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Cabin Fever

country cabin in the winter

Cabin Fever

Has it happened yet?  You know that sense that winter has been here forever and spring, even though around the corner, seems so far away?   Do you have cabin fever?   Instead of fighting this winter phenomenon, we want to suggest you embrace it!  After-all there is much still to appreciate about the colder months.  Especially if you make your home a comfy, inviting sanctuary.

Consider adding rustic or even cabin-themed furniture and accents to preserve the warm glows of winter, and a few well-selected pieces can have you enjoying the colder months indoors again.

A More Rustic Look― The Options are Endless

Traditionally, “cabin” furniture has been considered more masculine, rustic, and woodsy. Despite this, a variety of wood styles and colors can be incorporated into your room to catch anyone’s eye without going all out with actual log-hewn furniture. While log-hewn furniture is wonderful, it is also true, this type of furniture is not for everyone … or for every home.  If actual log hewn furniture does not match your personal taste, solid wood furniture, such as those created by the artisans at Stickley, is sure to appeal to you and your family.

Speaking of Stickley.  What could represent a more versatile design that dresses up your home with understated elegance like their Grand Lodge Collection?  The beauty of the Grand Lodge Collection is its ability to fit comfortably into your winter cabin, urban loft, or suburban home.  And, as with all Stickley furniture, the Grand Lodge Collection has that Stickley quality that never goes out of style.

Another Stickley piece that adds rustic charm to your kitchen or dining area is the Harvey Ellis China Top or a similarly styled rustic curio cabinet to your home.   This Stickley design is rustic but is also oh-so classic and beautiful!

Stickley has been making quality American furniture since 1905 and both Stickley collections, the Grand Lodge and Harvey Ellis, are handmade right here in America.

Mix & Match Your Way

Other “cozy” materials such as leather do not just fit but add perfectly to a more rustic, warm look. Pick dark brown leathers, like those incorporated into this Hancock & Moor ottoman that will lend itself very well to a more rustic theme in your living room or family room area.   Other design elements, such as wood accented wall art, lamps, area rugs, & warm bedding all should be used to round out your cozy home look & feel.  As with all great home design, some anchor pieces, along with additional accent décor, can create a total environment.

While some might want to go all out and decorate an entire home with rustic or cabin-themed furniture and decor, focusing on one room is also a great way to create that rustic retreat you have in mind. Remember that the simplest elements such as warm, simple lighting are a sure way to set the desired ambience in your living space that leave both guests and family feeling like they are at a warm, winter retreat. So, now you are ready to add some rustic comfort into your home.  Here is what you do next.  Visit Ennis Fine Furniture.  At Ennis, we have options that are fit for your home and for you. Come into our store and meet with one of our professional designers to talk about how to customize your home today!

Creating a Winter Flare For The Heart of Your Home

Christmas Living Room

The winter season is a magical time filled with laughter, joy, and hopeful anticipations for the Christmas Season.  Just as the Holiday season both paint the world in the monochromatic colors of winter, it also is a season that warms our lives.   What better way to imagine the heart of our homes― the living room—than with touches of the winter season.

The Living Room, The Heart of the Home 

The living room is the “heart” of your home.   It is important to take special care to ensure this room is furnished and decorated to accommodate both your guests and your family during the winter months and beyond. The direction that you choose to take depends largely on the atmosphere you are hoping to create. Do you envision an open, modern room with minimalist furniture, or are you looking for a cozy, country living room with warm accents? Fortunately, no matter how you wish to imagine this central room, furniture and décor options are available for you.

Consider Your Options & Mix Things Up

Before picking out items for the living room, consider the desired accents and essentials that will be needed to construct your perfect living space. What in the room adds to the environment and what distracts from the overall feel that you are envisioning?  Because the living room is indeed the central living space, consider not only the ambience you hope to impress with, but also the utility and ultimate comfort of the room.  After all, you will want your selection of sofas, tables, and decor to charm and comfort for years to come.

Create A Winter Flare With a Few Touches!

