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Parties, Pageantry & Preparation

Kistler Emporium Collection Buffet

Parties, Pageantry & Preparation- Furniture You Need For The Holidays

Have you heard?  The Holiday Season is upon us!  Fret not, planners!  For even if December is another month full of parties, prep and pageantry, there are tools to help carry the load and keep your holiday cheer fresh all season long. Take the Kistler Buffet by American Drew. A sturdy and beautiful structure of white oak and a rich shadow high-low veneer that conspire in a wellspring of aged character. A craftsmanship of simple shapes and smooth, interlocking ergonomics, the Kistler Buffet will help keep organized even the most labyrinthian of holiday potlucks. 

Let’s say all the lessons of this past “Turkey Day” have got you thinking about logistics. Even with the kids’ table, it was still a stretch to seat everyone comfortably this year. For adding that extra space in a full dining room, the Roslyn County Dining Table from Hooker Furniture has two 21-inch leaves capable of hosting up to 10 guests. A rustic industrial piece made of wood planks and metal sheeting, its dark walnut finish is reminiscent of reclaimed 19th-century barns and offers a particular warmth for those cold, wintry evenings lit by a crackling fire.

If the holiday planning still feels complicated, take a stroll down to Ennis Fine Furniture, your local, family-owned fine furniture store. There, we can help uncomplicate things by answering any questions you may have relating to your design needs. In business and in the same Boise family since 1946, Ennis Fine Furniture prides itself in its relationship to its customers. With three Pacific Northwest Locations (Richmond & Spokane, WA and Boise, ID) Ennis has built a steadfast reputation of cultivating a customer-first, fine furniture buying experience. Custom-built drawers, doors, hand-stitched upholstery, whole pieces and more are not out of the question for our professional design staff. They can expand on any design a piece might bring into your home and field any questions you may have therein–a complimentary service if you shop with Ennis. 

Curating Thanks

Bernhardt Plush leather sofa

Curating Thanks

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is  deserving of its own fanfare and message. That message, of course, is one centered around the mindset and practice of gratitude.   We believe giving thanks is best suited within the comforts of a large, familial gathering. 

What better place for a family to gather and give thanks than around a chic, beautiful dinner table.  A dinner table like those created by Hooker Furniture.  Take a look at the dining table and buffet from Hooker. We present to you Hooker’s Curata Collection as the center of your Thanksgiving meal.  Curata, meaning “curated” in Italian, mixes materials like black nickel, stainless brushed brass and marble with three distinct rustic modern finishes for a simple, yet urbane design. Inspired by timeless shapes and chic materials, Curata exudes a “less is more” feel by spotlighting the design of each piece and giving precise attention to detail.

Once Thanksgiving dinner is over, and everyone has moved away from the table, you will want to provide a comfortable space for you and your family members to congregate.  A grand leather sofa that can accommodate one and all is the perfect solution.  The Plush Leather Collection from Bernhardt is stylish and modern with deep, comfortable, luxurious seating. Plush Leather is a new experience in design for living spaces, combining organic, fully protected leathers with relaxed tailoring, sumptuous down cushions and gracious scale.  What better venue could there be to simply visit with loved-ones, and or watch the “big” game in plush leather.

All of this and much more can be found within one of our showrooms at Ennis Fine Furniture–your local, family-owned fine furniture store since 1946. Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Ennis has three convenient northwest locations in Boise, Idaho; Richland, Washington, and Spokane, Washington. Stop in before your Thanksgiving guests arrive and browse the many furniture options you have available from Ennis. You can consult with one of our Ennis design experts about how one of our pieces could fit within your already-perfected style–complimentary  service unique to the Ennis Fine Furniture shopping experience.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from all of us at Ennis Fine Furniture.

November Is For Nesting

Uttermost Gold Branches

November Is For Nesting

Fun fact: In Idaho and Washington –many native birds typically don’t fly south for the winter. Despite having four distinct seasons with a myriad of weather conditions to account for, 80% of the native birds in our region are nonmigratory, meaning they are likely still out there right now, just like the rest of us, scurrying about to complete the remaining tasks before winter comes for fair weather’s final curtain call. In nature, they call this nesting.

