Ennis is Building on Tradition: Help Us Welcome These Trusted Furniture Lines

We see new trends pop up all the time. Music and fashion go in different directions, and our home styles don’t stay the same either. When it comes to furniture, however, we at Ennis want pieces to last and become heirlooms. The times may change, but we’re proud to keep a few things constant.

The Core Values of Our Brand

Since 1946, we’ve pledged to be a trusted resource for our customers. That starts with the brands we choose to showcase. Staying at the forefront of new styles—while keeping our roots in what’s classic and timeless—has been an important part of our ongoing mission. We never want to sacrifice quality designs for the sake of a fleeting fad.

The other values we hold dear at Ennis relate to craftsmanship and customization. Our highly respected furniture brands all have their own valuable history of solid construction with an artisan touch. That’s what makes so many of these pieces last a lifetime and beyond. Along with that is an emphasis on our customers’ personal touch. The ability to customize your furniture with specific fabrics and wood grains helps make each item a true match for your lifestyle and aesthetic.

New Lines at Ennis Fine Furniture

This year, we are excited to introduce a few additional furniture manufacturers to our collection. The first is American-made Sherrill. Their brand is known for attractive ottomans and accent chairs. The Sherill chairs are made in the true craftsman tradition: they are made with hardwoods (not composite boards) and premium eight-way-hand-tied springs.  They also have a wide selection of sectional couches that can become the centerpiece for any living room. We also love their customizable features.

Next on the list is Kincaid. Like Sherrill, this company was founded in the 1940s and manufactures their product in the good old U. S. of A.  They are known today for their solid wood construction. This includes long-lasting joinery techniques and an array of finishes that make their wood furniture really represent your individual style.  And, also like Sherill, the Kincaid chairs are also made with hardwoods and eight-way-hand-tied springs.   Take just one look and you’ll see that Kinkaid specialize in upholstery.  Beautiful upholstery to fit any look, any use, and any requirement.

We are also welcoming the popular Stressless brand from Ekornes. Stressless is a Norwegian brand with a refined taste. These pieces are known for their quality construction and high comfort factor. When you really want to kick back and relax, this collection has plenty of options for recliner chairs and cozy sofas. You can choose from leather or a luxe textile.

Last but not least is Century. Always looking to improve upon the past, Century is recognized for their focus on customization. Everything from the frame construction and fabric or leather applications gets a careful touch, so you can really craft the furniture pieces that are built just for you and your home.

Honoring a Family Tradition

We’re so excited to add all of these manufacturers and brands to our lineup here at Ennis Fine Furniture. The same values of our company are reflected in these quality pieces. We wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Our company has been serving customers since 1946, and we’re proud to be carrying on the family tradition now, three generations later. From our family to yours, we are honored to help you find the pieces that speak to your heart. Promoting quality furniture is our work, but it’s also so much more. We love connecting families to pieces they’ll treasure for years to come. Please visit us to see these new furniture lines for yourself. We know you’ll find something extraordinary!