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Embrace Summer Memories with Outdoor Sectionals from Ennis Furniture

Lloy Flanders Mackinac collection.

Embrace Summer Memories with Outdoor Sectionals from Ennis Furniture

Summer is the season of warmth, relaxation, and making unforgettable memories with family and friends. It’s a time for backyard barbecues, pool parties, and evenings under the stars, where laughter and conversation flow freely. The right outdoor furniture sets the stage for these moments, and an outdoor sectional can be the heart of your summer gatherings. At Ennis Furniture, we understand the importance of creating a welcoming outdoor space that combines style, comfort, and durability. This May, we’re excited to feature two exceptional collections perfect for enhancing your outdoor living experience: Lloyd Flanders’ Catalina and Contempo collections.

Catalina Collection: Sophistication Meets Comfort

Inspired by the relaxed attitude of its namesake island, the Catalina collection from Lloyd Flanders brings clean lines and comfort-scale seating to your outdoor space. This collection marries the iconic Lloyd Loom with FSC-certified teak, a durable and high quality material, in an antique gray finish, offering a sophisticated look that seamlessly integrates with any exterior design. The Catalina collection’s timeless elegance and durable construction ensure that your outdoor sectionals remain beautiful and comfortable, inviting you and your guests to relax and enjoy the summer days and nights.

Contempo Collection: Modern Outdoor Living

The Contempo collection embodies the ultimate in outdoor living with its rich color and warm texture of rattan peel. Lloyd Flanders has masterfully combined function and style in this one-of-a-kind collection. The clean design of the footed sofa and sectional collection boasts inviting, loose backs and plush seating, complemented by extra-wide arms for extraordinary comfort. The Contempo collection’s modern aesthetic and exceptional comfort make it a perfect choice for those looking to create a contemporary outdoor retreat.

Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Sectional

When selecting an outdoor sectional, consider the size of your space, the configuration that best supports your entertaining needs, and materials that offer longevity and ease of maintenance. Both the Catalina and Contempo collections are designed with these considerations in mind, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit for your outdoor living area. Outside of these options, look for sectionals that offer versatility and can be easily rearranged to suit different occasions, enhancing the functionality of your outdoor space.

At Ennis Furniture, our expert interior designers are excited to help you select new furniture that transforms your outdoor area into a haven for summer fun. No matter what strikes your fancy, we have the perfect sectionals to make your summer gatherings even more memorable.

Visit us in Spokane, Boise, and the Tri-cities to explore these collections and more. Let Ennis Furniture be your guide to creating an outdoor space where happy summer memories are made with family and friends.


Discover the Perfect Patio Furniture for Summer with Ennis Furniture

Tommy Bahama Mozambique collection.

As we welcome the warmer weather and the approach of summer, our focus naturally shifts towards spending more time outdoors. The sunshine and pleasant temperatures invite us to enjoy our patios and gardens more than ever before. This increase in outdoor living means we’ll be using our patio furniture frequently, making it the perfect time to consider refreshing or upgrading these essential pieces. At Ennis Furniture, with locations in Spokane, Boise, and the Tri-cities, we understand the importance of creating a comfortable and stylish outdoor living space. That’s why we’re proud to spotlight two exceptional collections from Tommy Bahama that promise to elevate your patio to a sanctuary of relaxation and style: the Mozambique and South Beach collections.

The Mozambique Collection: A Fusion of Style, Durability, and Sustainability

Tommy Bahama’s Mozambique collection offers a fresh perspective on contemporary outdoor living. It stands out with its clean lines and strong linear aesthetic, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate a sleek and modern design. Each piece in this collection is meticulously crafted from Eclipse® synthetic teak, a sustainable and eco-friendly material known for its exceptional durability. The exquisite taupe-gray finish of the Eclipse® synthetic teak not only adds a sophisticated touch but also ensures that each piece maintains its original color season after season with minimal maintenance required. The Mozambique collection represents the epitome of refined alfresco living, where contemporary style meets unparalleled durability and sustainability.