And, as the mercury drops below freezing, and you begin some nesting of your own, you come to realize that just like those birds, the comfort and sustainability of your home is paramount to enjoying the winter. Feast your eyes on the curvaceous wings of the Alexander Wing Chair from Hancock and Moore. With its deeply-layered finish, stout, solid-wood Oak frame and coming in a myriad of luxurious prints, the Alexander has the enviable position of grandiose proportions draped in the familiar coziness of a beloved grandfather’s armchair–all the while being a power recliner. A genuine article of the triple-threat. 

And who would know all about the Alexander and what it takes to craft the perfect living experience for winters in the Northwest? Well, none other than your local, family-owned furniture store, Ennis Fine Furniture. In business since 1946, Ennis has been a passionate purveyor of fine furniture from all parts of the globe, especially craftsmen right here in the U.S.A. 

Maybe a chairside table is part of your nesting plans this year. Take a look at this beautiful and understated Willow end-table from Hammary Living, with dramatic, sculpted lines that add a dramatic look to any home.  Perhaps a perfect aside to the end table, and continuing with our nesting theme is the look of Gold Branches Screen by Uttermost.  Truly a piece of art for your home, its lifelike branches are hand-forged in iron before a gold leaf finish is applied, also by hand. Whether it’s this remarkable piece, or a whole-home interior design, our expert team will work tirelessly to help you hatch the perfect look for your house this winter. 

Thinking of where to take your nesting plans this year? Come down to one of our three great Northwest locations (Richmond, WA; Spokane, WA; or Boise, ID) and get to know one of the Ennis designers.  They have the experience, insight, and talent to make your home nesting dreams a reality.  By the way, design services are complementary when you shop at Ennis Fine Furniture!

Jewelry For The Home

Uttermost Polaris Pendant Chandelier

Jewelry For The Home

At Ennis Fine Furniture–your local, family-owned furniture store–we understand the key role light plays, so we have numerous lighting options and accessories to choose from to ensure your rooms are lit to perfection. We consider the home to be an ensemble, an ‘outfit for an evening’ and the lighting therein as the“Jewelry For the Home”. Nearly 4,000 lighting options are offered through our partners, half of which come from the same eclectic manufacturer, Wildwood. We say eclectic because there’s no end to the variations available through Ennis Fine Furniture. Let your imagination run wild and get creative with your design penchant! From the Esmado Chandelier to the Crystal Floor Lamp to the Tiered Turtle Lamp, Wildwood has a host of lamps—1,800 plus—and other lighting solutions to choose from, each featuring a shape of harmonious proportion and beaming functionality.

Inside, the flicker of the light reveals its carved image, casting shadowy shapes into the street; it’s amazing what a simple change of light can do to a place’s mood. It’s probably why lighting may be the most principal variable when trying to nail a room’s certain aesthetic. The tiniest change in lighting can really make or break a space, so a keen arranger would be wise to read the room and light accordingly. You don’t want your house to look like a overbright showroom, but at the same time, you want to be able to see furniture in the room before your shine finds it first. Take a look at the Melissa Golden Amber Light Pendant by Uttermost Lamps and Lighting. A breathtaking work of handmade craftsmanship, each glass pendant is mouth-blown and no two are alike. Finished in a regal brushed nickel, this fine piece will illuminate and inspire any who may sit under its warm glow.

When we speak of “Jewelry For The Home” and lighting. we can’t help but to think of the chandelier.  Chandeliers have been traditionally associated with wealth, luxury, and a higher aesthetic ideal.  Regardless of the style,quality chandeliers certainly do embody that ethic.  Today, however, there are a whole host of chandelier styles-  from traditional  grandiose to industrial to even rustic. Or, to something that embodies all of the above.
For example, If you want a chandelier that makes a dramatic statement, the Uttermost Polaris Pendant chandelier will do nicely!    So much to appreciatehere-  A brushed nickel 8-light geometric star placed within an orb that features a washed wood center band.  Stunning!

Lighting glistens, shines, and cast shadows.  It truly is jewelry for the home. Time to accessorize by visiting Ennis Fine Furniture. One of our knowledgeable Ennis designers will help you create the perfect lighting environment for your home.

