Ennis Fine Furniture

Award –winning designer for Parade of Homes in Vancouver, WA, Lynne has had a passion for design every since she can remember. After twenty years of design experience including 5 years at Spears Home Furnishings and Ennis Fine Furniture since 2003, Lynne has a gift of intuitively transforming her clients’ vision. Her calm, positive enthusiasm in getting to know her clients and their space, the genuine care she has in nurturing relationships and creating their desires keeps her files full of loyal returning clients. In everything she does, from gardening to the creative ways she entertains, Lynne is known for her beautiful presentations. Now after nearly twelve years with Ennis, Lynne feels most at home where she found her two most important passions exist, family and the love for design.

Phone: (509) 467-6707
Email: dupreelynne@gmail.com