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Bar Stools 101- A Shopping Guide

Spicing up your kitchen area with a new collection of bar stools is a great way to bring everyone together. More casual than your traditional dining room, and somehow even more cozy than a breakfast nook, your kitchen counter can easily be the new “hot spot” of your home. That is, if you haven’t already made the basement bar your family’s favorite hangout!

What Bar Stool Height Do You Need?

The most common questions for this type of seating always relate to height. You’re probably wondering, “How tall do my bar stools need to be?” That makes sense! You don’t want to bring home something that’s too short or too tall for your counter height. Measuring from the floor right up the underside of your countertop can help you narrow down your search to find the right fit for your stool height. These numbers can help:

40- to 42-inch bar counter height = 28- to 38-inch bar stool height

36-inch standard counter height = 24- to 27-inch counter stool height

 It’s important to note that Ennis designers sometimes refer to stools by different names. It just depends on your counter height. The taller options are typically called bar stools, and counter stools are usually known to be the shorter types of seating. Of course, you can also use the names interchangeably if you’d like. The general purpose is obviously still the same!

Bar Stool Styles and Favorite Features

Once you know what your bar stool height needs to be, you’re ready to start thinking through the types of features you might like. For example, do you want a bar stool or a counter stool with a back? Or do you like the subdued look of a backless bar stool better? Additionally, do you want your seating to swivel, or should they stay steady? You can also think about whether you’d like an adjustable height option, which can be a useful feature for younger kids.

But seating isn’t all about function. You’ve also got to consider style! From modern to classic, or a sleek contemporary industrial design, today’s bar stools embrace a wide array of design choices. Choose from leather or suede, comfy and durable fabric blends, or sleek metal or wood frames. And don’t forget your options for outdoor living areas! There are plenty of bar stools that can stand up to rainy days and will be ready to go for your next backyard cookout.

Come Shop Our Bar Stool Selection!

We understand it can be hard to sort through all of the bar stool chairs in our collection, so please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the different designers and latest models. An outside perspective can help tie your room together—and hopefully point out the piece that’s exactly what you’ve looking for.

Our selection at Ennis Fine Furniture features quality construction and timeless styles. Let us show you what your bar has been missing. We would be happy to consult with you on all types of redesign projects. Just swing by our showroom, or give us a call to schedule your meeting. We look forward to hearing from you!

Take a Journey with Ennis Fine Furnishings

In some ways, the furniture for our homes is similar to the way we dress. But the majority of us have a varied wardrobe. Mixing things up is part of how we define our sense of style. (Have you even seen someone grocery shopping in an evening gown or tuxedo?)

Here at Ennis Fine Furniture, we like to remind our customers that these same rules apply to how we design our homes. There’s no real reason to copy the same design sense from room to room. It’s okay to have unique atmospheres. For example, you might prefer a contemporary master bedroom. Then you can change the tone with a mission-style dining room. And how about mid-century modern in your home office? The possibilities are as open as you allow them to be.

Complementary Furniture Brands

There are many brands that can help bring the vision you have for your home to life. When you choose to live with craftsman-quality furniture, though, you’ll find that many brands are natural complements to each other.

We recently welcomed some new furniture lines to give our customers the absolute best options for their homes. Century, Kincaid, Sherrill, and Stressless from Ekornes are now all included in our selection. The customizable features of each of these brands are a fantastic way to capture your personality and taste.

Century Furniture is respected for its wide array of contemporary and traditional pieces, with the ability to select from any number of fabric or leather applications. Kincaid Furniture also has a focus on craftsmanship. Their solid wood construction is a defining feature for the company. You’ll find similar attention to detail with Sherrill Furniture. Their collections include exciting accent furniture, fine furniture, and leather upholstery. For those focused on style and comfort, Stressless is the name of the game. This Norwegian brand is known for its refined sense of ease.

Building distinct designs often means mixing things up across brands—and between rooms. Fortunately, some of our favorite manufacturers have multiple design styles for you to choose from. All you have to do is define your room’s purpose and point of view, pick the pieces that most speak to you, and enjoy your beautiful space.

Embrace the Design Journey

Of course, if you want to play with different styles in different rooms (from modern to French country, for example), you’ll still want to have a cohesive look for your home. Staying firm with one type of interior design might have a flattening, dull affect, but you don’t want to have a jarring or jumbled change of scenery either. That’s where an expert eye can work with you to chart an aesthetic path all throughout your space.