October Is Time For Warm Decor

Hancock & Moore Sofa

The Autumn season is upon us again: the chillier nights and crisp mornings; brilliant shades of oranges, reds, yellows and browns that canopy our tree-lined streets.  October is a month overflowing with change, beloved and championed by so many because of this very distinction- October is truly a month of seasonal transition. It is always this time of year when we also think of getting cozy and our “nesting” instincts take over.  And, nothing says cozy nesting like settling into great furniture like this Hancock & Moore City Loveseat.  Rich leather textures and Fall colors set the stage for this room-anchoring piece that makes a statement the whole year through. Yes, where home decor and nesting are concerned, October and Halloween provides a myriad of opportunities for you to warm your home decor with textures, colors, and furnishings that speak to this thematic season! 

Did you know wicker is a classic texture of Fall?  Take a look at the Reflections Rocker by Lloyd Flanders. It features rich, cloth fabric woven over a supportive wicker frame in a simple and elegant pattern. You will have excellent viewing accommodations for the parade of trick-or-treaters coming to your home!  Imagine having this comfortable post, a bowl of candy in hand, on your front porch to wait for the neighborhood ghouls and goblins as they exclaim “Trick or treat!”

Coming inside from these increasingly colder evenings, one will want to find a warm and inviting home to settle in for the Autumn weather.   Working with a wide palette of warm, and seasonal colors, as well as black and white, one can craft an entire house full of ambience that subtly adds to the season’s spirit without feeling like you live in “Halloweentown”. Incorporating vintage antiques for a bit of personality, using natural materials–particularly flora like branches and gourds–and curating the right furniture will help revitalize the rooms around your home.  Take a look at the Stickley Highlands Collection as the dark wood hughes, and classic mission styling is the very essence of warm and cozy nesting.

Preparing for Fall could be as simple as changing out a conventional chair with one that swivels or rocks. Another rocking chair that would help add these natural and warm-colored elements is the Harvey Ellis Rocker from Stickley. With a stunning hand-carved inlay of fine oak, the craftsmanship of Stickley excels here in preserving the grain and patterning of the natural wood, while the deep maroon cushion provides ample support and warm tones for days, perfect for the brisk fall mornings in front of the fire. 

Still not sure how warm decor can contribute to a new look around your house? Here’s where your style experts at Ennis Fine Furniture–your local, family-owned furniture store–have got you covered. Come into one of our Boise, Spokane or Richland locations today and speak with our team of experts and we’ll walk you through our entire custom design process, which ranges from custom fabrics, embroidery, woodwork and much more!

Ennis Has The World’s Best Furniture

Sherrill Furniture, accent chair

Ennis Has The World’s Best Furniture

At Ennis Fine Furniture, we pride ourselves on the unparalleled quality that we can provide for our customers. Whether it’s through the portfolio of furniture brands and accessories we offer or our peerless level of customer service–a catalog of faculties ranging from simple question answering to whole-home redesigns–we strive to be emblematic of excellence. Locally-owned and family-operated since its inception in 1946, Ennis Fine Furniture does business on a microscale. We prefer an intimate knowledge of our brands and services, choosing to highlight any and all details from the ground up so we know exactly what we’re offering, when and why. In our effort to keep this commitment, we scour the globe for companies who share this work ethic; simply put, “nothing but the best.” Take a look at the Sherrill Living Room Arm Chair. A feat of American craftsmanship, this stately piece has a fine base of hand-carved wood, with engravings lining every visible surface, and we offer it in a host of both contemporary and traditional embroidered fabrics.

A hallmark of our stores, we offer a variety of quality pieces from our partners at Sherrill Furniture. Like a top-quality, brown mahogany sectional at its core, but wrapped in a light, modern stitch and ergonomic arrangement that aptly displays the market-sense and design knowhow that Sherrill’s furniture makers have been dishing out for decades. For over 140 years, Sherrill Furniture factories have been creating quality craftsmanship in and around the Hickory, North Carolina area. Essentially a conglomerate of local NC-based furniture brands, Sherrill Furniture has been in business themselves since 1945, but their oldest brand Hickory White started out as the White Furniture Co. in 1881. Through their series of brands and products, Sherrill has sold numerous custom-built, handcrafted pieces to major department stores all over the U.S. As American-made furniture companies started to dwindle, a shrewd decision to band together and offer a wider range of products allowed the conglomerate to carve a niche for themselves and not only survive the volatile push and pull of the economy, but to flourish–no matter the financial season–thanks to a devoted customer base.

