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Make Room for the New Year: Top Home Décor Trends of 2017

It’s been said that a new year calls for a new look, and nothing can be more true about home decor trends in 2017. This year, color, texture, elegance, and everything unique takes the spotlight, pushing out the old trends of 2016 and ringing in a fresh new start to 2017. So make space for 2017, because it’s here, and its stylish.

Jewel-Color Tones are the New Black.

This is the year to think beyond the traditional colors of home décor. Think outside of the out-of-date color boxes and imagine a more exciting palate of jewel-purple, blue, and green. Not only has the color palate made a big change in 2017, so has the use of color. While subtle pops and bright accents were a trend of 2016, this is the year to go big — beyond the accessories big. Make a statement with a color boost to some of your furniture center pieces. This Lexington Livingroom Barclay sectional has style fit for a king, and will add a modern, 2017 feel to any living space. And the color — to die for.

Lighten up with White Marble.

Leave the dark marble finishes in 2016. This new year, bright white marble is on the top of every home décor trend list, and for good reason. Nothing says elegance and class quite like a white, lightly textured marble finish to accompany the bright colors of 2017. Paired with a stylish and unique hammered gold finish, these Global Views living room cocktail tables are the perfect addition to your entertaining space.

Texture is all the talk.

Whether it’s cloth layered window coverings, rustic wood finishes, fringe, or geometric prints, texture is a big trend in 2017. The geometric pattern on Sherrill living room chair is both elegant and interesting. Uttermost Gold Star wall art can add some dimension to your vertical spaces, and play off the shapes found on your new Sherrill chair.

With Time Comes Beauty.

2017 is taking a turn from the DIY look. Instead, this year is one to indulge in the art of time and precision. Centerpieces in the new year should drum up a feeling of class and elegance. Let your art and accessories speak to your own style and class. Beautifully, and carefully-crafted blown glass artistry is on the trend list for 2017. Move away from the ceramics and into the art of glass. These amazing Global Views vases are a perfect centerpiece to move you into a year of style, art glass, and class.

Top 3 Ways an Ennis Designer Can Help You!

Perhaps the BEST news about using an Ennis Designer is that you pay nothing additional for his or her service.  That’s right!  You get years of experience and training for free when you shop with Ennis. But we’d rather use the terms “included” or “complimentary,” because free usually connotes it’s cheap or has lesser value…and that is certainly not the case here!

We assure you that when being assisted by an Ennis Designer you are benefitting from some of the finest talent and training in the region.  Many of our designers are formally educated and industry accredited and all of them come highly recommended by happy customers. For Ennis Designers it is not simply a vocation, it is a passion.

So here are the most important ways an Ennis Designer can help you:

  1.  Vision – A trained professional can see things you can’t.  How considerations like scale, color combinations or texture become part of a room.  How to integrate some of your favorite older pieces with new pieces to ease your room into a refreshed yet familiar space.  Our team members are great communicators and listen to clues about your lifestyle and affinities.  Their artistry ensures you get the look and feel you’re after at home. As one of our designer says, “you should feel a big hug when you walk in the room.”
  1.  Value – When you invest in quality furniture we’re happy to say you don’t pay an additional fee for the design service when using Ennis.  And this saves you money in several ways.  You won’t make a costly mistake purchasing an item that does not work for your home.  In your younger days you may have endured hand-me-downs or furniture that was practically disposable (hello big box, some-assembly-required!) Impeccable craftsmanship and classic design will reside beautifully in your home for a long time saving you money in the long run.  Wouldn’t you rather have pieces that your children and grandchildren can’t wait to inherit?
  1. Time – Let’s admit it, sometimes finding just the right item can be tedious.  Ennis Interior Designers make the entire process of searching and ordering a breeze.  They do the homework… you get the final decision.  Since Ennis carries so many high quality brands, we have a world of choices.  And to further boggle the mind, many of our furniture lines are customizable in thousands of ways:  trims, pillows, feet, leather color and texture, fabrics, arm styles…oh my! Our designers are also time management experts so if you’re remodeling a space for instance, your custom sofa won’t show up before the floor is finished!  And remember, we’re here to deal with any issue that may arise so you don’t spend hours on the phone or searching for paperwork.

