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Christmas Living Room

Creating a Winter Flare For The Heart of Your Home

The winter season is a magical time filled with laughter, joy, and hopeful anticipations for the Christmas Season.  Just as the Holiday season both paint the world in the monochromatic colors of winter, it also is a season that warms our lives.   What better way to imagine the heart of our homes― the living room—than with touches of the winter season.

The Living Room, The Heart of the Home 

The living room is the “heart” of your home.   It is important to take special care to ensure this room is furnished and decorated to accommodate both your guests and your family during the winter months and beyond. The direction that you choose to take depends largely on the atmosphere you are hoping to create. Do you envision an open, modern room with minimalist furniture, or are you looking for a cozy, country living room with warm accents? Fortunately, no matter how you wish to imagine this central room, furniture and décor options are available for you.

Consider Your Options & Mix Things Up

Before picking out items for the living room, consider the desired accents and essentials that will be needed to construct your perfect living space. What in the room adds to the environment and what distracts from the overall feel that you are envisioning?  Because the living room is indeed the central living space, consider not only the ambience you hope to impress with, but also the utility and ultimate comfort of the room.  After all, you will want your selection of sofas, tables, and decor to charm and comfort for years to come.

Create A Winter Flare With a Few Touches!

If you are looking to craft a room with a contemporary “winter” feel, select furniture that complement the natural colors of the winter landscape such as white or light gray. Together with the gentle glow of candles or indoor lights, a touch of winter magic will be brought indoors while still maintaining the unique character of modern design. Might something such as a liquor cabinet, hot cocoa bar, or even a painting work for the living space you envision?  If so, use them to add some seasonal flare to your home!

A Country-Cozy Feel

If cozy is more your style, there are many inviting, country-style options that can be tailored for your home. The addition of solid, wooden furniture, like those from Stickley, together with a carefully coordinated area rug is sure to go the extra mile this winter and beyond. Again, use accessories such as lighting and throw pillows to set a warm, cozy mood.

Your space, your choice

As the living room is the heart of your home, make sure to craft a flexible space that allows for comfort and relaxation, but one that also sparks joy and a sense of satisfaction. Your options are truly endless!  Here at Ennis, we have a tremendous selection of furnishings and exquisite home décor. During this Christmas season, come into our store and meet with one of our professional designers.  They will help you reimagine your home for the Holiday season, or any season of the year.

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