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Your house becomes a home when your vision, passion, and personality are reflected throughout each room. Our professional designers are committed to the art of finding the soul in every room. With thorough communication and enthusiastic planning, let our professional designers collaborate with you to achieve gorgeous custom-tailored decorating solutions to your home. Whether you just need some help with adding the perfect finishing touch, or you want a complete make-over of your living space- our Spokane interior design services can curate a lasting, beautiful, and functional outcome.

Enrich your quality of life and share your life experiences when anyone who steps foot in your home. From choosing luxury fabrics and combining the perfect textures, to selecting practical and gorgeous furniture for your home- our Spokane interior designers will work closely with you to tastefully articulate your personal style.
At Ennis, our design professionals are highly-skilled, open communicators, who will collaborate intimately with you to tailor a unique and timeless vision for your rooms and home. Combining the elements of fashion, personal taste, flexibility, and comfort is the passion of our home interior designers.

No matter your budgetary needs, our professional Spokane designers will meticulously adapt a plan to tell the story you wish to tell within your living space. With a systematic attention to detail, transparent communication, and a breadth of artistic expression, our interior design staff will ensure the alignment of your dream into a reality. All Spokane design service comes complimentary with purchases made within our store. Let us spark your creativity and bring your inspiration to life- great interior design is about making your living space shine with warmth, and your stunning individuality.

Robbin Miller

I love working in all styles of design, from mid-century modern to traditional. My personal style blends clean-lined, classic upholstery pieces with modern art, collected wood pieces, and textured or patterned fabrics and rugs-always with comfort in mind. I am inspired by the architecture and unique finishes of the spaces I am working on, and, of course by the client’s individual needs and tastes. Over the 25 years that I have been in the interior design industry, I have had the privilege of working at some amazing design studios throughout the country and with some wonderfully kind, loyal clients. Now that I am in Spokane and at Ennis Fine Furniture, I enjoy the down-to-earth yet adventurous spirit of the Inland Northwest. Prioritizing customer service along with the creative process is my goal and over the years has help build relationships built on mutual trust. This helps foster an fun, inspiring […]

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Valerie Brayfield

Valerie has had the great pleasure of working at Ennis Furniture in Spokane since 2006. Originally from Colorado, She began her design career over 20 years ago at Ethan Allen where she trained with some of the top designers in the Denver area.Whether you are interested in a sofa or a complete design project, Valerie’s enthusiasm and eye for detail will help you make a confident buying decision. She enjoys every aspect of the design process from the house call to the delivery. Listening to your needs, Valerie will help you visualize the great possibilities for your home. Spokane, WA Phone 509 467-6707 Email valeriebrayfield.ennis@gmail.com

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Lynne Dupree

Award –winning designer for Parade of Homes in Vancouver, WA, Lynne has had a passion for design every since she can remember. After twenty years of design experience including 5 years at Spears Home Furnishings and Ennis Fine Furniture since 2003, Lynne has a gift of intuitively transforming her clients’ vision. Her calm, positive enthusiasm in getting to know her clients and their space, the genuine care she has in nurturing relationships and creating their desires keeps her files full of loyal returning clients. In everything she does, from gardening to the creative ways she entertains, Lynne is known for her beautiful presentations. Now after nearly twelve years with Ennis, Lynne feels most at home where she found her two most important passions exist, family and the love for design. Spokane, WA Phone 509 467-6707 Email dupreelynne@gmail.com

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Kimberly Frechette

I started at Pratt Furniture in downtown Spokane in 1975. I moved over to Liberty Furniture for 10 years, then Spears Furniture for 16 years. I found my home at Ennis – now going on 10 years. My Mother taught art since I was 7 – so for forty years I have had the great joy of doing what I love. I listen to my clients, sketch their ideas so that we are all on the same page. I love connecting people to the furniture and ideas that will transfer their house into homes. Spokane, WA Phone 509 467-6707 Email designgirl100@gmail.com

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Donna Preston

Since a young child, I would randomly rearrange furniture in my home while the adults were away. With Legos, I would assemble majestic floor plans, creating rooms for Lego people to live their tiny lives. Cereal boxes turned into Barbie beds and with the help of Grandma, we would create bedding/upholstery for Barbie to sit on. Little did I know, those early years were forming my latter. High school years were filled with art courses which led into college ending with a degree in Interior Design. From 1988 forward, I have been creating interior space both residentially and some commercial. As my primary residence in Spokane, WA, I have worked for Ethan Allen, Spear’s Home Furnishings, Thomasville as well as contract design for local design firms. In 1996, I became certified by the Council for Qualifications of Residential Interior Designers (CQRID). I’ve had the opportunity to work with clients from […]

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Sarah Goodwin

Sarah started her career with Ennis Furniture in 2005. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from the University of Kansas and a Residential Design degree from the Art Institute of Seattle. Sarah strives to give each of her clients a living space that defines their individual sense of style while making the design process easy and enjoyable for them. She has earned the gift of loyalty and referrals from many of her clients who appreciate the care and attention to detail given to ensure the success of their projects. Spokane, WA Phone 509 467-6707 Email sarah.ennisfurniture@gmail.com

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Raymond Ramos

With degrees in Art and Interior Design and over a decade of experience as an Interior Designer in Los Angeles, Raymond developed a keen eye for awe inspiring surroundings. Raymond is known for his skillful hand with textiles, antiques, custom designed furniture, and detailed upholstery. He is also recognized for his luxurious, sophisticated and vibrant designs, with versatility in styles ranging from classical restorations to modern glamor and contemporary themes. Raymond’s approachable personality and ability to build candid and deep relationships have allowed him to beautifully transform homes in Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Barbara and now Spokane. In 2015 Raymond was awarded best Interior Design and best Best Master Suite in the Fall Festival of Homes with Ted Miller Construction. In 2016 his work received Best Interior Design in the Fall Festival of Homes with Greenstone in Kendall Yards. Spokane, WA Phone 509 467-6707 Email raymond@raymondramosdesign.com

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