we forget to use our meal time to engage in meaningful conversation. Practicing these same traditions beyond Turkey Day can help us feel even more connected with the most important people in our lives.

  1. Lasting Home Comfort

Your home’s comfort goes beyond just the indoor temperature. It includes sprawling out on the couch, having a bright, warm fire in the living room, or a sipping on a mug of hot chocolate in your favorite chair. All of these little details add up for your home’s sense of ease and harmony. Consider how your family defines comfort this gift-giving season. There might be ways to spoil them with a new blanket, pair of slippers, or fluffy set of pillows for the bed.

  1. The Best Accessory

While we’re big fans of interior design and home décor here at Ennis Fine Furniture, the season is really about the most important accessory of all. It’s not something you can physically touch, it’s about having love in your home. No matter how cozy your living room setup might be, it won’t mean a thing unless you have the comfort of feeling close to your loved ones—or being at peace on your own. So, as you continue to reflect in the weeks ahead, don’t forget the best accessory of all!


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