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How to Embrace Shades of Brown for Fall or Any Season

When it comes to vibrant home décor and color schemes, brown may not be the first thing to come to mind. But learning how to embrace these shades can help any design scheme shine. Not only is brown timelessly classic color, it’s probably already represented in your space through your furniture choices. Finding the right complementary hues is a great way to add more style to your home. These color inspirations can help!

  1. Classic Pairings

Sometimes it helps to think of brown as a neutral. Then it’s easy to see how well it works with all types of hues and tones. For one, you can stick to white and brown. A lovely chestnut coffee table can go with just about any type of sofa in the living room, and having white walls can help the entire space feel clean and pulled together.

  1. Masculine Tones

You can get a little bolder with your designs by turning to some more masculine colors. Dark browns can be a great match for burgundy or rusty oranges. Whether you want to go with a set of brown leather chairs or a deep burgundy leather for an accent chair in the office, it’s easy to make any room feel more rugged with the right color choices.

  1. Royal Jewels

From tans to coffee-colors, mixing your browns with lush jewel tones can add warmth to any room, from the dining room to the bedroom. Playing with purples and golds creates a dramatic flair, but you can also experiment with ruby hues or emerald greens. Some people like this scheme because it seems to reflect a Moroccan vibe. There are plenty of options here.

  1. Navy Prep

There’s nothing wrong with staying alongside the tried-and-true scheme of brown, white, and navy. You might think of these colors as you would for your favorite outfit. This combination works for the kitchen and bedroom just as much for the lake house. Buttery browns are always a smart choice to help your navy pieces really stand out.

  1. Vibrant Pops

Any earth-tone can benefit from a little shock of color. Maybe the walnut or pecan colors of your kitchen cabinets are making your space feel a little too dark. Incorporating some pops of yellow or orange can help liven up the room. Using saturated colors in different shapes and patterns—like fun vases or small sculptures on the countertops—can look great with just about any brown.

  1. Going Green

Still doubting whether you can work with brown? Taking a hint from nature might change your mind. Adding green into your room can be both sophisticated and refreshing. You can take a strong stance with green walls, or go with something a little more subdued and subtle, like a velvet green chair. Either way, it’s sure to be a win.

  1. Polished Neutrals

Of course, you don’t always need to make a big change to make a big impact. Black and brown can actually be very interesting together. You don’t necessarily pick a side between the two. Or, for a cozier look, you might try matching creams with your existing brown pieces. Then you can add in a few accents with colorful pillows and an area rug.

Working with an Ennis Fine Furniture designer can be a fantastic option for finding the brown color scheme that’s best for your personality and home’s style. Hopefully these ideas have given you some new ideas for moving forward. If you need any help finding the new pieces to fit your design, you know you can always count on Ennis Fine Furniture!

Which Color Scheme are You Ready to Try?

beautiful green colored couch with two similar chairs

Whether you build your living room collection piece by piece over time, or you invest in your furniture all at once, it’s always helpful to have a guiding light for your design. Working within a color scheme helps inspire your space in a strategic way. If you need ideas, consider these five themes. There’s a fit for every personality and style!


  1. Cozy and Traditional


Perhaps the easiest place to start is with lighter, warm tones. Painting your walls with oatmeal or honeysuckle hues (perfect for Autumn, by the way!) can become a soothing backdrop for any living room. A comfy beige sofa and a couple wooden end tables in a dark finish can feel both sophisticated and snug. Just be sure to add in a few accent pieces. Tossing some dark blue or green pillows onto the couch and looking for a new rug can really bring your whole design together.


  1. Modern Industrial


We’re starting to see more homeowners embrace the industrial vibe. This design scheme actually utilizes different textures and materials. It’s not just about color! If you find yourself drawn to these metal accent chairs, the industrial theme might be for you. Mixing in different wood pieces can prevent your living room from feeling sterile. In addition to the chrome and aluminum accessories you might be using, add a few pops of color (like mustard yellow) and some indoor plants to keep things looking fresh.


  1. Vibrant and Inviting


For a bolder look, consider bright shades of blue, orange, or red. Finding an area rug with a fun geometric pattern can be a great launching-off point with this color scheme. When you already have bright white trim or walls in your room, your vibrant accents will really shine. After choosing a strong color, though, you’ll want to make sure it stays balanced with the rest of your design. A more traditional coffee table or upholstered sectional can keep things in check.