If you are looking to craft a room with a contemporary “winter” feel, select furniture that complement the natural colors of the winter landscape such as white or light gray. Together with the gentle glow of candles or indoor lights, a touch of winter magic will be brought indoors while still maintaining the unique character of modern design. Might something such as a liquor cabinet, hot cocoa bar, or even a painting work for the living space you envision?  If so, use them to add some seasonal flare to your home!

A Country-Cozy Feel

If cozy is more your style, there are many inviting, country-style options that can be tailored for your home. The addition of solid, wooden furniture, like those from Stickley, together with a carefully coordinated area rug is sure to go the extra mile this winter and beyond. Again, use accessories such as lighting and throw pillows to set a warm, cozy mood.

Your space, your choice

As the living room is the heart of your home, make sure to craft a flexible space that allows for comfort and relaxation, but one that also sparks joy and a sense of satisfaction. Your options are truly endless!  Here at Ennis, we have a tremendous selection of furnishings and exquisite home décor. During this Christmas season, come into our store and meet with one of our professional designers.  They will help you reimagine your home for the Holiday season, or any season of the year.

Create Your Perfect Living Space For Thanksgiving

kitchen dining furniture

You can still create a perfect living space for this Thanksgiving by choosing from in stock items.

Currently, enjoy exceptional savings on CLEARANCE furniture for the Living, Bedroom & Dining rooms; sales prices 50% to 70% off! All instock Lamps, pictures, mirrors & rugs are sale priced at 50% off!

The holidays are a time of great food, gratitude, and of course, quality time spent with family. As the leaves turn to their autumn shades and the air cools around us, the world is making its preparations for a new season… but are you preparing for the festivities?


Fortunately, the addition of some new furniture in your home is a great way to change up the atmosphere and make your home feel more inviting this November. Every Thanksgiving get together is centered around the meal. Whether you decide to make stuffing or mashed potatoes, a chic, new dining table is sure to serve as a conduit for pleasant conversation. Picking accents that match the overall tone of your room is crucial to adding to the welcoming ambience that you wish to establish, and it is sure to be something that will add charm to your living room for many years to come. To create an aesthetic harmony within your customized room, you will likely want to handpick chairs or stools that will match well with your selected table. Playing with complementary hues and designs can also be a way to step-up your decorating style and will be sure to catch the eye of friends and family alike. Speaking of catching one’s eye, lighting is crucial in creating a warm environment for your dining room. Including a chandelier in your space will add an air of sophistication and class to your space while also keeping the area well-lit: a necessity for any home. Even a well-placed lamp or light fixture will help to facilitate an upbeat setting for your holiday plans.


After a holiday meal, you and your guests will likely make your way over to the living room to enjoy board games, Thanksgiving night football, or even just casual chatting. Every relaxing evening starts with comfortable furniture to lounge on, and a new sofa or loveseat is sure to do the trick. If young ones or drinks and snacks are to make their way into the room, a leather or high-quality fabric is going to be your best bet—offering a modern style while maintaining the durability that is needed for you and your family. A coffee table or console table is also guaranteed to add some style to the room. 



From dining tables to bar stools to cleverly placed decorations, a colorful variety of furniture is needed to create the perfect holiday for you and your family. It is said that food unites people together, so make sure that this November your kitchen holds up to this ideal with a reinvented vision brought to life through your furniture. Just as there is no one way to create the perfect Thanksgiving dinner, so too is there no one perfect furniture selection for every home.

This Thanksgiving season, make sure to visit Ennis Fine Furniture and choose from a wide variety of furniture and décor that will make your home feel like home. The possibilities are endless, so come in, meet one of the Ennis professional designers, and create your perfect living space today!

Tips and Tricks to Find the Highest Quality Furniture

Stickley Quality Construction

In today’s “disposable” world, landing a great deal is more about quality than it is about price.  Quality, by nature, is a characteristic that endures.   Furniture that is built well; with craftsman techniques and skill, is furniture that can really stand the test of time.  And what is more, when you find the right piece for your home, and have the satisfaction of also knowing it is of high quality, that is truly an investment worth making.