If it’s time to switch things up, our home interior design team can help. Having an outside opinion with years of experience will let you maximize your furniture and architecture for a truly one-of-a-kind setup. Taking a journey through every room—with new sights along the way—can really refresh the outlook for your entire home. We can help.

Experience The Classic And Rare at Ennis Fine Furniture


Here’s how a popular dictionary defines Vintage:

Vintage- Noun

1: a season’s yield of grapes or wine from a vineyard

2: wine especially: a usually superior wine all or most of which comes from a single year

Vintage- Adjective

1: of wine : of, relating to, or produced in a particular vintage

2: of recognized, and enduring interest, importance, or quality : classic- even RARE

 Regardless of the era, there have always been people that have tastes that lean towards those things that can be described as vintage.   There is vintage wine (as described above), vintage automobiles, and certainly vintage clothing, to name just a few vintage things.  But did you know there was also a class of furniture that can be described as “vintage?”

But what does “vintage” mean when applied to the furniture and interior design world?

To some it is furniture that has reached a certain age.  To others it means the furniture piece has a certain weathered or distressed look.  To someone else it means that the furniture piece is of a classic style that has with stood the test of both time & trends.  Yet, to the next person they may understand vintage to mean something that was trendy years ago & has made its way back again to the forefront of style.  Take Midcentury Modern, for instance.  “MidMod,” as it is often called, is a perfect example of furniture that was in style decades ago and has become widely popular again.

At Ennis Fine Furniture, we understand that a simple term like “vintage” may mean different things to different people so no assumptions are made about how you may define it!   We have no “sales people” at Ennis.  The people you will meet at our four locations are all career design professionals.  You’ll find Ennis design experts ask a wide array of questions because they want to get to know you, their client, in a personal way.  This is how they can truly understand your desires and your creative influences.  Ennis professional interior designers take your dream and make it theirs, too.   The collaboration that results is reflected in the manifestation of your vision that has now made your home a dream that has come to life for you and those you love.

So, you may be wondering about now how the professional designers at Ennis Fine Furniture may also fit into the description of the word “vintage.”  It has nothing to do with age as our designers represent a wide range of age groups.    Here’s how:  Ennis professional designers are both CLASSIC in their absolute professionalism, and RARE in that they provide a level of service not to be found in regular furniture shopping experiences.

Professional design services are complimentary to all Ennis Fine Furniture customers and clients and our designers will undoubtedly make your experience superior to any others.

We now present to you some links to great, yet differing, vintage style furniture that are available to you at Ennis:

The Finger Lakes Collection by Stickley is a great example of vintage design that endures beyond time and trends.  This cherry table by Stickley has the patina that is reminiscent of generations of love and use and perfectly fits the description of vintage inspired furniture.

Soft, uncluttered lines with classic hand tufting on the back and this Carillon sofa sectional by Kinkaid manages to combine modern comfort in a style that is decidedly vintage!

This Belle Chest by Drexel is a wonderfully romantic style chest of drawers that features a weathered finish and handsome pulls that are inspired by vintage European nobility, yet will fit so very stylistically in the modern American home.


Whether you fully know it now or not, and it may have already happened, someday you will decide you have a “favorite chair” in your home.   The favorite chair is a very special place.  It provides comfort like no other item of furniture can.  It is a safe place where the worries of the world seem to fade.  The favorite chair has a way of relaxing your body and making you feel more like “you” again.  This great chair has the effect of transforming you into your rightful place as a royal.

What?  You don’t currently have a favorite chair in your home?   Ennis is here to help you with that.  Read on:

The Classic Recliner:

The absolute archetype of the “favorite chair” in any home is the classic recliner.  The recliner makes the undeniable statement- “Welcome home, sit back, it is time to relax.”  The Donovan Recliner by Thomasville is especially inviting with its inviting pillow plush seat cushion and semi-attached back cushion.  Whether you select leather or choose from a multitude of cloth draping options, you will find this Thomasville recliner to be of exceptional quality, durability, and comfort.

The Claudette Chair

Imagine a space in your home where you can cuddle up with a good book, warm cookies, and enjoy a quiet solitude that renews the soul.    You’ve very likely just imagined the Claudette Chair by Drexel.   Soft, wide cushions and with a matching ottoman; lean back, pick your feet up (sigh)– that’s Claudette and she will spoil you!

