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5 Home Office Improvements to Love Your Space

Given enough time, every company will experience change. But rarely have we seen the type of widespread shifts in the workplace than with the coronavirus outbreak. Chances are, COVID-19 will forever change how we work. Many individuals will continue to work from home, even if only on a part-time basis. As such, it makes a lot of sense to create a workspace that matches your needs—both personally and professionally.

5 Ways to Create a Better Home Office

With more teams adopting the remote working model, giving a little attention to your own home office setup will be a worthwhile investment. When you anticipate spending a good deal of time in your home office, you’ll definitely want to get the right upgrades in place!

1. Your comfortable work chair

Putting in long hours at your desk can quickly become uncomfortable when you don’t have the right furniture. The most important item is probably your office chair. You need to find the best seating option for your stature.

2. The right type of desk

With your chair selected, it’s time to review your desk options. Giving yourself a spacious desktop to spread out your work can be one way to go. But you’ll also want to consider your overall layout. For example, if you’d prefer to add a couple of bookshelves and an accent chair in the corner of your home office, you might need to look at desks that are slightly smaller.

3. Adequate & beautiful lighting

Making the switch to a home office setup will give you total control over your lighting. Picking out the right hardware for the lamp is just the first step, of course. You also need to think about the type of bulbs for your lighting. Are you going to work better with a bright, white light or more of a soft glow? And, because we are Ennis Fine Furniture, we want your lighting to be beautiful! Ennis has literally hundreds of lighting options for you to dress up and beautify your work space that fits your personality and design sensibilities!

4. Personal touches with your decor

A lot of home office spaces will benefit from a little greenery. Adding a couple small plants or even a decorative tree to your setting lets you bring the outdoors inside. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, you can always look for realistic faux plants. Then top off your office décor with a few different pieces of art for the walls. Anything goes!

5. A nice throw rug

Whether your room has carpeting or hardwoods, placing a nice throw rug either beneath your desk or elsewhere can help ground the space. Plus, rugs offer some instant “coziness” to any area. From an intricate design or something more tactile for your toes, your office rug might be just the thing to tie your room together.

Our office furniture selection at Ennis Fine Furniture covers all these items and more. Give us a call if you want to discuss your options, or visit our showroom to explore our inventory on display! We would be happy to help you design your home office. When done right, it can become a mini oasis, just as much as a productive work environment.

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