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Ennis Quality Patio Furniture is Unmatchable!

Ennis Quality Patio Furniture is Unmatchable!

With all this precipitation deluged upon us in the last few weeks, it’s hard to believe that it’s June already and the sweltering days of summer will be fast at hand. If you’ve been following the skies, you probably have taken the extra inning of inclement weather as time to gather supplies for the Great Migration outdoors that will be moving people in strides as June slowly burns into July. Eventually the hustle and bustle, the throngs of crowds out enjoying the summer madness will drain your energy and you’ll be hunting for a spot of shade to lounge under and tune out the static for a while.

Hopefully, part of that supply-gathering meant getting the outdoor living area livable again. Taking the time to properly clean your outdoor equipment, sanitize its surfaces and clear dark corners of cobwebs and critters means you are taking the time to make sure this area is enjoyed to its fullest. Storing cushions and other soft fabrics associated with your patio furniture indoors during the winter will help preserve the life of the materials and keep them looking lively, helping to power the space’s ability to remove stress. Making sure this area is well-kept makes it that much more effective in ridding you of the mind’s countless unfinished tasks and ever-running trains.

With the furniture and decoration cleaned and prepped, it’s now time to arrange the area. To preserve the functionality of outdoor living while still having a design or a theme to thread your creative whims around, think about the activities you want from your backyard: barbecues, birthdays, larger events like weddings if you can swing it; knowing what you can get out of your yard will be essential here. You want to stage arenas that coexist with one another without overpowering the space. For instance, too many places to sit and not enough room to roam about will shrink the size of your yard, turning something cozy into something uncomfortably close. If you like to grill, be mindful of this when staging; some like the smell, others can’t stand the smoke. Having it at a distance will help create different energies for the spaces, one end for standing, talking, flipping burgers and preparing food, while the other end has more seating, end tables for drinks and tables for decorative displays, board games or snack trays.

Outdoor furniture with handcrafted, large, buoyant cushions and custom-fabricked arms make for great visual statements, but take up too much room to effectively seat large groups of people. For smaller outdoor spaces, having a seating area that is compact and self-contained is monumentally beneficial. At your local family-owned furniture store, Ennis Fine Furniture, we have many patio furniture makers that supply our showrooms with sets that are this exact specification. Take our sets by OW Lee, for example. The Monterra and Creighton selections, to be exact. Both feature light and slim metalwork to save space and weight, while the hand-stitched cushions appear to run over the edges, providing ample space and comfort on such a shrewd and handsome frame. Coupled with matching fabric chairs, these sectionals circumscribe a fire pit in a picturesque late summer, early fall scene. Want this locale to star in your backyard? Check one out in an Ennis Showroom today! Washington location in Spokane and our original branch in downtown Boise, Idaho.

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