Living Room Rocker

Who is not enchanted in some way by a rocking chair?   Rocking chairs bring to us a gentle cadence of peace, love, and for some of us … fun!    When you combine all of that into a Stickley rocking chair, you know you have the best in craftsmanship and comfort to rock-a-way your day’s cares & obligtations.    This Living Room Rocker by Stickley boasts a  generous seating area that is almost a yard wide and 41” deep.  This rocker’s arched front stretcher compliments the chair’s wide and graceful canted arms.  Of course, because it is Stickley, you know the craftsmanship is of the highest order and that makes this a favorite chair that can even be passed from generation to generation.

Given that your chair is such an important place to aspire to and to spend time in, we thought we would present some of our favorite chairs in the hopes you may find one that fits you perfectly.

If you don’t see your favorite chair in this post, don’t’ worry.  The professional home designers at Ennis Fine Furniture literally have hundreds of favorite chairs to show you and are experts in the art of favorite chair selection. Ennis professional design services are complimentary to all Ennis Fine Furniture Customers.   Your home’s special seating-getaway place awaits!

Need Design Inspiration For Autumn? Look To Nature And Ennis!

Just as Spring-time is when the Earth shakes off the monochromatic cloak of Winter to don a fresh color palette of myriad colors, autumn is the season where mother nature again changes wardrobe in a burst of new colors!  autumn is truly nature’s grand encore.

This season is arguably the most colorful time of year.  There is something more vivid in the blue of the sky, the whites of the clouds, and of course, the myriad of colors displayed in all the foliage around us.

You have to look no further than the colors, textures, and boldness of natures’ autumn to gain inspired insight into how you may prepare you home for this beautiful Fall season.

Color- BLUE

While hues of orange, golds, and reds are immediately identifiable with fall, we propose you consider blue.  Yes, blue.  Think about it.  The sky is never so blue as it is in the crisp air of Fall.   So we recommend you bring some of that beautiful Fall sky into your main living space (in a major way!) with this stunning sofa by Drexel.   Drexel calls this the Chubby sofa because of the spacious comfort it provides.  Want to add an even deeper hue of blue?  Then check out the matching Chubby chair by Drexel.  Of course, Drexel provides you with a host of fabrics and textures to drape your Chubby sofa with, but we love and recommend this plush, velvety blue covering and we know you will love it also.


First- we have to ask the obvious question.  When aren’t beautiful woodgrains in style?  Of course, they are always in style, but we say there is a special connection with fall because of their essential relationship with trees and rich textures!

As an ode to this wonderful season, we present to you this gorgeous Thomasville Bibbiano Sideboard  cabinet as a breathtaking addition to your autumn-time home.   This Thomasville piece boasts beautiful, exotic wood inlays as well as a Dark Emperador marble top.  This sideboard works well in either your living room or dining room.  Imagine your favorite fall wine variety decanted and ready for you and your friends as you celebrate the turning of the season!


As autumn is mother nature’s most bold of seasons, we believe you should also be bold in your home furnishing choices and décor.  Mix it up; boldly move outside your comfort zone!

Mash it up this fall!  A splendid (and fashionable) mash-up of wood grains and industrial metals in a bold, French style trunk comes to us from Hooker Furniture.   The Arabella Trunk is, of course, functional as a storage trunk (think blankets and throws), but we believe its sophisticated French elements and glamorous touches make it perfect as a cocktail table, too.

Accessorize this autumn!  Bring the beauty of fall to life in your home with quality wall art.  Nothing makes a seasonal statement this time of year like the evocative imagery of autumn leaves.  Uttermost bronze leaves are actually formed from real leaves and combines premium quality materials, like bronze and gold leaf veining.   In addition to hanging them on your wall, these sculpted leaves are engineered with small pedestals that also make them a great table-top display no matter the time of year.

Fall is one of our favorite times at Ennis Fine Furniture because there are so many design inspirations derived from this season.  Are you interested in additional design inspiration?  We welcome your inquiry!   Professional design services is complimentary to all Ennis Fine Furniture customers.


You are the boss of your life and the Boss needs a proper home office!

Having a home office these days has become as much a rule and not so much the exception.  Telecommuting, cottage industry, job-sharing, online commerce stores and a host of other societal factors has driven the need for a comfortable, functional home office.  That corner nook where we used to just pay the bills will no longer do for today’s home-based work leader.

Your home office must fit your needs.  Are you working solo and part-time in the space, or do you see clients at your home office?  Do you need to conduct business in a quiet, more private setting?  Many modern homes have rooms that are specifically designed as home offices.  If that is not your home, then a room where you can shut the door (such as a spare bedroom) may be perfect.  If there is no need for privacy, then an open space like a bonus room might do the trick.  In either setting, the important thing is your ability to work in comfort.   When you have the right kind of office furniture in your home, you will feel confident in your ability to get the job done.

