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Creating a Zen Refuge in a Chaotic World

Creating a Zen Refuge in a Chaotic World

Your home is supposed to be a refuge for your family. When you have an intentional space to sit down and unwind, it’s a lot easier to tap into that relaxing Zen state. Now is the perfect time to take a look around and see if there’s an area you can dedicate to a more relaxing purpose.

Carving Out a Zen Space

If you’re thinking of how—or where—to reorganize a room to be more Zen, it helps to remember that your whole family can benefit from a space that’s set up for total calmness. This is an investment for everyone’s best interests.


What feels relaxing and peaceful to you might be stuffy to someone else, or vice versa. There isn’t one set color scheme that will speak to everyone in the same way. Traditionally, though, lighter hues and pastels tend to work best in areas where we want to unwind. That might make you think of pale blues or seafoam greens. You could also consider some rich wood tones to bring in a sense of nature.


Say you want to add more Zen to your living room. Maybe a velvet ottoman would make the space feel more comfortable. Or perhaps you’d appreciate having a wicker table or another piece for where you can put your houseplants. Adding a few new elements can help liven up any space.

Sometimes people forget that decorative mirrors can also act as texture. The sheen adds a different layer to complement the other textures in your space. Plus, you can incorporate even more relaxing tones when you place a few candles in front of a mirror. The warm glow of the flames reflected by the mirror is sure to help put people’s minds at ease.


When it comes to the furniture in a relaxing environment, it’s important to trust your own aesthetic intuition. No one but you really knows what will help you feel more peaceful. Getting cozy on the sofa with your loved ones might be all you need! For others, a specific chair might be a better fit. Find the designs that speak most to you, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a more relaxing home.

Let Us Complete the Design

From your primary furniture elements to thoughtful accessories, you can find what you need to put the finishing touches on your Zen space design at Ennis Fine Furniture. Tap into your imagination, and listen to what you really want to make your home even more relaxing. Adjusting your lighting or having a cozy new rug under your feet can help transport you to a calm state of mind.

Our extensive collections include pieces for every type of room. Whether you need to upgrade a corner in your master bedroom for a nice, private place to relax, or you’re ready to improve your living room to reflect your current sense of style, we’re here to help! Browse the options we have for you throughout our website, then give us a call or find a time to come look at the furniture in-person. We can collaborate with you every step of the way.

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