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Uttermost Polaris Pendant Chandelier

Jewelry For The Home

Jewelry For The Home

At Ennis Fine Furniture–your local, family-owned furniture store–we understand the key role light plays, so we have numerous lighting options and accessories to choose from to ensure your rooms are lit to perfection. We consider the home to be an ensemble, an ‘outfit for an evening’ and the lighting therein as the“Jewelry For the Home”. Nearly 4,000 lighting options are offered through our partners, half of which come from the same eclectic manufacturer, Wildwood. We say eclectic because there’s no end to the variations available through Ennis Fine Furniture. Let your imagination run wild and get creative with your design penchant! From the Esmado Chandelier to the Crystal Floor Lamp to the Tiered Turtle Lamp, Wildwood has a host of lamps—1,800 plus—and other lighting solutions to choose from, each featuring a shape of harmonious proportion and beaming functionality.

Inside, the flicker of the light reveals its carved image, casting shadowy shapes into the street; it’s amazing what a simple change of light can do to a place’s mood. It’s probably why lighting may be the most principal variable when trying to nail a room’s certain aesthetic. The tiniest change in lighting can really make or break a space, so a keen arranger would be wise to read the room and light accordingly. You don’t want your house to look like a overbright showroom, but at the same time, you want to be able to see furniture in the room before your shine finds it first. Take a look at the Melissa Golden Amber Light Pendant by Uttermost Lamps and Lighting. A breathtaking work of handmade craftsmanship, each glass pendant is mouth-blown and no two are alike. Finished in a regal brushed nickel, this fine piece will illuminate and inspire any who may sit under its warm glow.

When we speak of “Jewelry For The Home” and lighting. we can’t help but to think of the chandelier.  Chandeliers have been traditionally associated with wealth, luxury, and a higher aesthetic ideal.  Regardless of the style,quality chandeliers certainly do embody that ethic.  Today, however, there are a whole host of chandelier styles-  from traditional  grandiose to industrial to even rustic. Or, to something that embodies all of the above.
For example, If you want a chandelier that makes a dramatic statement, the Uttermost Polaris Pendant chandelier will do nicely!    So much to appreciatehere-  A brushed nickel 8-light geometric star placed within an orb that features a washed wood center band.  Stunning!

Lighting glistens, shines, and cast shadows.  It truly is jewelry for the home. Time to accessorize by visiting Ennis Fine Furniture. One of our knowledgeable Ennis designers will help you create the perfect lighting environment for your home.

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