Regardless of where your home office is configured, you will need a desk, so let’s start by considering something very special.   Are you thinking of a traditional executive type desk?  Something that speaks of power and success?   Did you want something sleek and functional in a desk that just also happens to be a work of art?   Guess what?  That’s not too much to ask.

Take a look at the La Costa Live Edge Desk by Lexington Homebrands!  This beautiful desk, of course, fits any home office setting, but we see it working particularly well in an open, lit and airy home loft environment.  This stunning workplace features a polished stainless-steel base and mahogany drawers.  The solid Trembesi live-edge top is unique on each piece!  Textures, tones, materials set the stage for excellence every time you sit at the La Costa Live Edge Desk.

Every home executive needs a great chair.   We submit to you that the Hancock & Moore Amato chair will have you feeling like you are in the “power position” every time you sit down to go to work!  This tufted leather chair is available in a variety of colors and features pneumatic swivel and tilt features for ultimate comfort.  Take note of the distinctive Mahogany distressed finish as this styling que takes its inspiration from the Wall Street boardrooms of old.

Now, how about sumptuous seating for your office visitors and guests?  These Hancock & Moore Luxe Button and Tufted chairs provide exceptional comfort to your clients while speaking volumes about your own style, savvy and success.

An aficionado of American craftsmanship and quality will automatically want to look at what Stickley has to offer for their home office.  That same discerning person will undoubtedly also see the value in furnishing their office with a set like this Stickley office unit.  Abundant desk space and file space that will keep you organized and productive in true Craftsman Style is just part of the appeal of this office unit.   Want to add just a bit of additional Stickley charm?  Add the functional Stickley Desk Box to hold your writing instruments and accessories!

Regardless of what business title you may or may not possess in the work-a-day world, inside your own home, you are the CEO of your life and you deserve to have an office space befitting a boss of such an important enterprise as your own life!

The outstanding and business savvy designers at Ennis Fine Furniture welcome your inquires and are eager to help you put together the home office of your dreams.   As always, Ennis professional design services are complimentary to Ennis customers.


Do you remember a time when families enjoying a meal together at the family table was the norm instead of the exception?    Supper time meant family time.  Families connected around that dinner table during those evening meals.  Everyone got to learn about each other’s day; the good, the bad, the happy and sad.  Families focused on each other and developed bonds around the dinner table that lasted a lifetime.  Indeed, it could be argued that the American family unit, if not built at the family table, was certainly strengthened there every evening.

How fun was it yester-year when the “adults” would prepare a special meal, decorate the table, and deploy only their finest plateware and cutlery, all because they were hosting a “dinner party.”  And, we can’t forget the buffet or serving table.  The serving table sparkled.  This special table was many times arrayed with the colorful and delectable hors d’oeuvres that were served, along with the wine or Champaign for the evening.   Oh, how smart family, friends & neighbors, looked all dressed up in their finer ware for that evening that was to be filled of food, drink, discussion, laughter and warmth!  A dinner party was a special event that was anticipated by all those who received an invitation!

Sadly, somewhere in the not too distant past, the important traditions built around the American dinner table became lost among the demands of modern life.  Our hyper-busy schedules, multi-tasking, carpooling, and …  you guessed it … mobile devices have taken us away from the table.

Let’s return to the table, shall we?

Develop a family tradition of dining together around a table that exudes traditional style, warmth and beauty …

Canadel has a beautiful dining table in the Champlain collection that has a style that may even summon family dining memories from years ago.   This line is both rustic and charmingly sophisticated.  Whether the occasion be a Thanksgiving gathering of immediate family, or a festive “just because” evening with friends from the neighborhood, this quality Canadel line provides the perfect venue.  Undoubtedly you will need a serving table that coordinates perfectly with your new table.  The matching buffet table from Canadel is a fitting setting for your feast with family and friends.   Copious room for both storage and display is a hallmark of Canadel and the Champlain does not disappoint.  Make an appointment with your family—starting this week—to meet at least once for dinner around the family table.   No devices allowed.  Just the people that matter most- your family.

 Throw a dinner party and invite your “A-Listers” over for a sophisticated and elegant dinner party …

If you are looking for a table that adds dramatic flair to any room, this oval dining table by Thomasville from the Spellbound collection will add sophistication and glamour to your gathering.   The matching Spellbound buffet table features copious amounts of storage, unique serpentine doors, and custom-case polished, nickel hardware.  Only a personal butler could better serve your guests!