  1. The Beach Cottage


You can also give a nod to a quiet, island color scheme. A woven jute rug and incorporating pieces with bamboo are subtle ways to introduce your living room to the cottage theme. Darker wood tones help steer this style towards a more timeless, classic look. Pale greens or blues with a light throw or accent pillows can look great. Clean cream walls add a lot to this design, too. It doesn’t take a lot to make a big impact.


  1. Playful Eclectic


If you’re interested in whimsy patterns for your curtains or want to create unique color combinations, then the eclectic theme is right up your alley. Choosing a couple statement pieces and surrounding them with more classic items will keep your space grounded and stylish. We especially like these chairs from Hancock and Moore. Pairing them with some mid-century modern items can be a smart, yet playful approach.


Ready for some updates? We’ve got a great selection of living room furniture at Ennis Fine Furniture. Please stop by your local showroom to explore your options. We’d love to help point you in the right direction for your home’s new color scheme!

Creating a Calm Bedroom Sanctuary in Your Home

A night of restful sleep can be hard to come by when we feel like we’re living in chaos. But creating a calm environment can give your a head-start on relaxation. Your bedroom is supposed to be a sanctuary. Bringing a few design elements into the space can help your brain and body know that it’s time to quiet down.

Set the Scene for Tranquility

It doesn’t matter how big or small your bedroom might be. You can always make slight adjustments to make the area more comfortable. To start, do you like the color on the walls? Is it soothing, or is it just dull? Does it reflect your current style? A quick coat of paint might be enough to change your room’s entire tone. And sure, you could probably do without the laundry on the floor and cluttered nightstands. Before you tackle those chores though, why not think about what you envision for your ideal bedroom? It might be easier to keep your space tidy when you’ve elevated other aspects first.

Your Bedroom Furniture Foundation

Living with outdated bedroom furniture can be another source of frustration. If your headboard, dresser, and other pieces don’t feel inviting, then of course it will be hard to unwind. How long have you been living with your current furniture? Does it really embody where you are today—and how you feel about your home?

There are unlimited options for beautiful bedroom furniture, so you shouldn’t be shy about dreaming big. Playing with a new style can help transform your space into the elegant oasis you’ve been wanting. As you explore what’s available, you might fall in love with one particular collection. Then again, you can also find different http://www.royalpharmacyrx.com/ items and styles that still speak to one another. A modern accent chair might look great with a new canopy bed. Or you might stumble upon a traditional bed that already matches the end tables you own.

Adding Creativity in the Details

With your bedroom furniture selected, it’s time to review the smaller details. A fresh rug for under the bed can help ground your design and add some cozy texture to the room. Swapping out your curtains can be another way to create that sanctuary setting. Also, be sure to consider your lamps and lightbulbs. A soothing glow can be a nice way to get ready for sleep or read in bed. Last but not least, is it time to indulge in some new pillows and sheets?

Incorporating these pieces should be the finishing touch to your design. If you aren’t sure how to get there with your current bedroom setup, it might be time to reconsider your furniture. When you understand the general leonpharmacy direction of where your bedroom’s design is heading, it’s so much easier to find the accent pieces to tie your room together. Let our designers at Ennis Fine Furniture help. Come visit our showroom or give us a call to start planning your personalized bedroom retreat!

Make an Impact with Dramatic Design

Your home should be an expression of your personal style. Some want to play it safe, while others seek a more dramatic touch. Adding a little intrigue to your interior design can happen any number of ways. Even if you’re a fan of classic lines and muted colors, mixing up your room’s layout with a pop of something bold can help take your design to the next level.

Adding Drama to Interior Design

Dramatic spaces can be dark, yet cozy. They speak to sophistication, but can still have a touch of whimsy. The duality of this design aesthetic is what makes it so inviting! When you want to bring a little of that mystery into your own home, think about texture first.

Velvet is the go-to for glamour. If you’re shying away from a beautiful velvet sofa, maybe you can accent with a few velvet pillows. Either way, the fabric will look great against the other dramatic designs in your space.  Opt for richer hues on your rugs, curtains, and walls. Jewel tones work great on accent pieces, so take a chance on a lush ottoman or corner chair by the fireplace. To top it all off, look at your end tables. Bringing metallic materials into your layout will also add to the overall drama. The shine can create a nice contrast with your other pieces.

Other Favorite Home Features

When you want to embrace drama, your interior design choices don’t stop with your new furniture. You also have to pay attention to your room’s mood lighting. Putting a dimmer switch to your overhead lights can make a big impact. You can also experiment with different accent lights and shades for a deeper tone. Even setting out a few candles on the coffee table can transform your space.