Check For Quality

You want to furnish your home with décor and furniture that fits your style and also doing some pre-purchase checks for quality will make the difference in your satisfaction.

Wood Furniture

Embracing your personal aesthetic with quality furniture often means taking a closer look at solid wood furniture, rather than cheaper items built with particle board, composite woods, and fiber boards. Pro Tip: Don’t hesitate to ask what kind of wood is used in the framing of a sofa. In a perfect world, your sofa’s frame will be made up primarily from solid hardwood.

You can put your money toward furniture that will look great for decades by considering a few other key details.

  • Consider the type & locations of solid wood used in the construction of the furniture
  • Open every drawer; how is it constructed and how does the function feel
  • Be on the lookout for nails, glue, and staples

Quality wood furniture will have wood joinery on the drawers and corners, so inspect from every angle to make sure you are getting a piece that is really special.


Often considered the most important piece of furniture in the home, it is well worth your time and attention to make sure you are getting a high quality piece of furniture.  In addition to the sofa matching your sense of style, you’ll want to make sure your sofa is a quality piece of furniture.

  • Test the sofa springs for firmness and construction
  • Find reversible cushions
  • Look for sturdy legs

When you remove the cushions to check the springs underneath, you will also want to see whether those cushions are covered on both sides. That means you will be able to flip them over every couple of months to help them last longer. Going with a sofa that has solid, heavy legs that are joined to the sofa frame is also smart.

Inspect Other Upholstered Furniture

Many of the rules for quality sofa construction also apply to upholstered furniture. For your upholstered lounge chairs, dining chairs, ottomans, and other items, make sure to select a furniture manufacturer that takes the time to line-up intricate patterns on the fabrics.

  • Check for pattern alignment
  • Inspect the side padding
  • High-quality skirting

Additionally, you will want to give the back and arms of the furniture a squeeze to make sure the padding is consistent. You do not want to feel the frame underneath, and better padding will help your furniture continue to look nice even years after you first brought it into your home. Taking a quick look at the skirt—if the piece has one—is also a good idea. The fabric should be lined and slightly weighted to help it stay uniform.These are just a few tips to help you identify quality furniture.  Of course, the best way to make sure your furniture is of true quality is to shop at Ennis Fine Furniture.  We pride ourselves in stocking only the best furniture manufacturers at Ennis Fine Furniture.  Moreover, we pay close attention to style. A high-quality and highly functional piece of furniture should both look great and have been built with care. Let us help you find the perfect items for your home!

Ennis Offers Sofa Customization Choices That Really Dazzle And Delight!

You just cannot deny it.  The sofa is the anchor piece of furniture to the room you, your family, and guests are likely to spend most of your time in– the living room.    Don’t you think the room you and your loved ones live in deserves to fit your very own sense of style, comfort, and durability?   Yet so many people settle for a sofa that fits the “average” household by purchasing a mass-produced, big box store ho-hum sofa.

Would you like your new sofa in dark brown, medium brown, or light brown?

If you have ever browsed one of the big box furniture stores for a new sofa, you may have noticed that your choices are extremely limited when it comes to your selection.  In fact, you are pretty much out of luck if you want your new sofa in any color but brown, beige, or tan.   Forget about custom fabrics, leather choices, or style appointments.  Most regular furniture stores just do not offer anything beyond those uninspired, generic household sofas.

Not Ennis Fine Furniture- our custom sofa choices will have you dazzled and delighted!

No More Generic Sofas.  Ennis Furniture Truly Honors Your Personal Aesthetic Through Tremendous Selection & Choice in Sofas!

When it comes to variety in sofas, Ennis Fine Furniture literally offers its customers hundreds of fabric and leather options to choose from.  Additionally, you can choose other features to your new sofa like leg style, arm style, pillow style, and many times even back style!  Truly, the possibilities are dazzling almost endless.  Ultimately, when you are done designing your custom crafted American made sofa, you will have a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that you will never find duplicated at your neighbor’s home.  At Ennis, we will let you design your sofa and then we will have it built just for you!