Goal for you:  Set a date, get your invitations sent, and host a dinner party at your home this month!

The people in your life make your dining room the perfect dining room …  

We want to know what your vision is for the perfect dining space and the Ennis designers can make it come to life.

Whether it be glamorous, functional, modern, or understated (really, any combination of them all!), the professional home designers at Ennis Fine Furniture are confident that they can provide the perfect setting for your family-night dinners, as well as your evenings of entertaining at home with friends.

You bring the family and friends; Ennis Fine Furniture brings the style and comfort that completes your perfect dining room.  Ennis design services are complimentary to our customers.

Let’s return to the table, shall we?

Creating the Little – Big Room

Do you have a cozy room that you love but would like to create the illusion of more space?   The design professionals at Ennis Fine Furniture can accomplish that for you.  Here are just a few tips to start you on your way.


Rethink The Paint Scheme

For so many years dark paint and dramatic accent walls have been in vogue for interior paint.   If the goal is to create the illusion of more space, one must look to brighter hues.  A color palette that includes, whites, creams, pale grays and greens, as well as blues, will not only make your room brighter, it will open up the space.   A great design professional, like those at Ennis Fine Furniture, will be able to help you imagine the possibilities of how a new paint color palette can open up your space to new dimensions.


Make the most of Those Primary Furniture Pieces

Whether the dining area be big or small, people like to congregate around the dining room table; this is even more so if the dining room and living room are one and the same.

Tommy Bahama’s South Sea Table is perfect for the smaller space, not just because of it’s dimensions but because of the beautiful design influences of natural materials, such as: split rattan, crushed bamboo, and even travertine.  Take note of the geometric pass-through views the South Sea table delivers, as this also lends to the illusion of greater space.

To compliment the South Sea Table, and to be well aligned with our goal of creating the perception of copious space, we recommend to you the Kowloon Chair from Tommy Bahama.  The rich wood finishes and linen-white textures, with splashes of island color are bright and make the perfect complement to your dining table.  This intimate combination of table and chairs is a sophisticated, yet a relaxing place to enjoy dining with family and friends.


The Focal Piece Should Not be Small at All

As with every home-space your comfort has to be the greatest part of your consideration.  After all, your comfort is what home is all about.  Why not also make the “comfort” piece the focal point of your room?   And, here’s great news!  This piece does not need to be small; it should actually be spacious and splendid.   Take a look at the Bradington-Young Blair Swivel Tub Chair.   Bradington- Young created this rich, leather chair that is filled with a luxurious blend of down feathers and fibers just for you.  The Blair is available in a myriad of colors so this is also your opportunity to add a POP of color to your new design theme.  Best of all, comfort abounds in the Blair and you will feel spoiled every time you sit in this pillow-soft chair.


Create Something Grand With Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to create the illusion of space and scale through reflection and depth.   By accessorizing your small space with well-placed mirrors, you can create the illusion of something that is, if not palatial, at least grand!

Stanley Furniture Accessories has several mirrors that are to be loved for their quality and clean, modern designs.  The Landscape Mirror by Stanley,  adds a bright, polished touch to your room that reflects light, as well as the reflection of your beautiful furnishings and the overall tasteful design elements of your room.

What creates the illusion of more space?  More mirrors, of course!

The Dario Silver Leaner Mirror by Uttermost is a wonderful example of an artisan mirror with impeccable design and build quality.  The Dario is long and slender so it naturally lends itself to the smaller room that has aspirations of palatial proportions!    Imagine, now, two (or three!) of these identical mirrors placed tightly together along vertical lines on a wall that has a good view to your living area and also receives sunlight.   Voila! Multiple mirrors multiply the sense of space and intensify the reflection of light in the room, which imbues the room with what seems to be additional square feet.  Magic!


The Design Experts at Ennis Have Some Big Ideas For Your Small Space

The team of professional interior designers at Ennis Fine Furniture love helping homeowners make their big home design dreams come true.   More important than that, they love design challenges … like helping you get the most from a small space.  Ennis designers have some big ideas no matter the size of your home or your project.  Ennis design services are complimentary to all Ennis Fine Furniture customers.