Read more about our designers the Ennis Fine Furniture website:


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It’s time to gather around the family table

It’s the holiday season, and nothing brings people together like a family meal around the table. This time of year, there is just something festive and comforting about the American table, a simple staple that brings family and http://www.phentermine375.org/ friends together both near and far. While you’re gathering around the table this season, here are some tips to turn the volume up on the festive holiday vibe.

The more the merrier. The days of the children’s table and alternative sitting spaces are over. The whole family has gathered together to share the stories of the year, and most importantly, to be together. A large table like the large Stickley Dining Room Haverford Dining Table.
Bring the warm glow of the fire to the table. The holidays aren’t quite complete without the warmth of a fireplace. Replicate this comforting feeling at the family table by adding pops of candle light. Teardrop lidded candles from Global Views Accessories are the perfect addition to your tabletop, small enough to not take too much desired space, yet colorful enough to make an impact.

Decking is for more than the halls. We’ve all heard about decking the halls with boughs of holly, but your table shouldn’t be left out when it comes to décor. Personalize your space with these belted clear glass jars from Global Views Accessories. Fill them with holiday-inspired décor or candy that speaks to your family and friends.

Serve in style. When it comes to meal prep, you don’t want to overlook the presentation. After all, why put all of the effort into the execution just to have a sloppy presentation? You want to awe your guests. These snow white arlberg platters are presentation worthy and guaranteed to make garner some “oohs and aahs” when you whisk your plates out of the kitchen.

Show and tell. When the family is all together, everyone wants to share their stories with one another. Help these stories come to life by putting together some photo collages, sharing the special family photos from the last year, but also from long ago. These wall hanging frames can be filled with your family memories both recently and from long ago, becoming excellent visual conversations starters. This gray oak photo collage set is the perfect way to highlight your moments.

The holidays are sometimes the only time of the year when the whole family can come together around the table to celebrate, reflect on the past year, and share plans for the future. This is the time of year that we all look forward to, a time when we get to push aside the hustle and bustle of our lives and make time for what’s important — each other. Make it perfect, make it festive, make it your holiday home with Ennis fine Furniture, your perfect family table solution.

Home for The Holidays: Your Guide to Entertaining this Winter

There’s a chill in the air, the leaves are turning colors, and the holidays are approaching. This means family and friends are coming together to celebrate so many things. The kids are home for winter break, the (almost grown) kids are returning home from college, and people are flying from across the country, and even world, to be together.

If you’re entertaining this winter, here are some tips to make sure your house is prepared for a warm and welcoming event.

Gather around the table. It’s the holiday season, and it’s no secret that, when entertaining at this time of year, guests are expecting a big, family feast. That means a table fit for kings. The Sorella rectangle dining table is just that. With two large leafs, this can feed a feast when entertaining, but also works as a functional family dining table. There’s nothing better than having your entire family around the table at this time of year.

Cheers. In the hustle and bustle of meal prep, it’s sometimes easy to forget that all of your entertaining won’t happen at the dinner table. Designate social spots for your guests to mingle, and vary these areas so they can spread out. Global Views offers small bars that are a simple solution to creating a refreshment or appetizer space. This will allow your guests to move around, talk to one another, and be comfortable in your home.

Serving space. Nobody likes a long, congested line when it comes to serving up holiday meals. Avoid the headache and plan for a buffet-style meal service. This not only allows for guests to pick and choose their own favorites, but also keeps the crowd moving. Try to alternate serving space, using both counters as well as buffet tables like this stylish one from Stickley Living.