TIP:  ask your Ennis Designer to show you the many design customization possibilities!

Let Ennis Fine Furniture Help!

We welcome you to browse sofas online for inspiration before visiting our Ennis showroom.  When you do visit us, the friendly, talented people at Ennis Fine Furniture are here to help.  We would love to consult with you to find the perfect sofa for your home.   Give us a call, or swing by your local Ennis store to start the conversation.   We know you will be delighted you did!

5 Home Office Improvements to Love Your Space

Stickley Executive Desk

Given enough time, every company will experience change. But rarely have we seen the type of widespread shifts in the workplace than with the coronavirus outbreak. Chances are, COVID-19 will forever change how we work. Many individuals will continue to work from home, even if only on a part-time basis. As such, it makes a lot of sense to create a workspace that matches your needs—both personally and professionally.

5 Ways to Create a Better Home Office

With more teams adopting the remote working model, giving a little attention to your own home office setup will be a worthwhile investment. When you anticipate spending a good deal of time in your home office, you’ll definitely want to get the right upgrades in place!

1. Your comfortable work chair

Putting in long hours at your desk can quickly become uncomfortable when you don’t have the right furniture. The most important item is probably your office chair. You need to find the best seating option for your stature.

2. The right type of desk

With your chair selected, it’s time to review your desk options. Giving yourself a spacious desktop to spread out your work can be one way to go. But you’ll also want to consider your overall layout. For example, if you’d prefer to add a couple of bookshelves and an accent chair in the corner of your home office, you might need to look at desks that are slightly smaller.

3. Adequate & beautiful lighting

Making the switch to a home office setup will give you total control over your lighting. Picking out the right hardware for the lamp is just the first step, of course. You also need to think about the type of bulbs for your lighting. Are you going to work better with a bright, white light or more of a soft glow? And, because we are Ennis Fine Furniture, we want your lighting to be beautiful! Ennis has literally hundreds of lighting options for you to dress up and beautify your work space that fits your personality and design sensibilities!

4. Personal touches with your decor

A lot of home office spaces will benefit from a little greenery. Adding a couple small plants or even a decorative tree to your setting lets you bring the outdoors inside. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, you can always look for realistic faux plants. Then top off your office décor with a few different pieces of art for the walls. Anything goes!

5. A nice throw rug

Whether your room has carpeting or hardwoods, placing a nice throw rug either beneath your desk or elsewhere can help ground the space. Plus, rugs offer some instant “coziness” to any area. From an intricate design or something more tactile for your toes, your office rug might be just the thing to tie your room together.

Our office furniture selection at Ennis Fine Furniture covers all these items and more. Give us a call if you want to discuss your options, or visit our showroom to explore our inventory on display! We would be happy to help you design your home office. When done right, it can become a mini oasis, just as much as a productive work environment.

Creating a Zen Refuge in a Chaotic World

Stickley Writing Desk

Creating a Zen Refuge in a Chaotic World

Your home is supposed to be a refuge for your family. When you have an intentional space to sit down and unwind, it’s a lot easier to tap into that relaxing Zen state. Now is the perfect time to take a look around and see if there’s an area you can dedicate to a more relaxing purpose.

Carving Out a Zen Space

If you’re thinking of how—or where—to reorganize a room to be more Zen, it helps to remember that your whole family can benefit from a space that’s set up for total calmness. This is an investment for everyone’s best interests.


What feels relaxing and peaceful to you might be stuffy to someone else, or vice versa. There isn’t one set color scheme that will speak to everyone in the same way. Traditionally, though, lighter hues and pastels tend to work best in areas where we want to unwind. That might make you think of pale blues or seafoam greens. You could also consider some rich wood tones to bring in a sense of nature.


Say you want to add more Zen to your living room. Maybe a velvet ottoman would make the space feel more comfortable. Or perhaps you’d appreciate having a wicker table or another piece for where you can put your houseplants. Adding a few new elements can help liven up any space.

Sometimes people forget that decorative mirrors can also act as texture. The sheen adds a different layer to complement the other textures in your space. Plus, you can incorporate even more relaxing tones when you place a few candles in front of a mirror. The warm glow of the flames reflected by the mirror is sure to help put people’s minds at ease.


