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Exceptional design comes from a personalized reflection of warmth, your life-experiences, and beauty in your living space. Envision your unique expression of luxury and let our Richland interior designers integrate that vision into reality. Your life is an inspiration, and our professional designers are passionate about understanding that, and applying a breadth of artistic experience to make your house the home you want it to be. Create an everlasting experience of your unique idea of luxury with our design staff from concept, to functional application.

At Ennis, transparent communication and enthusiastic planning with our Richland interior design service will ensure that your vision comes shining through clearly in your room- whether you are just looking for the perfect finishing touches, or to make-over an entire room. Begin defining the quality medications of life you desire with warm lighting, beautiful color schemes, and a comfortable, yet practical, selection of furnishings for your living space.
Our professional Richland designers are dedicated to finding the personalized and stunning decorating and furnishing solutions that inspire you. Find the textures, fabrics, and materials that compliment your individual style. With meticulous attention to detail, and a keen eye, our design staff are committed to creating a timeless, dynamic, and gorgeous way to transform your surroundings.

You can expect transparent communication and a clearly stated accurate quote any time you are working with a Richland design specialist. You can expect your consultation to be enlightening and the outcome exceptional. Blend luxury comfort with a tailored, flexible budget and see your dream room come together seamlessly. All Richland home interior design service comes complimentary with purchases made within our store. Aligning your goals and inspiration with practical dynamic solutions is the specialty of our designers at Ennis. Incorporate your story into a functional, beautiful, affordable, and exemplary design solution.

Marianne Corder

Richland, WA Phone (509) 783-7471 Email

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Rene Vasquez

My career at Ennis began in 1980 and my passion for interior decorating is stronger than ever. One of the most satisfying parts of being an interior decorator is developing new and maintaining existing clients. Working with people in their home is a very personal experience. While I work with many personalities on a variety of ideas and projects, my ultimate goal is to help them define the overall plan, work through the process and assist in making good educated purchasing decisions that reflect their personality and lifestyle. Richland, WA Phone (509) 783-7471 Email

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