The more the merrier. Seating can be tough when entertaining for the holidays. With a house full of family and friends, it’s important to have enough seating for mealtime that is also not interfering with your guests moving around the house. Canadel offers many styles of bench seating that, when not in use, can be conveniently stored under tables.

Wide open spaces. With a crowded house full of holiday cheer, spaces can seem smaller than they actually are. There’s a simple solution to open up your space and keep your guest feeling comfortable — mirrors. Here’s a festive and decorative option from Bernhardt.

With these simple tricks to mix your everyday furniture and your winter entertaining needs, we’re sure you’ll have a happy holiday season, and so will your family and friends.


Falling for Fall: Must – Have Furniture and Accessories for a Flawless Autumn Home

Autumn is upon us. The leaves are changing from green to vibrant yellow, orange, and red, the air is turning brisk, and days are becoming shorter. The cooler weather means you’ll be spending more time indoors with family and friends. How could you not want to bottle up this beautiful fall feeling and bring it inside to the warmth and comfort of your own home? These tips will help transform your home into an autumn retreat.

Bring fall colors home. Those vibrant fall hues aren’t reserved for the falling leaves. Replicate these colors in your own home with small accessories and decorations. Global World Portuguese orange twist vases are a perfect fall accessory for any room. Songbird woven baskets not only offer a spectrum of color and texture, but are also stylish storage selections.

Give your fireplace a facelift. There’s no doubt that as the evenings grow colder, we are all drawn to the warmth and glow of a fireplace. What better time to give your fireplace a quick update? With the Charlie fireplace screen by Uttermost, your fireplace can easily become the decorative fall centerpiece.

 Sip your coco. It’s the season of apple cider, pumpkin spice, and hot chocolate. In between sips and hand-warmings, it’s necessary to have a coffee table nearby to rest your mug. The Everton coffee table is the perfect balance of simplicity and elegance, while also adding a woodsy, fall feel to your home.

 Deck the floors. Rugs are multi-functional, and absolute must-haves for the cool fall season. As the temperatures drop, carpets not only keep your toes warm, but they also become social spots where families sit to read bedtime stories by the fire, open presents, and play with new toys. On top of that, area rugs are perfect for bringing fall colors in to your space. Nourison’s Portico orange rug is comfortable, and the perfect color for fall.

Wooded wonderland. Fall forests are beautiful, but it isn’t all about the leaves. Fall is the perfect time of year to add that rustic, fall outdoor feel indoors. Global View’s stacking block living room console brings in the dark oak hues to warm up any space.

Bundle up. Throw blankets should be a staple throughout your house in the fall. Not only will they keep you warm as the temperatures drop, throw blankets also add color and texture to nearly every room in your home. Surya Rug’s Tabitha throw can’t be beat.

Don’t forget the pillows. Can you ever have enough throw pillows in your http://www.xanaxonline.net/ home? On the couch, loveseat, and bed, throw pillows add comfort, style, and color. The patterns and colors on the Goldie pillow scream fall.

 Light up the night. There’s just something about fall and the light of a fire. Mimic your fireplace lighting by adding candle décor to your living room. The weathered fir wood base of the Kra Iron candelabra, paired with the pieces distressed beige candles, will add the perfect subtle light to your home.

 Fall is a season of change. As the world around us slows down and we prepare for the holiday season, it’s so important our homes are our havens, and by following these tips, your home will be a fall haven of perfection, comfort, and class.

Green-up Your Home for Spring

The word green is a synonym for being good for the earth – eco-friendly – is being set aside for this edition of the Ennis Furniture Blog as we patiently await the burst of color known as spring.  That’s right; when green returns to our world in buds, branches and lawns everywhere.  With the colorful holiday season and the reds and pinks of Valentine’s Day out of the way, what’s left to help us while away the final, dreary days of winter?  Bare branches and brown crunchy lawns that’s what.  So why not plant some fresh green INSIDE your home to get the spring party started early? The designers at Ennis Fine Furniture have more than a few tricks up their stylish sleeves to bring renewal to your home in small ways that will chase the winter blues away in no time.  Most of them are subtle touches that can bring about big changes in your room and your perspective.