Another feature to consider is an accent wall. Playing with a new paint color is an easy way to breathe new life into your space. Maybe a darker shade on the wall will make your new sofa or display cabinet look better than ever. Taking a risk with one wall can have big payouts—and it doesn’t require the work of touching up the entire room.

Finding Balance with Boldness

As you build on your color scheme, look to balance your rich hues with a few lighter colors. Black, charcoal, teals and plums can all look better by standing in contrast with a clean white trim or other decorative item. Embracing the drama doesn’t mean you have to dive in to a completely gothic setup. Not every piece in your room needs to be dark to have that “bold” ambiance. A healthy dose of some neutral tones can help support the stars of the show.

Your dining table, a fantastic headboard, or your family’s sectional can always be chosen for a distinctly dramatic shape. With that as the centerpiece, the other design elements will simply round out the space. If you need help deciding where to add drama to your home, come see our selections at Ennis Fine Furniture. Our professional designers are ready to help bring drama to your home’s design aesthetic.  Make Ennis a part of your next big interior design project!

Refresh Your Home with Modern Furniture Upgrades

It’s never too late to try something new with your home décor. Our personal styles change through the years, so we should always be open to different looks in our homes, too. Whether you’ve been embracing the modern design aesthetic for a while, or you’re just starting to consider your options, the latest design tips are sure to be inspiring!

The Modern Minimalist Lifestyle

One of the first things we think of with modern furniture styles is their clean lines and high-quality construction. But we can’t forget about the underlying tone. Minimalism plays a big role with the modern design touch. Having clutter around isn’t part of the equation. That’s why it helps to look at your current setup before you commit to a whole new design. Are you able to streamline your layout? Or do you need certain pieces to help pull your room together?

Upgrading your storage options can help any space become more minimalist and modern. It’s also good to keep your tables and shelving reserved for the essentials. Can you simplify with just a few books or one great vase? Getting rid of clutter or items that no longer speak to you will help you get closer to your ideal home environment. Then, when you look around the room, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters.

Mixing Things Up with Modern Textures

Another great feature of modern layouts is that you can mix and match with all kinds of different patterns, textures, and materials. Acquiring your furniture in a collection is a wonderful way to bring continuity to your living space, but sometimes it is appropriate to “mix it up,” especially when a more eclectic approach shows off your personality, and just feels right to you. Remember, you have the freedom to experiment! Want to experiment, but not sure how to pull it all together, the interior design service expert at Ennis Fine Furniture is eagerly awaiting your call!

For example, you might try pairing a modern velvet ottoman or accent chair to your setup. You can also play with metal, wood, and glass. Maybe you want to hang a mirror with a bold metal frame over your sofa. Then you can contrast it with a sleek glass coffee table or a wooden table top with a wire frame. You don’t need to make big changes for a big impact. Even one or two pieces can quickly elevate your room with a real modern style.

Breathe New Life into Your Home Design

While you’re thinking of how to introduce the modern aesthetic to your space, don’t forget to bring in some greenery. Potted plants and trees are fantastic accent pieces. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, you can get faux plants that still look natural. It’s not always about the artwork on the walls. These touches are modern in their own way, and they can really help tie any space together with a fresh appeal.

If you’re ready to move forward with a new, modern design sense, our selection at Ennis Fine Furniture can help. We have pieces for every room and style, so it’s easy to find your perfect setup. Swing by our showroom, or schedule a time to meet with one of our designers. We’d love to help you bring your modern look to life!

Inviting Spring Into Your Home

Now that spring has sprung, it’s the perfect time to take a hint from nature. We should all feel comfortable breathing new life into our home designs throughout the year. Just as the seasons change outdoors, we can also shake up our layout indoors. This time of year, the decorating theme is all about “out with the old” and “in with the new!”

Embrace the Natural Materials

One easy way to get a sense of fresh air into the home is to add different materials to the mix. We don’t always need to stick with the same fabrics year-round. It’s not like we wear our wool winter sweaters in April! Most of us already change the pillows on our sofas. But what about other pieces in our home décor? We don’t need to stick with the same items we had in the fall.

You can start by taking a look at your floors. Is it time to switch out your heavy fabric rugs for something new? Sisal and jute rugs can instantly transform a space to feel lighter—both in color and in mood.

Next, take a look at your window treatments. You can put away those heavy curtains What about linen or silk curtains instead? Bamboo blinds can be another great option for the spring weather. The sunshine looks great peeking through natural materials. Of course, cotton is always a staple, but it can be nice to add some of these other textures to your design.