The South Beach Collection: Contemporary Design with a Dramatic Flair

Inspired by the high energy and cutting-edge style of Miami’s South Beach, the South Beach collection by Tommy Bahama Outdoor Living makes a bold contemporary statement. This collection is characterized by strong architectural lines crafted in dark graphite aluminum, complemented by a light surface texture. The rich natural tones of sustainably-sourced Indonesian teak add warmth and elegance to the tops and trim surfaces, creating a harmonious blend of materials and aesthetics. The South Beach collection is designed for those who seek to make a dramatic design statement in their outdoor living spaces, combining style, sustainability, and durability.

Enhance Your Outdoor Experience with Ennis Furniture

We believe choosing the right furniture is key to maximizing your enjoyment of it. Whether you prefer the modern, clean lines of the Mozambique collection, the bold, contemporary statement of the South Beach collection, or something else entirely, Tommy Bahama offers outstanding options to suit your taste. Beyond aesthetics, consider durability, maintenance, and materials when selecting your patio furniture; ensure it withstands the elements and remains beautiful for years to come.

Visit us at any of our locations in Spokane, Boise, and the Tri-cities to discover these collections and find the perfect pieces to transform your patio into a stylish and comfortable outdoor retreat. Let Ennis Furniture help you make the most of the sunny days ahead with beautiful, durable, and sustainable patio furniture.

The Perfect Entertainment Room: What Should I Have?

"Shore Birds" by Uttermost.
The Perfect Entertainment Room: What Should I Have?

April is the perfect time to rejuvenate your home with a fun and relaxing entertainment space. Whether it’s for family movie nights, hosting friends for the big game, or simply a place to unwind, the right furniture and decor can significantly enhance the enjoyment and functionality of your entertainment room. At Ennis Furniture, we pride ourselves on offering stylish, high-quality furniture that can transform any room into the perfect spot for entertainment. Here are some interior design tips and ideas to help you create an inviting entertainment room in your home.

Seating is Key

Comfortable and ample seating is crucial for an entertainment room. Sectionals are an excellent choice for providing generous seating while maximizing space. Look for durable, easy-to-clean fabrics that can withstand frequent use, especially if you have children or pets. Consider sectionals with built-in recliners or chaise lounges for the ultimate relaxation experience. Ennis Furniture offers a variety of sectional styles to fit your room’s size and your personal taste.

Functional Bookcases

Bookcases are not only for books; they’re a versatile storage solution for your entertainment room. Use them to display collectibles, store games, or organize media accessories. A well-styled bookcase can also serve as an attractive focal point in the room. Choose from a range of materials and finishes to match your room’s decor. Mixing open shelves with closed cabinets can provide both display space and hidden storage for a clutter-free environment.

Wall Art Adds Personality

The right wall art can instantly elevate the look of your entertainment room, adding personality and visual interest. Uttermost’s Shore Birds Framed Prints are a perfect addition, bringing a dash of wayfaring style to your space. The coastal artwork, with its light and airy feel, is accented by clean, white mats and surrounded by distressed, whitewashed wooden frames, adding a serene and inviting ambiance to your entertainment room. Each print, protected under glass, is a beautiful reminder of the tranquility and beauty of the seashore.

Incorporate Lighting

Good lighting is essential for creating the right mood in your entertainment room. Adjustable dimmer switches allow you to control the ambiance, from bright for reading or games to dimmed 

for movie watching. Floor lamps and table lamps add layers of light and can be moved as needed to illuminate different areas of the room.

At Ennis Furniture, our goal is to help you create an entertainment room that is both stylish and functional. Our expert interior designers are excited to work with you, offering personalized advice and recommendations based on your space, style, and needs. Visit us in Spokane, Boise, and the Tri-cities to find the perfect furniture and decor for your entertainment room, and transform your home into a haven for relaxation and fun.


Celebrate Love and Comfort this February with Ennis Furniture’s Loveseats

Bradington Young love seats.