Despite these commitments to the age-old crafts of woodworking, carpentry and fine furniture, Sherrill continues to innovate. Let’s focus on one of their more forward-thinking brands that we feature in our stores: MotionCraft. MotionCraft has been producing beautifully-upholstered, functional seating for the ergonomically-minded folk for over four decades now. They are America’s leading manufacturer of “functional motion that doesn’t look like motion seating.” It is the art of comfort within the spectrum of traditional to transitional styling. These sentiments are best exemplified by their vast collection of recliners, particularly the Douglas Hi-Leg Recliner. With its dapper tartan cross-stitch, ruby leather and rich mahogany finish, the chair is a wonderful juxtaposition of old world fabrics, materials and patterning against a dramatic, modern application of style. We also offer the same chair but in a power format, with the same smart medley of textures in addition to a rich tanning of all creamy European leather.

Like nearly everything we offer, this chair is completely customizable. Say you love the chair, but don’t want either of those wrappings? You can have one of our design specialists create a new work based on the patterns of existing materials shared with other pieces across our entire showroom, or better yet: MotionCraft will be happy to customize one right from the beginning on their factory floor. Just another reason why we love partnering with the MotionCraft and Sherrill brands and yet another reason why you need to visit one of our convenient Ennis Fine Furniture locations in Boise, Idaho; and Spokane, Washington.

American Made R & R

Archibald Portland Bedroom

American Made R & R

September sneaks into our calendars every year somehow undetected; surprisingly, we can’t seem to heed the warnings of summer’s end and are in complete denial or utter surprise by the time Labor Day rolls around. Admittedly, the back-to-school sales and cooling temperatures look suspicious, but every year we dutifully ignore these signs and insist we have some summer left. Somewhere, I don’t know; check the fridge, maybe? It may be downright comical at times, but trying to hold onto the shimmering positivity of summer is an American pastime as old as the presidents on our money. And could anyone really blame us for wanting to? We are professional resters and relaxers; because we constantly push ourselves to become the best versions of ourselves, when we break for the day, we need ample time to really break away from that life. Try taking some serious R&R on this Portland Shiplap Bedroom Set from Archbold. Customizable in 13 different Amish finishes–a distinction unique to Archbold, their Amish finishes– this set can also be tweaked down to the drawer hardware, with aged copper, pewter and gold among the selections.

Circling back to “professional resters and relaxers.” It’s not an ironic phrase, it’s just that we take our relaxation as seriously as our respective professions. Having that perspective while buying furniture can unfortunately leave a lot to be desired. With production of domestic goods largely relocated outside the U.S., finding a home-grown company with that pro-level of rest and relaxation coursing through their veins is a nigh-impossible task. If you were to shop anywhere but Ennis Fine Furniture, that is. At Ennis Fine Furniture, we have curated a host of American-made brands that produce that quality of relaxation so revered in our way of life. Like Archbold Furniture, for instance, whose fleet of quality, American-made products does not stop at just bedroom relaxation, but spills over into all walks of furniture life: bookshelves, office furniture and numerous dining room pieces all carry the Archbold name and their series of Amish finishes and materials. Take the 6861X 62” Home Entertainment Console; with entertainment at the center of the modern world, furniture of this ilk can sometimes feel like a compromise or supplement to technology and yet, with its polished craftsmanship and textured stainwork, this piece affirms a style and presence of its own.

Out of the town in Ohio that bears its name, Archbold Furniture has been in the business of solid woodcraft furniture for over 120 years. Since 1900, Archbold has continued to produce American-made furniture despite industry currents flowing away from such practices. The upstream battle to provide that American craftsmanship is what brought Archbold to our attention and why we’ve been a steadfast partner in offering this quality to our customers ever since. Working exclusively with natural wood, particularly of the alder and cherry variety, Archbold’s commitment to the craft has garnered respect from another uniquely American identity: the Amish. Due to their proximity to large swathes of Amish populations in the Ohio area, Archbold began a partnership with a conglomerate of Amish workers in 2010 to produce unparalleled, handcrafted finishes to their exquisite standards. Just about every piece they make can be offered in such a dressing, exhibiting the fully-customizable aspect of Archbold’s boutique offerings.

