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Make an Impact with Dramatic Design

Your home should be an expression of your personal style. Some want to play it safe, while others seek a more dramatic touch. Adding a little intrigue to your interior design can happen any number of ways. Even if you’re a fan of classic lines and muted colors, mixing up your room’s layout with a pop of something bold can help take your design to the next level.

Adding Drama to Interior Design

Dramatic spaces can be dark, yet cozy. They speak to sophistication, but can still have a touch of whimsy. The duality of this design aesthetic is what makes it so inviting! When you want to bring a little of that mystery into your own home, think about texture first.

Velvet is the go-to for glamour. If you’re shying away from a beautiful velvet sofa, maybe you can accent with a few velvet pillows. Either way, the fabric will look great against the other dramatic designs in your space.  Opt for richer hues on your rugs, curtains, and walls. Jewel tones work great on accent pieces, so take a chance on a lush ottoman or corner chair by the fireplace. To top it all off, look at your end tables. Bringing metallic materials into your layout will also add to the overall drama. The shine can create a nice contrast with your other pieces.

Other Favorite Home Features

When you want to embrace drama, your interior design choices don’t stop with your new furniture. You also have to pay attention to your room’s mood lighting. Putting a dimmer switch to your overhead lights can make a big impact. You can also experiment with different accent lights and shades for a deeper tone. Even setting out a few candles on the coffee table can transform your space.

Another feature to consider is an accent wall. Playing with a new paint color is an easy way to breathe new life into your space. Maybe a darker shade on the wall will make your new sofa or display cabinet look better than ever. Taking a risk with one wall can have big payouts—and it doesn’t require the work of touching up the entire room.

Finding Balance with Boldness

As you build on your color scheme, look to balance your rich hues with a few lighter colors. Black, charcoal, teals and plums can all look better by standing in contrast with a clean white trim or other decorative item. Embracing the drama doesn’t mean you have to dive in to a completely gothic setup. Not every piece in your room needs to be dark to have that “bold” ambiance. A healthy dose of some neutral tones can help support the stars of the show.

Your dining table, a fantastic headboard, or your family’s sectional can always be chosen for a distinctly dramatic shape. With that as the centerpiece, the other design elements will simply round out the space. If you need help deciding where to add drama to your home, come see our selections at Ennis Fine Furniture. Our professional designers are ready to help bring drama to your home’s design aesthetic.  Make Ennis a part of your next big interior design project!

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