When it comes to the furniture in a relaxing environment, it’s important to trust your own aesthetic intuition. No one but you really knows what will help you feel more peaceful. Getting cozy on the sofa with your loved ones might be all you need! For others, a specific chair might be a better fit. Find the designs that speak most to you, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a more relaxing home.

Let Us Complete the Design

From your primary furniture elements to thoughtful accessories, you can find what you need to put the finishing touches on your Zen space design at Ennis Fine Furniture. Tap into your imagination, and listen to what you really want to make your home even more relaxing. Adjusting your lighting or having a cozy new rug under your feet can help transport you to a calm state of mind.

Our extensive collections include pieces for every type of room. Whether you need to upgrade a corner in your master bedroom for a nice, private place to relax, or you’re ready to improve your living room to reflect your current sense of style, we’re here to help! Browse the options we have for you throughout our website, then give us a call or find a time to come look at the furniture in-person. We can collaborate with you every step of the way.

Improve Your Small Bedroom with Designs That Think Big!

Improve Your Small Bedroom with Designs That Think Big!

When it comes to smaller bedrooms, there’s often a fine line between feeling comfy or feeling crowded. That’s why you have to take special care with the furniture pieces you select Fortunately, there are a handful of design tricks that can make your small bedroom seem big!

How to Make a Small Bedroom Feel Spacious

You want to organize and style your bedroom with items that fit your own design sense, but they also need to physically fit with your bedroom layout. This advice can help you find some common ground—and fall in love with any smaller bedroom.

  1. Start at your bed

As the essential centerpiece of your room, considering your bedframe is often the first step. If you think your room won’t work with both a bed and a dresser, you might be able to find a great storage bed to address both functions and store extra bedding.

  1. Go with a neutral palette

Color can add a ton of personality to your room. It can also be used to trick the eye. Sticking with pastels or an off-white paint color for your walls usually helps the area feel larger and slightly more “luxe.”

  1. Choose smaller patterns

When you want to add a rug or pillows for the bed, it might be better to stay clear of big and bold patterns. Those designs can easily overwhelm a smaller room.

  1. Let in natural light

Opening your curtains and letting in the sunlight might be one of the simplest ways to make your room feel bigger. And if you don’t like your view? Try working with a collection of smaller light fixtures instead of a single overhead lighting element.

  1. Check your curtain colors

Of course, you’ll probably want to use curtains too. The same rules apply here. A neutral color or small pattern will help. It’s also a good idea to hang your curtains slightly higher for a grander effect.

  1. Find “less solid” furniture

This technique is great for adding more depth and interest to your room. Look for furniture pieces that have taller, thinner legs or are missing sides. A little height with your accent chair or a bookshelf with a more open design will benefit that spaciousness you want to create.

  1. Add a new mirror

Placing a mirror over your dresser or as a statement piece on one of your bedroom walls will help reflect light. It’s a quick way to persuade the eye that your room is larger than it really is!

  1. Work with a professional

While anyone can find inspiration from these small bedroom design tips, sometimes it helps to call on the professionals. Getting a new perspective on your space and having someone work with you to find the exact right furniture pieces can make your redesign project a breeze.

If you’re ready to take the next step, our design team at Ennis Fine Furniture is here for you! We’d love to consult with you on any room, big or small. Just give us a call to learn more about our process and how we work for you to create your best spaces.

Bar Stools 101- A Shopping Guide

Spicing up your kitchen area with a new collection of bar stools is a great way to bring everyone together. More casual than your traditional dining room, and somehow even more cozy than a breakfast nook, your kitchen counter can easily be the new “hot spot” of your home. That is, if you haven’t already made the basement bar your family’s favorite hangout!

What Bar Stool Height Do You Need?