Ideas to “Man Up” Your Living Space

Perhaps it is a new home you recently purchased because it has loads of charm and “good bones,” even though it’s interior spaces look like an over flowered Victorian-era dollhouse.  Maybe you just now lifted your eyes up from the big game to find the furnishings and décor you chose 10 years ago are more in line with Little Orphan Annie than Annie Hall.

Whatever the reason you decide your living space abounds too much with pastels, velvety textures, and plush pinks and purples, you may decide it is time for a change.  It may be time to “man up” where it comes to the design influence of your home (even if just a bit).

Whether you are rethinking your space for the man in your life, or you are a man thinking about adding your own touches to your living space, there are furniture pieces, textures, materials and even lighting you can utilize to add some testosterone to the environment you call home.

We’re not talking about throwing out all that is soft or traditionally considered feminine, we’re talking about discrete changes that can provide some balance to the room where she knits afghans and he keeps a pulse on the sports world.

A Leather Sofa

A sofa is considered an “anchor piece” to a room and nothing makes as strong a statement as the rich look, feel, and scent of a leather sofa.  Leather has a powerful aura to it and interacts with multiple senses in a “take charge” kind of way.  This beautiful leather sofa by Stickley impresses with features like rolled arms and broad seating comfort for you and your guy (as well as the rest of the family!).  This Santa Fe model further compliments masculine design with beautiful brass riveting.    Need more leather in your space, and a recliner?  This matching recliner from Stickley is perfect for your den or library.

Your Own Ottoman Empire

The original Ottoman Empire persisted for some 600 years in Eastern Europe. While your reign may not last that long, it can feel just as permanent and comfortable when you add an appropriately masculine ottoman to the living room. Bernhardt has the perfect solution for resting your feet while reading, TV-watching, or any other form of conquering your world.   This ottoman is big and spacious; as a feature in your living room it can’t be ignored!  Do you know what is really great about this quality ottoman by Bernhardt?  It provides equal space for both the king and queen of your home to rest their feet in supreme comfort together!  Bernhardt ottomans come in leather grain and durable materials that are bound to please all tastes.

Nordic Coffee / Cocktail Table

Imagine a perfect amalgam of wood and metal as part of the new vision for your home.  In this case, a gunmetal and oak coffee table.  If you do so, you may have just imagined the Nordic Cocktail Table by Thomasville.  Combining two truly elemental materials and textures: oak and metal, this stunning table is the perfect complement to your new leather sofa.  Bonus to both of you … The versatility of this table is such that you can host the Saturday morning book club and have the guys over to watch the game the following Sunday.  Wine and cheese?  Beer and crackers?  This hearty table enthusiastically states: bring it on!

Lighting That Evokes Rugged Independence

One way to ‘masculanize’ your living space is through artisan lighting.   Lamps, of course, provide light to our homes, but these often-overlooked functional design elements can also add much more in the way of character and story-telling (yes, story-telling!).  All one has to do is to look at the “Museum of New Mexico Table Lamp” by Quiozel to see visions of sweeping desert vistas and mesas, cattle ranches, and cowboys of the old west.   These images are part of essential American history and lore, yet their rugged story can be incorporated into your own living room!  We can guarantee you that your new artisan lamp from Quiozel will never be overlooked by anyone!

Bringing Your Vision of Home Space to Reality

The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to changing the design influences of your home.  The beauty and fun of such an endeavor is that you can make your space into whatever you want it to be.  Masculine, feminine, casual, modern, traditional, transitional, eclectic; and the list goes on and on.   The fun really starts, though, when you collaborate with a design professional that knows the universe of styles and product lines that you really do have at your disposal to make your vision a reality.  The professional designers at Ennis Fine Furniture are masters of understanding your vision and helping you create that vision in your home.  Ennis designers are complimentary to customers of Ennis Fine Furniture and will bring your vision to life.

Bren Feightner

My experience in design began over 25 years ago in the field of Graphic Design.  I gained over 10 years of experience before I moved on to the creative world of Interior Design.   After working in Portland, Oregon for 15 years as an Interior Designer, I knew I had found my true calling.

I am so blessed to be working for Ennis Fine Furniture where I am able to continue sharing my designing talent and creativity. I believe by carefully listening to my client’s requests and vision, helps my clients create a relaxing environment that reflects their personality and lifestyle.

As your Interior Designer at Ennis Fine Furniture, let me help you create that warm welcoming space you call home.  With my experience and your consent we can work together to make your dreams come true.

My areas of expertise include: Spatial Planning, Window Treatment & Design, Furniture Selection, Color Consultation, Fabric Selection and Accessorizing.