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Improve Your Small Bedroom with Designs That Think Big!

Improve Your Small Bedroom with Designs That Think Big!

When it comes to smaller bedrooms, there’s often a fine line between feeling comfy or feeling crowded. That’s why you have to take special care with the furniture pieces you select Fortunately, there are a handful of design tricks that can make your small bedroom seem big!

How to Make a Small Bedroom Feel Spacious

You want to organize and style your bedroom with items that fit your own design sense, but they also need to physically fit with your bedroom layout. This advice can help you find some common ground—and fall in love with any smaller bedroom.

  1. Start at your bed

As the essential centerpiece of your room, considering your bedframe is often the first step. If you think your room won’t work with both a bed and a dresser, you might be able to find a great storage bed to address both functions and store extra bedding.

  1. Go with a neutral palette

Color can add a ton of personality to your room. It can also be used to trick the eye. Sticking with pastels or an off-white paint color for your walls usually helps the area feel larger and slightly more “luxe.”

  1. Choose smaller patterns

When you want to add a rug or pillows for the bed, it might be better to stay clear of big and bold patterns. Those designs can easily overwhelm a smaller room.

  1. Let in natural light

Opening your curtains and letting in the sunlight might be one of the simplest ways to make your room feel bigger. And if you don’t like your view? Try working with a collection of smaller light fixtures instead of a single overhead lighting element.

  1. Check your curtain colors

Of course, you’ll probably want to use curtains too. The same rules apply here. A neutral color or small pattern will help. It’s also a good idea to hang your curtains slightly higher for a grander effect.

  1. Find “less solid” furniture

This technique is great for adding more depth and interest to your room. Look for furniture pieces that have taller, thinner legs or are missing sides. A little height with your accent chair or a bookshelf with a more open design will benefit that spaciousness you want to create.

  1. Add a new mirror

Placing a mirror over your dresser or as a statement piece on one of your bedroom walls will help reflect light. It’s a quick way to persuade the eye that your room is larger than it really is!

  1. Work with a professional

While anyone can find inspiration from these small bedroom design tips, sometimes it helps to call on the professionals. Getting a new perspective on your space and having someone work with you to find the exact right furniture pieces can make your redesign project a breeze.

If you’re ready to take the next step, our design team at Ennis Fine Furniture is here for you! We’d love to consult with you on any room, big or small. Just give us a call to learn more about our process and how we work for you to create your best spaces.

The Features that Make Every Holiday gathering a Success

The Holidays are all about spending times with friends and family. Inviting your loved ones over for a small gathering or a larger party can be a wonderful way to celebrate. You just need to make sure you have everything set up for that big meal!

Consider a New Buffet Line

Sitting down for a formal dinner is always nice, but for some events, it can be better to go with a setup that’s a little more mobile. This year, organizing a buffet line might be the way to go—(especially if you have a new buffet table from Ennis to showcase). Your guests can simply grab a plate and load it up with all of their favourites. Then everyone can eat at their own pace. Some people might naturally migrate to your dining table, while others might choose to munch on a few snacks in the living room. It’s nice to offer different seating choices, especially when you’re serving a crowd.

Dress-up the Beverage Cart

Having a separate area for your beverage selection can also help keep the traffic moving. This is an important detail for those big meals and long guest lists! A great bar cart stocked with everything you need for your signature cocktail is sure to get some compliments.

These pieces are great for other treats too. Your beverage cart doesn’t have to be reserved for adults. You can have a stylish hot chocolate cart for the kids, for example, complete with whipped cream, sprinkles, and chocolate sauce. Or you might go the route of sharing soda in those classic, glass bottles. Getting a little fancy is always appreciated.

Enhance with Holiday Scents

After everyone has had their fill, you can start to replace the smell of good food with a different fragrance. There are plenty of ways to create the perfect atmosphere. Embracing your sense of smell can invoke all sorts of fond memories for you and your guests. Maybe a hint of vanilla can remind everyone of Nan’s best sugar cookies. Or the scent of cedar might help everyone feel even more relaxed by the fire.

It’s easy to light a few scented candles around the living room. But you can also make your own customized fragrances at home. All you need is a pot of water or a slow cooker and an assortment of fruit or spices. Just cover your goodies in water and set it to simmer. This recipe for homemade simmering spices calls for orange peel, apple slices, cinnamon sticks, and fresh ginger. You can also add cardamom, cloves, star anise, or any other spices in your cabinet! Playing around with different combinations can be a lot of fun.

Your home should reflect your style at every turn. From the holiday scents in the air, to the new furniture items you chose this year, everything you bring into your home has a story. We would love to help you find your next great piece. Come browse our selection at Ennis Fine Furniture. We know you’ll see something truly special!

Hosting for the Holidays? Make Your Home More “You!”

Celebrating the holidays with friends and families is one of life’s great joys. If you’re playing the host this year, you want to make sure the gathering is the best it can be. Being yourself and making sure your home reflects your own style is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. It’s always nice to hear someone say, “Your home is totally you!”

Create an Inviting Space for Friends and Family

The first elemental theme of your home is your personal love and warmth. You don’t need to have a spotless kitchen to make your guests feel welcome. Hosts set the tone for the get-together just by being themselves! That’s why it’s so fun to see how someone has taken the time and care to design their space around their unique style. We like to see people in their natural element.

Adding your personal touch to a few areas of your home can make it even better for the season. During the holidays, it’s a good idea to pay close attention to your centerpieces. Maybe you’ll want to spruce up the place with some candles on the fireplace mantel or your end tables. Some warm lighting and a rustic evergreen arrangement might be just your style.

Or, if you feel a little more posh, a bright fruit bowl on the dining table can help liven up your spread. A collection of oranges in a china bowl or on a silver platter can be so eye-catching this time of year. Want something a little bolder? You can always arrange some big feathers and eucalyptus branches in a ceramic pitcher on your kitchen counter. Your friends and family are sure to love whatever you do.

Add Personality with Your Statement Pieces

It’s always fun to experiment with your seasonal displays. But what about the furniture you use year-round? Now is a great time to take a look at how you’ve arranged your layout. Does it match your current style, or is it reminiscent of who you were years ago? Finding quality pieces that fit your personality today is probably the best way to feel truly “at home” in your home. And when someone says your furniture reflects your vibe, well, that’s one of the best compliments you can receive.

Maybe your family has been growing in recent years. You might be ready for a new dining table that can expand for the busy holiday season. Don’t ignore your living room either. Is your seating a little too basic? Is it even as comfortable as it should be? Considering some other

options for your accent chairs in the new year can help you fall in love with your home all over again. There’s no reason to neglect your home’s interior. That’s where we spend most of our favorite moments!

Just as we make upgrades to our home appliances and our backyard landscaping, we also want to give some extra care to how much we enjoy our furniture. Whatever it is you need, you’re sure to find that missing piece at Ennis Fine Furniture. Let our showroom inspire you to embrace your unique decorating style.