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American Made R & R

American Made R & R

September sneaks into our calendars every year somehow undetected; surprisingly, we can’t seem to heed the warnings of summer’s end and are in complete denial or utter surprise by the time Labor Day rolls around. Admittedly, the back-to-school sales and cooling temperatures look suspicious, but every year we dutifully ignore these signs and insist we have some summer left. Somewhere, I don’t know; check the fridge, maybe? It may be downright comical at times, but trying to hold onto the shimmering positivity of summer is an American pastime as old as the presidents on our money. And could anyone really blame us for wanting to? We are professional resters and relaxers; because we constantly push ourselves to become the best versions of ourselves, when we break for the day, we need ample time to really break away from that life. Try taking some serious R&R on this Portland Shiplap Bedroom Set from Archbold. Customizable in 13 different Amish finishes–a distinction unique to Archbold, their Amish finishes– this set can also be tweaked down to the drawer hardware, with aged copper, pewter and gold among the selections.

Circling back to “professional resters and relaxers.” It’s not an ironic phrase, it’s just that we take our relaxation as seriously as our respective professions. Having that perspective while buying furniture can unfortunately leave a lot to be desired. With production of domestic goods largely relocated outside the U.S., finding a home-grown company with that pro-level of rest and relaxation coursing through their veins is a nigh-impossible task. If you were to shop anywhere but Ennis Fine Furniture, that is. At Ennis Fine Furniture, we have curated a host of American-made brands that produce that quality of relaxation so revered in our way of life. Like Archbold Furniture, for instance, whose fleet of quality, American-made products does not stop at just bedroom relaxation, but spills over into all walks of furniture life: bookshelves, office furniture and numerous dining room pieces all carry the Archbold name and their series of Amish finishes and materials. Take the 6861X 62” Home Entertainment Console; with entertainment at the center of the modern world, furniture of this ilk can sometimes feel like a compromise or supplement to technology and yet, with its polished craftsmanship and textured stainwork, this piece affirms a style and presence of its own.

Out of the town in Ohio that bears its name, Archbold Furniture has been in the business of solid woodcraft furniture for over 120 years. Since 1900, Archbold has continued to produce American-made furniture despite industry currents flowing away from such practices. The upstream battle to provide that American craftsmanship is what brought Archbold to our attention and why we’ve been a steadfast partner in offering this quality to our customers ever since. Working exclusively with natural wood, particularly of the alder and cherry variety, Archbold’s commitment to the craft has garnered respect from another uniquely American identity: the Amish. Due to their proximity to large swathes of Amish populations in the Ohio area, Archbold began a partnership with a conglomerate of Amish workers in 2010 to produce unparalleled, handcrafted finishes to their exquisite standards. Just about every piece they make can be offered in such a dressing, exhibiting the fully-customizable aspect of Archbold’s boutique offerings.

And because they’re partnered with Ennis Fine Furniture, that means you get access to this deep catalog of furnishings for your mind to customize with endless combinations. Take a trek to one of our convenient Pacific Northwest locations and see for yourself!

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