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Bring Summer Home with These 4 Tips

Summer is a vibrant time of year that is full of activity, excitement, and beauty. Emulating the buzz and exhilaration of summer in your home décor is as simple as taking a few important design and furnishing essentials into consideration: color, texture, livable outdoor space, and lighting. Follow these four tips to create a perfectly designed summer home abuzz with the splendor of this inspiring time of year.

Add some Color to Your World

There’s no lack of beautiful, vibrant colors outdoors during the summer months. Unlike the cool whites and blues of winter or the fiery fall palate, summer begs for a playful, beach like, stunning color selection. Pick your favorite striking summer color, be it the bright yellow of the sun’s warm glow, or the turquoise of the sea splashing against the sand, and pick an entire wall in your home to paint this color. Then, accessorize with pops of summer fun. These orange Surya throw pillows with turquoise detail are the perfect addition to add a splash of vibrancy to your summer space. Add some more flair with a Global Views Peacock table that will surely impress. Lighten your room even more with a crisp yellow scroll rug.

Revamp Your Textiles

Summer is a great time to switch up the textiles in your home. Heavy and dark fabrics like drapery, throw blankets, linens, and towels should take on a breezier feel. Billowing white window coverings will allow the wind to gently flow in during warm summer nights. Instead of heavy rugs, leave your wood floors uncovered during the summer months. Choose a light and bright duvet cover to enhance the summer feel in your bedroom like the Surya Empire Set. Remember, when it comes to summer textiles, less is more. The lighter and airier the better.

Live Life Outdoors

It goes without saying that one of the best ways to spend the summer, even when you’re at home, is outdoors. With summer comes social activities, barbeques, patio parties, and many different events. Having a beautiful outdoor space to entertain friends and family or to find peace and solitude is necessary in the summer months. Whether you’re alone or with company, this gorgeous Lloyd Flanders outdoor patio sectional is a must have. Not only does it serve as an elegant circular outdoor bed to cuddle up with a book solo, but it converts to create enough seating for guests. Pair this sectional with a Tommy Bahama outdoor patio table in wicker, elevate the excitement with a Tommy Bahama patio bar and create some shade with an outdoor umbrella for the ideal outdoor summer space.

Light Up Your Night

Long summer nights are the ideal time to spend time in your outdoor spaces. There are so many beautiful lighting options to choose from, whether you’re inviting your loved ones over for an evening outside or spending a romantic night by the firelight. For the summer months, there’s nothing quite like the warm glow of a lantern. Quoizel offers many elegant options like this slight classic twist on classic Mission styling from the Everglade Outdoor collection. Looking for something a bit more intimate and awe-inspiring? Add some sparkle and elegance to any summer evening with an absolutely stunning outdoor patio ice tumbled fire glass pit.

With the change in seasons comes a change in our home décor need and wants. With these four quick summertime design and décor tips, you’ll be living the season to its fullest weather you’re out on an adventure or at home spending quality downtime with your family and friends.

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