The most common questions for this type of seating always relate to height. You’re probably wondering, “How tall do my bar stools need to be?” That makes sense! You don’t want to bring home something that’s too short or too tall for your counter height. Measuring from the floor right up the underside of your countertop can help you narrow down your search to find the right fit for your stool height. These numbers can help:

40- to 42-inch bar counter height = 28- to 38-inch bar stool height

36-inch standard counter height = 24- to 27-inch counter stool height

 It’s important to note that Ennis designers sometimes refer to stools by different names. It just depends on your counter height. The taller options are typically called bar stools, and counter stools are usually known to be the shorter types of seating. Of course, you can also use the names interchangeably if you’d like. The general purpose is obviously still the same!

Bar Stool Styles and Favorite Features

Once you know what your bar stool height needs to be, you’re ready to start thinking through the types of features you might like. For example, do you want a bar stool or a counter stool with a back? Or do you like the subdued look of a backless bar stool better? Additionally, do you want your seating to swivel, or should they stay steady? You can also think about whether you’d like an adjustable height option, which can be a useful feature for younger kids.

But seating isn’t all about function. You’ve also got to consider style! From modern to classic, or a sleek contemporary industrial design, today’s bar stools embrace a wide array of design choices. Choose from leather or suede, comfy and durable fabric blends, or sleek metal or wood frames. And don’t forget your options for outdoor living areas! There are plenty of bar stools that can stand up to rainy days and will be ready to go for your next backyard cookout.

Come Shop Our Bar Stool Selection!

We understand it can be hard to sort through all of the bar stool chairs in our collection, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the different designers and latest models. An outside perspective can help tie your room together—and hopefully point out the piece that’s exactly what you’ve looking for.

Our selection at Ennis Fine Furniture features quality construction and timeless styles. Let us show you what your bar has been missing. We would be happy to consult with you on all types of redesign projects. Just swing by our showroom, or give us a call to schedule your meeting. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Features that Make Every Holiday gathering a Success

The Holidays are all about spending times with friends and family. Inviting your loved ones over for a small gathering or a larger party can be a wonderful way to celebrate. You just need to make sure you have everything set up for that big meal!

Consider a New Buffet Line

Sitting down for a formal dinner is always nice, but for some events, it can be better to go with a setup that’s a little more mobile. This year, organizing a buffet line might be the way to go—(especially if you have a new buffet table from Ennis to showcase). Your guests can simply grab a plate and load it up with all of their favourites. Then everyone can eat at their own pace. Some people might naturally migrate to your dining table, while others might choose to munch on a few snacks in the living room. It’s nice to offer different seating choices, especially when you’re serving a crowd.

Dress-up the Beverage Cart

Having a separate area for your beverage selection can also help keep the traffic moving. This is an important detail for those big meals and long guest lists! A great bar cart stocked with everything you need for your signature cocktail is sure to get some compliments.

These pieces are great for other treats too. Your beverage cart doesn’t have to be reserved for adults. You can have a stylish hot chocolate cart for the kids, for example, complete with whipped cream, sprinkles, and chocolate sauce. Or you might go the route of sharing soda in those classic, glass bottles. Getting a little fancy is always appreciated.

Enhance with Holiday Scents

After everyone has had their fill, you can start to replace the smell of good food with a different fragrance. There are plenty of ways to create the perfect atmosphere. Embracing your sense of smell can invoke all sorts of fond memories for you and your guests. Maybe a hint of vanilla can remind everyone of Nan’s best sugar cookies. Or the scent of cedar might help everyone feel even more relaxed by the fire.

It’s easy to light a few scented candles around the living room. But you can also make your own customized fragrances at home. All you need is a pot of water or a slow cooker and an assortment of fruit or spices. Just cover your goodies in water and set it to simmer. This recipe for homemade simmering spices calls for orange peel, apple slices, cinnamon sticks, and fresh ginger. You can also add cardamom, cloves, star anise, or any other spices in your cabinet! Playing around with different combinations can be a lot of fun.

Your home should reflect your style at every turn. From the holiday scents in the air, to the new furniture items you chose this year, everything you bring into your home has a story. We would love to help you find your next great piece. Come browse our selection at Ennis Fine Furniture. We know you’ll see something truly special!

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