Play with Spring Colors and Patterns

Thinking of florals goes hand-in-hand with spring, but you don’t have to stop there. The possibilities are endless when it comes to spring-inspired patterns. You might find a geometric pattern that speaks to your senses instead. Or something green, with a foliage design. Again, it’s simple to swap out your pillows. But what about your pictures and paintings? Can you brighten up your space with some new color?

If you don’t want to go the route of pastels, consider some other outdoor-inspired color schemes. A bright blue vase on the mantel or a collection of bright yellow lemons on the kitchen counter are other ways to bring spring into your home.  An added pleasant burst of lemony sunshine can be yours when it comes time to repurpose those lemons by making them into lemonade, or you can use them to freshen your in-skink disposal.

Find Inspiration from All Things Spring

A bouquet of flowers or just opening up your windows can really get you in the springtime mood, too. These little touches are the perfect way to amplify the thoughtful designs you’ve already worked into your home.

If you need other ideas for the season, be sure to reach out to our design teams here at Ennis Fine Furniture. Are you feeling weighed down with old furniture? We’ll help you find pieces that match your style—and feel fresh! When you think of spring cleaning, you should also think about the bigger pieces in your home, not just the clutter. We can outgrow furniture just like we fall out of love with certain clothes or other knick-knacks that we no longer use. When you’re ready to embrace some new designs, you know where to come!

New Year Furnishings that Help You Get Organized

The start of a new year often comes with well-meaning New Year’s Resolutions. We want to keep healthy, give more time to our relationships, and finally find a system for maintaining a tidy home. Of course, good intentions only go so far. You need to take effective action to make those dreams a reality!

For home organization, the struggle usually starts with space. We need a specific place for all of our belongings, otherwise the clutter just piles up. Setting things away in long-term storage is one option, but not every item belongs in the attic or garage. There needs to be a better system for the things we use on a regular or even daily basis. And at Ennis Fine Furniture, we believe that comes down to having great, practical furnishings in every room of your home.

Clean Up Your Home Office

It’s hard to stay productive when your workspace is in disarray. You should also have a desk that’s sized appropriately for your needs. Trying to work on something that’s too small will just give you aches and cramps. It helps to have plenty of space to spread out—and drawers to use for all of your pens, paper, and other office items.

Browsing a selection of home office furniture can help you imagine a more streamlined approach for your day. Bookcases and desks that match your personal style and your workload can really elevate your experience to stay “in the zone” whenever you need to keep focused.

Keep a Tidy Bedroom

Making your bed every day is one way to build tidy habits. Another helpful strategy is to give yourself enough space for all of your clothing. Whether your wardrobe collection is large or small, you want to have designated areas that keep your items in good condition. (That means making sure your dresser drawers aren’t stuffed too tight!)

Your master suite’s armiour lets you keep wrinkles out of your sweaters and jackets, and an attractive chest can keep your blankets and quilts protected when not in use. Paying attention to your bedroom furniture will help you utilize furnishings that are truly a match for your aesthetic and lifestyle.

Home Organization Starts with Ennis!

If you’re ready to get serious about your home organization setup, the wide selection of home furnishings at Ennis Fine Furnishings can help. We have pieces for every room, hallway, and nook and cranny of your home. When you can maximize the space you currently have with practical storage pieces, you’ll be well on your way to a neat and tidy home year-round.  Need additional guidance (and even emotional support as your get organized!)?  The professional design consultants are here ready to help.

Give us a call or swing by our showroom to start exploring your options. We would be happy to collaborate with you on your new layout. Together, we’ll find the solutions that get your home ready for a new year—in style!

Merry Christmas from your friends at Ennis!

As we prepare for the holiday season, it’s important to remember what truly matters most in life. Caring for our loved ones and spending time together takes center stage this time of year. We gather together in the kitchen, living room, and around the dining room table. That’s why now is the perfect time to reflect on what makes our home into a true haven.

What Really Makes the Holiday Season?

Getting the house ready for family, friends, and other guests is a common concern as Thanksgiving rolls around. Rather than stress about these holiday visitors, though, why not use these moments to appreciate how you’ve made your home your own? Creating new, fond memories is easy when your priorities are in order.

  1. Open Homes and Hearts

Inviting out-of-town friends and relatives to stay in your home is a great way to have extra time together and catch up. Making sure your home is ready to take on these guests becomes so much simpler when you have a designated guest room bed. But no matter how much space you have to spare, your home will only feel as big as your heart. When you sincerely welcome loved ones into your home, a sense of comfort will always shine through.

