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Ennis Offers Sofa Customization Choices That Really Dazzle And Delight!

You just cannot deny it.  The sofa is the anchor piece of furniture to the room you, your family, and guests are likely to spend most of your time in– the living room.    Don’t you think the room you and your loved ones live in deserves to fit your very own sense of style, comfort, and durability?   Yet so many people settle for a sofa that fits the “average” household by purchasing a mass-produced, big box store ho-hum sofa.

Would you like your new sofa in dark brown, medium brown, or light brown?

If you have ever browsed one of the big box furniture stores for a new sofa, you may have noticed that your choices are extremely limited when it comes to your selection.  In fact, you are pretty much out of luck if you want your new sofa in any color but brown, beige, or tan.   Forget about custom fabrics, leather choices, or style appointments.  Most regular furniture stores just do not offer anything beyond those uninspired, generic household sofas.

Not Ennis Fine Furniture- our custom sofa choices will have you dazzled and delighted!

No More Generic Sofas.  Ennis Furniture Truly Honors Your Personal Aesthetic Through Tremendous Selection & Choice in Sofas!

When it comes to variety in sofas, Ennis Fine Furniture literally offers its customers hundreds of fabric and leather options to choose from.  Additionally, you can choose other features to your new sofa like leg style, arm style, pillow style, and many times even back style!  Truly, the possibilities are dazzling almost endless.  Ultimately, when you are done designing your custom crafted American made sofa, you will have a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that you will never find duplicated at your neighbor’s home.  At Ennis, we will let you design your sofa and then we will have it built just for you!

TIP:  ask your Ennis Designer to show you the many design customization possibilities!

Let Ennis Fine Furniture Help!

We welcome you to browse sofas online for inspiration before visiting our Ennis showroom.  When you do visit us, the friendly, talented people at Ennis Fine Furniture are here to help.  We would love to consult with you to find the perfect sofa for your home.   Give us a call, or swing by your local Ennis store to start the conversation.   We know you will be delighted you did!

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