February, the month of love and warmth, brings with it an air of romance and coziness. We at Ennis Fine Furniture find that nothing complements this season better than a beautifully crafted loveseat, a symbol of intimacy and comfort. Fitting for the season, we offer an exquisite selection of loveseats perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day and beyond. Even better, our interior design experts are here to help you find the next furniture addition to your home. Below are some ideas: 

The Charm of Bradington Young’s Raymond Loveseat

A standout piece is the Raymond Loveseat by Bradington Young. Known for their meticulous craftsmanship, Bradington Young has been creating luxury furniture in the USA for decades. The Raymond Loveseat, with its standard mahogany finish and availability in other finishes at no extra cost, exemplifies their dedication to quality. This American-made piece features a frame constructed from the finest laminated hardwood, ensuring durability and stability. The mortise and tenon joints, reinforced with cross-banding, guarantee a loveseat that not only looks elegant but also withstands the test of time.

Functionality Meets Style in Hooker Furniture

On the contemporary side, Hooker Furniture’s Zero Gravity Power Loveseat is a testament to modern functionality blended with style. The Lyra Zero Gravity Power Loveseat Recliner, covered in Sahara Dorian Gray semi-aniline top-grain leather, offers adjustable lumbar support, a USB port, and a metal cup holder, making it perfect for both romantic evenings and casual relaxation. Hooker Furniture’s commitment to the best seating is evident in this loveseat, catering to a variety of tastes and functional needs.

The Versatility of Loveseats

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, loveseats are incredibly versatile, making them a must-have in any home. They fit perfectly in smaller spaces or as a complement to larger sofas in spacious living rooms. Loveseats offer a cozy spot for couples to cuddle up on a cold February evening, or a comfortable seat for guests in a more social setting. The compact size does not compromise on comfort or style, making them an ideal choice for those looking to maximize their living spaces, and one that we are sure to recommend!

This February, whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or simply looking to add a touch of elegance to your home, Ennis Furniture has the perfect selection of furniture. From the luxurious and durable Bradington Young Raymond Loveseat to the functional Hooker Furniture Zero Gravity Power Loveseat, there’s something to suit every taste and need. Visit us today at one of our three locations and find the furniture that not only enhances your living space, but also embodies the spirit of love and togetherness.

Decluttering for the New Year: Transform Your Living Room with Ennis Furniture

Precident Furniture's Connor Sofa available at Ennis Fine Furniture.

As we usher in the New Year, many of us are inspired to start afresh, and what better way to do so than by decluttering our living spaces? The living room, often the focal point of the home, is a prime candidate for a New Year decluttering. One potential way to maintain a clean, simple look which not only creates a more organized and uncluttered feel but also accentuates the aesthetics of your space is a minimalist style. Ennis Fine Furniture, with locations in Spokane, Boise, and the Tri-Cities, offer a range of furniture that perfectly complements this minimalist ethos.

Embracing Minimalism with the Right Furniture

One key piece in achieving a decluttered living room is the coffee table. The Uttermost Living Room Telone Modern Black Coffee Table, available at Ennis Furniture, is an exemplar of modern minimalist styling. This American-made table features a thick cast aluminum top with natural texturing finished in a plated antique black, resting on an aged black iron base. Its sleek design reduces visual clutter, making your living room feel more spacious and open.

Light and Bright: The Appeal of White Furniture

Another strategy to enhance the feeling of openness and decluttering is choosing white or lightly colored furniture. Precedent Furniture’s Connor Standard Sofa, for instance, is a perfect addition to any minimalist living room. Its clean lines and light color palette help create an airy, uncluttered feel. Similarly, Kincaid’s Chapman Chair, with its elegant and simple design, complements the minimalist theme while adding a touch of sophistication and comfort.

Combining Elements for a Cohesive Look

The beauty of minimalist design lies in the combination of elements that collectively create an uncluttered, organized feel. By pairing the sleekness of the Telone Modern Black Coffee Table with the light and airy Connor Standard Sofa or Lindsay Chair, you achieve a balance of form and function. This approach not only declutters the space physically but also visually, creating a serene environment where relaxation and interaction can take place without the distractions of clutter.