Let’s start with green in the organic sense…the green of plants, trees and cuttings.  You can affordably sneak ferns, succulents and other indoor greenery into nearly every room.  Try a vase with floral greenery (whatever is in season) on your entry table. A bundle of the filler used by florists can be amazingly affordable and generally lasts longer than cut flowers.  How about a series of simple vases on your formal dining table, each punctuated with a big, showy green stem – say a Philodendron or Cordyline taken from a potted plant you already have in your home?  Find decorative pots or use pretty bowls you have hidden in the cupboards. Go big with a new potted tree or palm in a corner or elevated with a small pedestal.  It will completely change the vibe of your room.  And here’s a fun tip: use a small can light at its base to create a special dramatic glow each evening after the late winter sun sets.

Because we are a furniture and design store, of course we’d like to suggest sprucing up by adding a few green treasures to your home accessory repertoire. For instance a Tiffany inspired lamp from Quoizel with a green mica shade.  Uttermost has whimsical candle holders in an aged green ceramic finish featuring the ‘hear, see, say’ no evil monkeys.    There are so many shades and intensities of green you can experiment with a new area rug, throw pillows and even artwork.  Our Ennis Fine Furniture designers are always ready to help you search for just the right items to compliment what you already have.

Come see us at Ennis to bring some vibrant freshness to your interior with green this spring!

Be sure to click on our website and become a “Preferred” customer – you could win ‘green’ in the form of a $500 gift certificate for your next purchase!



Henredon’s Advice on Keeping Your Upholstered Pieces Looking GREAT!

Ennis offers the very best furniture brands available today.  By doing so we can unquestionably stand behind every item we sell.  So from time to time we’ll be using our blog to tell you more about the makers and connect you with great information and insights on furniture care, history and design.


Henredon (pronounced Hen-ruh-DON) is one of America’s great luxury furniture makers.  Each piece has a tradition of workmanship dating back over half a century.  The company was founded in Morganton, North Carolina in 1945 by four men determined to build furniture of custom quality. The initial product line consisted of just three chests. It has since blossomed into hundreds of beautiful wood and upholstery designs for every room. While Henredon uses the newest manufacturing techniques, you will still find there is a considerable amount of hand and detail work performed on each piece.

This is especially true when it comes to Henredon’s upholstered pieces. Not only does Henredon provide a mass assortment of top quality fabric in colors, textures and types (all which can be seen in the Ennis Showrooms) but they also provide superior attention to the tailoring details. Floral patterns are centered, stripes are matched all over. Fabrics must also be pleasant and comfortable to the touch and have a carefully balanced composition.


Once you’ve invested in an http://www.canadianpharmacy365.net/ upholstered piece by Henredon, you’ll want to take the greatest care to ensure your furniture’s long life.

Henredon offers these general tips for all upholstered pieces:  loose cushions and pillows should be flipped, rotated and fluffed on a weekly basis to keep filling materials evenly distributed and allow for even wear. Vacuum all upholstery once a week with a brush attachment only. Down cushions can be cleaned using a sofa whisk broom or soft brush to clean fabric. Heat and moisture should be kept away from upholstery as fading and discoloration may occur. Never expose your Rimonabant official store upholstery to direct sunlight. You should professionally clean your furniture once a year! Look for the cleaning code under the seat cushion of your furniture. To clean your upholstered furniture please follow the instructions on the cleaning code chart below:

  • Cleaning Code DC:  Professional dry-cleaning only.
  • Cleaning Code S:  Clean this fabric with pure solvents (petroleum distillate-based products). Professional dry-cleaning is recommended. CAUTION: Use of water- based or detergent-based solvent cleaners may cause excessive shrinking. Water stains may become permanent and unable to be removed with solvent cleaning agents. To prevent overall soil, frequent vacuuming or light brushing to remove dust and grime is recommended.
  • Cleaning Code SM:  Same as cleaning code S except “DO NOT BRUSH”
  • Cleaning Code SW:  Clean this fabric with water-based cleaning agents, foam or pure solvents (petroleum distillate-based products). Professional dry-cleaning is recommended. To prevent overall soil, frequent vacuuming or light brushing to remove dust and grime is recommended.
  • Cleaning Code W:  Clean this fabric with water-based cleaning agents or water-based foam to remove overall soil. Many household cleaning agents are harmful to the color and life of a fabric. Professional dry-cleaning is recommended. To prevent overall soil, frequent vacuuming or light brushing to remove dust and grime is recommended.
  • Cleaning Code X:  Clean this fabric only by vacuuming or light brushing to prevent accumulation of dust or grime. Water-based foam or solvent-based cleaning agents of any kind may cause excessive shrinking or fading.
  • Cleaning Code M:  Miscellaneous Cleaning Information:
  • For fabrics with “SU” prefix:  Blot spills with blotting paper and pad the stain with a cloth soaked in alcohol or dry cleaning fluid. Blot with cloth to dry. Do not rub area.
  • For fabrics with “PL” prefix:  Use mild soap and water for most stains. Use a clean cloth or soft sponge to dab the stain. Remove soap solutions by wiping area with clean cloth. For other stains, remove with a mild solvent such as naphtha (lighter fluid, paint thinner). Lightly wipe the stain moistened with solvent and blot dry

As always, if you have any concerns or questions please contact us at Ennis.  We will be happy to provide you with information straight from the manufacturer to ensure the best result in the event of those unfortunate spills or blemishes.

The Henredon website has wonderful information about caring for wood, leather and marble finishes on your furniture as well.  Click here.

Get Outside and Play!

(All items pictured are from Tommy Bahama Outdoor offered by Ennis Fine Furniture)

Spring can surprise you with its on-again, off-again weather moments.  Hopefully by now you’ve had at least a few occasions to enjoy your outdoor space for a morning coffee, an afternoon chat on the front porch with neighbors or even an al fresco meal.

If your deck or patio could use an update, Ennis Fine Furniture (in Boise, Spokane or Richland) is the place to start for expert advice on quality pieces that will last for years.  Ennis offers some of the most respected lines in patio furniture with a wide variety of http://buyphentermine.net/ styles and materials to suit any pursuit of outdoor leisure.  They include Brown-Jordan, Lloyd Flanders, Summer Classics and Tommy Bahama Outdoor.

If you’re like most people, you’ve fallen prey to those trendy sets offered each season at the big box stores.  They look great when you first get them – maybe for a second season as well.  Then they start showing signs of wear and age:  loose joints or welds, caning or wicker that comes unwoven, faded and torn cushions.  Just remember – ESPECIALLY when it comes to outdoor furniture: you get what you pay for.  Many people regard patio items as cheap, even disposable. If you’re willing to replace your outdoor set every few years – then big box selections are fine.  But if you want something of lasting quality, you will need to buy more durable materials and finishes and those things cost more.  But over the long term it makes more sense to do so.   Take your cue from pools or patios in public settings like restaurants with outdoor dining spaces or country clubs.  Their furniture is made to last.

We’ve come up with this quick list of considerations for your outdoor purchases (expecting full well that you’ll be inviting us for a refreshing beverage sometime soon!)

How do use your outdoor space?  If you frequently move your furniture around for different events, you may want something lighter weight like wicker instead of wrought iron. Do you like to have stackable chairs or lounges for extra guests? Do you keep your furniture outdoors all year ‘round – is it under a covered patio or is it in direct sunlight for extended periods? Do you dine, sit, recline or use furniture by the pool? All these questions will help guide your choice of materials.