And because they’re partnered with Ennis Fine Furniture, that means you get access to this deep catalog of furnishings for your mind to customize with endless combinations. Take a trek to one of our convenient Pacific Northwest locations and see for yourself!

Reinventing the Classic Dining Room with Canadel

Canadel buffet in your dining room

Reinventing the Classic Dining Room with Canadel

If you’ve seen any newly-built homes recently, kitchens have begun to shrink from the cavernous amphitheaters of the open-concept to more functional, organized sizes; this means contemporary home design is returning to the distinct, concise room theory. With working from home being more popular than ever, rooms have seen their purpose evolve dramatically, the emphasis now being on a clear division of roles in the household and of course, privacy. In addition to more rooms and less shared expanse, the dining room has been reformed from its reduced role as an undefined, ambiguous area with a table and chairs that merely occupied the space between the living room and kitchen, to a more purposeful, authentic performance. The dining room is a room again, typified by an enclosed set of walls with little to no view of the kitchen. The exclusion of the space from the rest of the house ensures it can operate as intended: a nice, quiet place to share a meal. To keep conversation flowing through the room, a server table–like the Highlands Server from Stickley–can keep a smattering of dishes within arm’s reach while freeing up the main table of unnecessary plate traffic and eliminating second trips to the kitchen. Free from the all-consuming gaze of the television (or any other distraction, for that matter,) the fine dining experience can once again become a mainstay of the home.

Wondering where these trends are pushing up in the furniture game? Just look at china hutches (also called hutch dressers, sideboards or buffets.) Once a commonplace figure in a fine dining spread, hutches have had a steady decline in popularity from the 1960s up until about five years ago. As kitchens and their cabinets increased in size, chinaware storage elsewhere in the home became irrelevant. Thankfully, this recorrecting shift in dimensions has awarded the buffet a new lease on life: it’s back and better than ever! With the ‘grand-millenial aesthetic’ and maximalism at the helm, modern interior design has helped us reshape rooms into vivid expressions of ourselves. The hutches and buffets of yesteryear still provide that fine dining experience but are now being utilized under different contexts and with updated nomenclature. Instead of just china, some have been using them as displays for various curated items: collectibles, art, jewelry, etc. Like the Metal Prism Deck from Sligh, for example; it’s no longer just a ‘china’ hutch, but more so a gallery shelf with a buffet dresser underneath. Lacking traditional cabinetry, the open-air design allows the brass fittings to glint a perfect polished trophy glow. These pieces of furniture have become invaluable to the expressive nature of maximalist design.

At Ennis Fine Furniture, we embrace the wide spectrum of utility a sideboard, hutch or buffet can provide. Many of these pieces are by our innovative contemporary brands, with modern styling and design cues; similar to the classic type, but only in functionality. We have Canadel buffets in stock that are strikingly industrial and contemporary. The Dining Room Buffet–warm, natural solid wood finishes, clean lines and bold wrought-iron black hardware–a lovely modernization of a vintage favorite. Not finding a combination you like? Let our interior designers work with you and the manufacturer to provide custom-built pieces, with a host of woods (ash, cherry, oak, poplar, to name a few) and custom fabrics to choose from. We provide these services because we think fine furniture stores should, bare minimum. Come down to one of our three Pacific Northwest locations (Boise, Richland and Spokane) and see what makes us the standard for fine furniture.

A Blossom of Personality with Kincaid

Kincaid rustic dining table and set

A Blossom of Personality with Kincaid

As heatwave upon heatwave continues to emanate from our unblinking sun, the push to spend the entire month of August inside has perhaps never been as strong as the one from this year’s warm spell. Unless you’ve got a swamp cooler and fan trailing you like a drone around your patio and immediate yard, one can imagine most get-togethers and dining parties will be inside events for the foreseeable future. Those new Venetian Outdoor Living Room sets from Brown Jordan will unfortunately have to wait. No need to fret on this matter; for an invitation to a cooled, bespoke dining room will have your guests wishing they had been introduced to your little oasis a lot sooner! Having spent most of the last two years indoors, it may be difficult to find a fresh take on a room you’re so familiar with, but with the blaring heat outside, an escape to a comfortable area to eat and unwind is a must.