As we step into 2024, decluttering our living rooms can have a profound impact on the overall feel of our homes. Ennis Furniture offers a range of minimalist, American-made pieces that are perfect for this purpose. By selecting the right furniture, such as the Telone Modern Black Coffee Table, Connor Standard Sofa, or Lindsay Chair, you can transform your living room into a haven of tranquility and elegance. Visit Ennis Furniture in Spokane, Boise, or the Tri-Cities to find the perfect pieces to start your New Year with a refreshed and decluttered living space.

Ennis Fine Furniture’s Guide to Your Perfect Hibernation Space This Winter

Hammary Entertainment Center.

Ennis Fine Furniture’s Guide to Your Perfect Hibernation Space This Winter

With snow beginning to fall and the charms of warmer months leaving, many of us find ourselves spending more time indoors. The winter months invite us to cozy up with a good book, binge-watch our favorite shows, or simply enjoy a warm beverage in the comfort of our homes. This season of hibernation is also an ideal time to revamp our living spaces, and Ennis Fine Furniture has just the selection to add that much-needed comfort, versatility, and elegance that will last well beyond winter.

The Allure of Functional and Stylish Bookcases

For book lovers, winter is a season of uninterrupted reading, and what better way to house your treasured volumes than a stunning bookcase? The Hammary Home Office Bookcase Entertainment Display from our Structures collection offers a unique solution for those looking to add both style and function to their living rooms or home offices. Unlike traditional bookcases, this system allows for a seamless built-in look, dodging the uneven joints often associated with multiple standalone pieces. With a variety of options that range from open shelving to glass door displays and enclosed wood organization, this wall system can be tailored to fit your space while meeting your specific needs.

Unwind in Luxury with Our Chaise Collection

As the nights get longer and the temperature drops, the allure of curling up in a plush chaise becomes ever more appealing. At Ennis Furniture, our extensive collection of chaises from numerous brands allows you to pick one that perfectly aligns with your taste and comfort preferences. Whether you’re drawn to contemporary designs or prefer something more classic, you’ll find a chaise that not only serves as a comfortable spot for reading and relaxation but also enhances the overall aesthetics of your room.

Furniture That Transcends Seasons

While it’s natural to think of revamping furniture for immediate seasonal needs, it’s equally important to consider how these pieces will fit into your home in the long term. For example, a beautifully crafted bookcase can serve as a perfect display for spring blooms and summer knickknacks, and a luxurious chaise can be a cozy spot for year-round relaxation. At Ennis Furniture, our focus is on providing pieces that are not just seasonally appropriate but also versatile enough to offer year-round utility and style.

Expert Assistance for Your Home Makeover

While our diverse selection caters to a broad range of styles and functional needs, we understand that making the right choice can sometimes be overwhelming. That’s why our team of expert interior designers in Boise, Spokane, and the Tri-cities is always on hand to guide you through the process. Whether you’re looking to create a winter reading nook or overhaul your entire living room, our professionals can provide tailored recommendations to ensure your revamped space is both beautiful and practical.

So, as you prepare to spend more time at home this winter, why not invest in furniture that will not only make this season more comfortable but also add lasting value to your home? Visit one of our showrooms or explore our collection online to discover how Ennis Fine Furniture can help create the perfect living space for winter.


Upgrade Your Home Office with Ennis Fine Furniture: Where Elegance Meets Productivity

Cirrus Comfort Air Recliner

Upgrade Your Home Office with Ennis Fine Furniture: Where Elegance Meets Productivity

In an age where remote work is becoming increasingly common, the importance of a well-organized, comfortable workspace can’t be overstated. It’s no longer just an area to complete your 9-to-5 tasks; it’s a sanctuary that inspires creativity, focus, and well-being. At Ennis Fine Furniture, we understand this transformation and are committed to offering a premium range of office furniture that not only meets your functional needs but also elevates your work environment aesthetically. From ergonomically designed chairs to spacious desks and elegant bookcases, we’ve got everything you need to optimize your workspace for ultimate productivity.