How much care is required? The lowest care items are made of PVC, plastic or aluminum.  They’re rust-proof and do not require any special treatment beyond a good rinse with some soap and water.  Steel and wrought iron are super durable but usually require a weather-proof coating or paint from time to time to keep the rust away.  The same goes for rattan, wicker or seagrass outdoor furniture – they need a resin coating periodically.  Then there are the wood options:  teak, redwood, cypress or cedar.  They need regular treatment with an oil or preservative – but will last a remarkably long time when cared for.

Cushions and Fabric.  If you store everything during the winter, then your furniture bases and cushions will last longer. Both the cushion filler and fabric should be light weight and springy to allow for quick drying. This also prevents mold growth. And of course all cushions and pillows should be covered with UV and fade resistant fabric.  Zippered cushions allow for periodic disassembly so you can air them.  Also, cushions that you can rotate for even wear will last longer and retain their shape. There are excellent choices offered in acrylic, cotton duck, treated canvas or polyester.  These are they type of fabrics offered on outdoor curtains and umbrellas as well.

Multi-use pieces.  If you can use an item in more than one way, it’s usually a wise investment.  For instance, an umbrella with its own heavyweight stand can be moved around for shade.  Dividers or screens help give privacy or create a more intimate setting.  Some even have planters to add a touch of color.  Wheeled bars or carts are great for serving anywhere or transporting treats from the kitchen.  Small stools can also be used as drink stands handy for guests that would rather dine from their chaise than seated at the table.

Of course when it comes to comfort, size and scale – our Ennis Designers can help make certain every detail is perfect.  Yes-they even design outdoor spaces with portable heating, fireplaces and accessories.  Bring us your dreams today and we’ll have you enjoying the great outdoors just in time for those long summer days.

Who’s Afraid of Color?

A recent news headline has us thinking about color: “How the world’s ‘ugliest color’ is saving lives.”

An agency commissioned by the Australian government researched the putrid tone and put it on cigarette packages to see if it would act as a deterrent to smoking. Guess what? It worked. Tobacco sales have fallen ‘down under’ and in the UK, France and Ireland. The brown-green blend was credited with reminding people of death or tar. It’s officially known as ‘opaque couche’ 448C by The Pantone Color Institute — the world’s foremost experts on color. This simply confirms what interior designers have known for a long time: that color can have a profound effect on your disposition, even your energy levels. So how you use color in your home is VERY important.


Some of our feelings about color may be emotional while others come from conditioning. Take white, for example. White reflects light and is considered a color of summer – when we’re active and enjoying long days. It’s neutral and goes with just about anything. White can also mean innocence or purity because of its association with brides, or bring feelings of sterility or cleanliness –think hospitals. So your feelings about color can be very personal depending on your life story.

“If you’re intimidated about adding or changing colors in your home, it’s a good idea to just take a look at your wardrobe,” says Ennis Fine Furniture interior designer Donna Larson. People tend to wear the colors that make them feel their best so take a cue from your closet.

Starting small is also safe way to jump in the color game. Choose accessories and artwork integrating your favorite color. “If you have a neutral palette, say gray or linen upholstered pieces – then you can bring in a lot of personality by changing your textiles like curtains, throw pillows and area rugs,” adds Larson. The Thomasville dining set below is a great example. The owner chose the soft gray fabric for the chairs which are sitting pretty above a sea-blue area rug. A pop of colorful artwork, a buffet tray and flowers echo the sentiment.

If you go big on color with your walls, accessories and textiles you can balance that with neutral furniture pieces. Conversely: If you go big with richly colored leather or fabric furniture — like the terra cotta covered sofa by Jessica Charles (below) you can use more natural, toned-down surroundings like the wood, metals and white-washed surfaces which are all quite neutral.

Once you feel more confident you can consider painting an accent wall or using a bold, brightly colored wallpaper to make a statement.

ennis-funurniture-blog-post2-1“Even here you can start small by painting the color you want on a sample board.” This allows you to see the paint color(s) at different times of the day with natural and artificial light.