But it doesn’t have to be boring! Wrapping your surroundings with a whisk of new flair will bring peace and comfort to any troubled mind. Not only for your guests, but for the homemaker as well; you have to live with it the remainder of the time, so it should reflect your sense of self. To create this special space, or simply to revamp an existing dining room, recent trends have again left the minimalism and sleek look of the past decade to a more expressive, maximalist style. A ‘blossom of personality’, if you will. Bold, bright, and vibrant colors, with unorthodox, typically-unused hues are the right flavor for your summer-vibing, expressive dining room. Everything from the rug to the rafters can be a blank canvas for expression. However, for those wanting to experiment with just a dash of this new spice, Ennis has numerous tabletop decor and illumination choices to let that vibrant streak be localized to one area. Wildwood is our premier maker of fun and colorful lamp bases, each one a unique blend of impressionistic abstraction and flawless ceramics.

Shabby Chic and Rustic Chic styles have been experiencing a resurgence lately–and lucky for us– as these classics fit in nicely, focusing on the feel the furniture brings rather than its outward appearance; a real and weathered look that reminds us to champion the imperfections we see. Ennis carries multiple manufacturers that harness such qualities. For instance, Heckman has a whole line of beautifully stained cherry veneers, with a deep, distressed look that’s awash in character; a champion of these ideals. Whatever the style family, patterns and ornate designs should be aplenty; the more colorful, the better. Having one whole wall dedicated to a gallery of personal decor (a medley of family photos, self-made art and sentimental antiques) will help firmly establish this homey aesthetic, while still giving a visceral ‘pop’.

Luckily, your local, family-owned furniture store–Ennis Fine Furniture–has been ramping up for this turn of events so we will be ready for your dining room’s next metamorphosis. Take a gander at our dining room sets from Kincaid Furniture. Rustic, workmanlike lines flow along either a brightly-painted colored finish or a distressed wood stain, both offering a strong visual base for our custom-fabric patterns and designs. We have dozens of fabrics to choose from and countless combinations therein; one of our many specialties here at Ennis. See for yourself at any of our locations: Boise, Tri-Cities and Spokane!

Stickley Furniture: Still Made in the USA

Stickley living room furniture, made in the USA

Stickley Furniture: Still Made in the USA

Last entry we discussed the timeless heritage designs that are still being produced by the Stickley Furniture Company, one of our partners in providing exceptional quality here at Ennis Fine Furniture. The company, then owned by the Stickley family, underwent a restructuring in the 1980s when the Audi family stepped in and took over for the next generation of Stickley craftsmen. Still proudly made in the USA, Stickley Furniture Co. continues to promote the Arts and Crafts movement as a distinctly American tradition, limiting the size of its workforce to help preserve, manage and fiercely defend every one of its disciplines on craft; a work culture so passionate it proudly embodies their motto of “to the best of my ability” in every piece it produces. These traditional practices have helped keep Stickley true to its mission statement, but it hasn’t kept the company from expanding its collections and keeping its design profile fresh.

Take the Park Slope Collection. This expansive range began as an update of the classics found in the more traditional Stickley Mission Collection, but it soon morphed into a juxtaposition of modernization and craftsmanship. At first glance, the curves and repeating lines are reminiscent of the Pasadena Bungalow series; the oak spindles take your eye up and down the back of the chairs, bedposts, or settles, giving off a tall, regal appearance. Instead of harking back to the subtle warmth of a more natural wood stain, Stickley has opted to showcase many of the Park Slope pieces in a vivid black sheen. This modern retelling allows for the oak grain to be brooding and dark for times when natural shadows dominate in the room, while also letting it shear off in bright, brilliant refractions when shone in some overhead illumination. The modernization of the Mission look has simplified curves in some places, dramatized negative space in others, and overall has streamlined the movement into an almost minimalist feel. It gives the appearance of a design that’s been beautifully distilled, reduced to only the essential parts needed to pull your eye in from the sensory overload of modern life.

So, if you’re on the lookout for American-made furniture–pieces of exceptional quality and craftsmanship–then it is definitely in your best interest to see what the Stickley brand, motto, and life are all about. Take a trip down to an Ennis showroom, cast your eyes onto one of these inviting designer chairs and let them linger peacefully for a bit, tracing the black-lacquered hemispheres and polished dramatic angles of the Park Slope Collection until you’re ready to plop down in one and experience the greatest feat Gustav Stickley and Co. ever pulled off: making an art form out of simply sitting down.

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