Discover the Kincaid Farmstead Executive Desk: A Perfect Union of Style and Functionality

One of the standout pieces in our office furniture collection is the Kincaid Farmstead Executive Desk. This desk is a nod to America’s enduring strength and resilience, inspired by the rugged, solid wood roads that formed the veins of early American travel. The Farmstead is a part of the Plank Road collection, which avoids unnecessary embellishments to let the natural character of solid wood shine through. Every solid wood board used in its construction presents its unique character while coming together to tell a broader story. Its organic style seamlessly blends modern and vintage design elements, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate both the past and the present. The desk comes in two finish options—Stone, a natural brown tone that lightly shades the pine lumber, and Charcoal, which provides a contrast with its Stone finish on the tops, offering a unique two-tone look.

Why Comfort and Organization Matter in Your Workspace

A cluttered workspace can often lead to a cluttered mind, reducing your ability to focus and stifling your creativity. A well-designed desk provides ample storage space, enabling you to keep all your essential items within arm’s reach yet out of sight, fostering an environment of organization and focus. Likewise, complementing your desk with a comfortable, ergonomically designed chair like the Cirrus Comfort Air from American Leather can make a world of difference in your productivity. When your workspace is truly inviting and comfortable, your mind is free to engage in the kind of deep work that leads to innovation and excellence.

Expert Interior Design Services at Your Fingertips

At Ennis Furniture, we go beyond just selling furniture; we offer an experience. Our in-house team of expert interior designers in Boise, Spokane, and Richland is ready and eager to assist you in selecting the perfect pieces for your workspace. Whether you have specific questions about a certain piece or need advice on harmonizing your entire office setup, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

So why settle for a merely functional workspace when you can have one that’s both beautiful and conducive to high levels of productivity? Visit our showroom or browse our extensive collection online to discover how Ennis Furniture can transform your office into a sanctuary of creativity and efficiency.  

Summer Time, Summer Hues at Ennis Fine Furniture

Sherril Furniture

Summer Time, Summer Hues at Ennis Fine Furniture

Ennis Fine Furniture understands the profound influence that color and texture hold in transforming a home. As summer quickly approaches, it brings with it the opportunity to refresh your interior design to reflect the vibrancy and lightness of the season. A carefully selected palette and a blend of textures can effectively invite the outside in, filling your home with the warmth and brightness of summer.

Summer color palettes often draw inspiration from nature, with hues ranging from bright floral tones to cooling blues, like Sherrill Furniture’s 1329 Lounge Chair in Albert Blue.  Like something that carries forward the blue, but with citrus and oriental-themed tones,  here is the same lounge chair draped in Sherrill’s Akers Blue fabric. Pair these lively colors with neutral tones to create balance and allow the summer shades to stand out.  Gorgeous!

In terms of textures, consider materials that echo the lightness of the season. Light, airy fabrics like cotton or linen on your upholstery or drapes add a breezy, relaxed feel. For your outdoor living areas, consider adding woven or rattan elements like those from Lloyd Flanders, which are not only trendy but also convey a sense of organic warmth that’s perfect for the summer months. The key is to mix and match textures to add depth and interest without overwhelming the space. (If you are not sure where the balance is, please consult one of our Ennis professional design consultants!)

As you revamp your home for summer, it’s important to choose pieces that will endure beyond the season. Century Furniture offers a range of timeless pieces that can effortlessly blend with your summer palette and textures, and beyond. Their well-crafted furniture is highly customizable, pairs beautifully with any design choice, serving as the perfect canvas upon which to display the vibrancy of the season.  We love Century’s furniture for all seasons and purposes, but we especially love their chairs and decorative ottomans this summer.

As summer unfolds, it’s the perfect time to breathe fresh life into your home. We invite you to explore the endless possibilities of seasonal design with our knowledgeable and creative interior designers, who are happy to help assist you. With the right balance of color and texture, you can create a space that captures the essence of summer while maintaining an enduring appeal that transcends seasons. Embrace the beauty of summer with Ennis Fine Furniture, and let your home shine this summer!