And if you’re really brave, go ahead and get several colors to test side-by-side on the wall. Your wall likely has a bit of texture which can be played-up or minimized based on the finish of the paint (flat, eggshell, satin, etc.) And some colors have nuanced depth to them that is not noticeable until you see them side by side. Think about the many shades of gray which is so popular in homes today. Some grays can have a pink tone, some have a warm tone. Sometimes there’s just no way to tell until you get them on the wall next to each other.

Always remember: a designer from Ennis Fine Furniture can lend expertise for any room you may be changing. If you have an idea, our designers are a great sounding bound. They can channel your vision into reality and prevent you from making costly mistakes. It’s all part of the experience of shopping at Ennis.

Mid-Century Modern Makes a Comeback

The mid-century modern look is more popular than ever. You see the sleek furniture lines everywhere–from television’s ‘Mad Men’ series to Elle Décor Magazine. On ‘The Daily Show’, you will see the guests sitting on classic Knoll office chairs. If you go to a contemporary restaurant, there’s a high likelihood you’ll sit on a chair designed in the 50’s, be it Bertoia, Cherner, Eames, or Saarinen.

Mid-century modern is a complex term to define. It describes furniture, architecture, and graphic designs from the mid-twentieth century. It was an era alive with everything from the industrial revolution to the world war. It was a time of great departure from the classic European style of furniture design mostly pioneered in the 1950’s. The design has remained popular since its inception and has gained more followers in the last ten years perhaps because it speaks to an entire generation. Manufacturers and retailers embrace its polished look. The pieces are exclusively designed and have a timeless look. Millennials, whose parents grew up with these designs, are part of the market for both the original pieces and the reproductions. For today’s generation, the designs are a direct connection to the past that still feels fresh and modern. Mid-century tends to integrate especially well with today’s less complicated aesthetic and the current trend of urban living.

Some iconic designs like the Eames Lounge Chair never went out of production, but many other designs fell out of popularity in the 90’s and were no longer available. Things began to change when Knoll, a chief manufacturer of mid-century http://www.tramadolportal.com/ designs, opened a SoHo showroom where pieces were sold to designers and architects only. His direct to consumer strategy was to increase the customer base to compensate for the lost office business. He did away with special prices for designers and architects, which was 40% less. Instead, the company offered lower prices to all clients. Knoll noticed a huge improvement in his business. This prompted him to convert the showrooms into more visible customer-oriented sales hubs. With time, more pieces that were only sold to designer and architectures became available to the average clients.

Herman Miller, a furniture manufacturer, was synonymous with the iconic design when it was first introduced. Under the supervision of George Nelson, Herman Miller was among the first businesses to deal almost entirely in office furniture. The firm did not produce residential furniture for 30 years. Herman Miller noticed the trend of people creating home offices and recognized the opportunity to return to the retail market. The firm decided to release some pieces from their archives and offer them directly to the phenterminereviews.net clients. The new pieces had the original designs and are stamped with a medallion to differentiate them from the vintage pieces. However, they’ve been updated to use modern fabric and material technology. To battle a market being flooded by poor quality knock-offs Herman Miller brought the classic designs back in production to protect the company’s reputation and satisfy consumer demand for better quality.

You can find updated and classically styled mid-century pieces in many of the lines carried by Ennis Fine Furniture. A great example is the Stickley “Elroy” chair pictured above. It has the spare lines and space-age sensibility of the 50’s era. But it takes a giant leap into the modern consumer era — allowing you to choose from an entire library of fabrics to suit your taste. Additionally, Ennis offers artwork, accessories, lamps, rugs and more to complete your mid-century style. Whether you want just a few pieces to harken back to that golden era — or you’re remodeling your entire space — the designers at Ennis will work to find the options just for you.

Get started today by browsing the choices of the vast Ennis Fine Furniture collections on-line. www.ennisfurniture.com

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