  1. Embracing Gratitude

We all understand the meaning of Thanksgiving. We use the holiday to give thanks for what the year has brought to our personal lives and families. The holiday weekend also lets us reconnect and share these celebrations with the ones we love. Using these days to count our blessings is a clear example of bringing gratitude into our lives. Of course, embracing gratitude doesn’t have to end on Thanksgiving. Why not carry these teachings into every day of the year?

  1. Family around the Table

Gathering around the table for the big Thanksgiving meal is a hallmark of the holiday season.

But this gets us thinking. Shouldn’t we attempt to return to the table more often throughout the year? Too often we forget to use our meal time to engage in meaningful conversation. Practicing these same traditions beyond Turkey Day can help us feel even more connected with the most important people in our lives.

  1. Lasting Home Comfort

Your home’s comfort goes beyond just the indoor temperature. It includes sprawling out on the couch, having a bright, warm fire in the living room, or a sipping on a mug of hot chocolate in your favorite chair. All of these little details add up for your home’s sense of ease and harmony. Consider how your family defines comfort this gift-giving season. There might be ways to spoil them with a new blanket, pair of slippers, or fluffy set of pillows for the bed.

  1. The Best Accessory

While we’re big fans of interior design and home décor here at Ennis Fine Furniture, the season is really about the most important accessory of all. It’s not something you can physically touch, it’s about having love in your home. No matter how cozy your living room setup might be, it won’t mean a thing unless you have the comfort of feeling close to your loved ones—or being at peace on your own. So, as you continue to reflect in the weeks ahead, don’t forget the best accessory of all!


Raymond Ramos

With degrees in Art and Interior Design and over a decade of experience as an Interior Designer in Los Angeles, Raymond developed a keen eye for awe inspiring surroundings.  Raymond is known for his skillful hand with textiles, antiques, custom designed furniture, and detailed upholstery. He is also recognized for his luxurious, sophisticated and vibrant designs, with versatility in styles ranging from classical restorations to modern glamor and contemporary themes.  Raymond’s approachable personality and ability to build candid and deep relationships have allowed him to beautifully transform homes in Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Barbara and now Spokane.  In 2015 Raymond was awarded best Interior Design and best Best Master Suite in the Fall Festival of Homes with Ted Miller Construction. In 2016 his work received Best Interior Design in the Fall Festival of Homes with Greenstone in Kendall Yards.

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Make an Impact in Your Business Space with Statement Pieces from Ennis

Fine furniture shouldn’t be limited to your home. In fact, more and more urban businesses are realizing the importance of quality furnishings in their spaces. From hotels, to banks, to doctors’ offices, business owners are seeing the impact and benefits of quality furnishing and décor.

Reliability You Can Trust

Your customers undoubtedly rely on your business. Reliability is a key factor to customer satisfaction, and like your business practices, your furniture should also be reliable. Ennis Fine Furniture carries only the leading, quality brands like American Leather, Drexel Heritage, and Lexington. Not only will fine furniture and décor from Ennis last and stand the test of time, but furnishing your business space with style and class helps your customers, clients, and guest feel their best, and trust in your services.

Business Lobby Style Tip: Pair the trusted, sturdy, and quality Hancock and Moore Luxe Button Tufted Chair with a set of Tommy Bahama end tables. Add a Capel Incorporated Rosewood area rug and modern snow Magura bowls to increase the impact of these statement pieces.

A Step Up from Your Competition

There are so many ways to stand apart from your business competitors. One of the best ways is to think of your customers first. Details matter to your business, and details matter to your customers. Ennis Fine Furniture is all about the details: class, quality, and style. Give your customers the appreciation they deserve.

Business Entry Way Detail Tip: Finish off your business fine furnishings by paying attention to the details. Gold Star Wall Art from Uttermost Accessories is the perfect finishing touch to add style to your business space, and to let your customers and visitors know you are thinking of them.

Comfort While You Wait

Nothing tells your customers and visitors that you care about their experience, and their time, more than showing them you care about their comfort. Hard, fold-up style arm chairs and cold, hard floors just won’t do. Think large, overstuffed couched and seating options, floor coverings that add color and warmth to the waiting area, and side tables where guests can rest their drinks and paperwork.

Waiting Room Comfort Tip: Give your customers and guests a place to hang their belongings. Stickley Accessories coat rack is a stylish solution for your business space. Paired with an ultra-down Lexington Edgemere sofa, customer satisfaction is sure to skyrocket.

Adding furniture and décor to your business space from Ennis Fine Furnishings is the perfect way to show your customers and visitors that you care.  Not only do our high-quality, one-of-a-kind statement pieces add style and class to your space, they also add value — value to your business, and value to your customers.