Create an Outdoor Oasis for Mom with the Best in Furniture and Accessories from Ennis Fine Furniture

This Ottoman available at Ennis Fine Furniture.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to show our moms just how much we appreciate them. This year, why not give the gift of relaxation and luxury with a patio upgrade? With the right furniture and accessories, your mom can enjoy alfresco living at its finest. Here are some ideas to get you started:

First, let’s talk about seating. Brown Jordan Chaise Lounges are the ultimate in outdoor comfort and style. These lounges are crafted from high-quality materials and come in a variety of finishes, so you’re sure to find one that suits your mom’s taste. Whether she wants to read a book, catch some rays, or just relax with a drink, a Brown Jordan Chaise Lounge is the perfect choice.

Next, let’s take a look at Lloyd Flanders furniture. This brand is known for its high-quality wicker and rattan pieces, which are perfect for outdoor use. Lloyd Flanders furniture is crafted using a technique called “Lloyd Loom,” which involves weaving cellulose strands into wicker-like patterns. The result is a durable, stylish piece of furniture that your mom will love. Check out the Elements collection for some great options.

No outdoor space is complete without a table, and the Tommy Bahama Pineapple table is the perfect choice. This table is made from high-quality materials and features a fun, tropical design that’s perfect for summer. Whether your mom wants to host a dinner party or just enjoy a meal outdoors, the Tommy Bahama Pineapple table is the perfect choice.

Finally, let’s talk about lighting. Quoizel outdoor lighting is the perfect way to add ambiance and style to your mom’s outdoor space. These lights come in a variety of styles and finishes, so you’re sure to find one that complements your mom’s decor. Whether she wants to create a cozy atmosphere for an evening gathering or just add a touch of elegance to her outdoor space, Quoizel outdoor lighting is the perfect choice.

If you want to give your mom a gift she’ll love this Mother’s Day, consider upgrading her patio with some new furniture and accessories. Brown Jordan Chaise Lounges, Lloyd Flanders furniture, the Tommy Bahama Pineapple table, and Quoizel outdoor lighting are all great options to consider. And remember, if you need help with design inspiration, Ennis designers are always on-hand to help – and their consulting services are free! So go ahead and give your mom the gift of luxury and relaxation this year from Ennis Fine Furniture. She deserves it!

Come Settle on my Settee

If you’re a furniture enthusiast like we are, every once in a while you’ll run across a piece and start wondering about its origins.  Behold the settee!  We love the name—sounds so much more fancy and French than the oft heard sofa or couch.  So sit a spell and let’s delve deeper into furniture history to find out more shall wee, settee?

The word settee is actually derived from the Old English word setl – a long bench, seat or throne.  See, we knew it sounded rather regal. According to most accounts, before the 1600’s there were just chairs. Then someone got wise and created a longer piece to accommodate more than one person for social seating. In the 1700’s the French got really clever and began adding upholstery, padding, trims and pillows.  Those French, so decadent.

So there you have it. The setl became a settee – which is the precursor to today’s sofa, loveseat, divan, daybed or any other elongated furniture for seating more than one person. Oh, and don’t forget sofette, banquette or bench.

Today’s settees can introduce folksy charm into your room or regal high style.  It all depends on the design lines, finishes or fabrics you choose. A backless settee is usually more modern and minimalist.  A high back with tufting makes a great dining banquette — dress it down with toile or dine to the nines on velvet.  Here are some ideas for using a settee in your home:

-They make an excellent small bench at the entryway

-They’re commonly found in casual, intimate dining areas

-Use at the foot of the bed to take pause while taking your shoes off at the end of the day

-Their smaller scale is also a great space saver in cramped rooms or apartments

-Settees can be used to create a reading nook or small vignette in the corner of a room 

The “Nadine” Settee Bernhardt – choose your fabric
The “Nadine” Settee Bernhardt – choose your fabric

So now that we’ve given you a few ideas, why don’t you make your way to our website to browse our offerings online?  Just put the word “settee” in our search window and delight in the varieties that appear.  Also try looking up bench or banquette to find more options.


And while you’re doing all this computer cavorting, be sure to invite your friends to like Ennis on Facebook.  We have a site for each location:  Boise, Spokane, Tri-Cities, and Reno. It’s where we announce the monthly winners of a $500 gift certificate for joining our Preferred Customer Club!