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Month: November 2022

Curating Thanks

Bernhardt Plush leather sofa

Curating Thanks

Thanksgiving is a holiday that is  deserving of its own fanfare and message. That message, of course, is one centered around the mindset and practice of gratitude.   We believe giving thanks is best suited within the comforts of a large, familial gathering. 

What better place for a family to gather and give thanks than around a chic, beautiful dinner table.  A dinner table like those created by Hooker Furniture.  Take a look at the dining table and buffet from Hooker. We present to you Hooker’s Curata Collection as the center of your Thanksgiving meal.  Curata, meaning “curated” in Italian, mixes materials like black nickel, stainless brushed brass and marble with three distinct rustic modern finishes for a simple, yet urbane design. Inspired by timeless shapes and chic materials, Curata exudes a “less is more” feel by spotlighting the design of each piece and giving precise attention to detail.

Once Thanksgiving dinner is over, and everyone has moved away from the table, you will want to provide a comfortable space for you and your family members to congregate.  A grand leather sofa that can accommodate one and all is the perfect solution.  The Plush Leather Collection from Bernhardt is stylish and modern with deep, comfortable, luxurious seating. Plush Leather is a new experience in design for living spaces, combining organic, fully protected leathers with relaxed tailoring, sumptuous down cushions and gracious scale.  What better venue could there be to simply visit with loved-ones, and or watch the “big” game in plush leather.

All of this and much more can be found within one of our showrooms at Ennis Fine Furniture–your local, family-owned fine furniture store since 1946. Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Ennis has three convenient northwest locations in Boise, Idaho; Richland, Washington, and Spokane, Washington. Stop in before your Thanksgiving guests arrive and browse the many furniture options you have available from Ennis. You can consult with one of our Ennis design experts about how one of our pieces could fit within your already-perfected style–complimentary  service unique to the Ennis Fine Furniture shopping experience.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from all of us at Ennis Fine Furniture.

November Is For Nesting

Uttermost Gold Branches

November Is For Nesting

Fun fact: In Idaho and Washington –many native birds typically don’t fly south for the winter. Despite having four distinct seasons with a myriad of weather conditions to account for, 80% of the native birds in our region are nonmigratory, meaning they are likely still out there right now, just like the rest of us, scurrying about to complete the remaining tasks before winter comes for fair weather’s final curtain call. In nature, they call this nesting.

And, as the mercury drops below freezing, and you begin some nesting of your own, you come to realize that just like those birds, the comfort and sustainability of your home is paramount to enjoying the winter. Feast your eyes on the curvaceous wings of the Alexander Wing Chair from Hancock and Moore. With its deeply-layered finish, stout, solid-wood Oak frame and coming in a myriad of luxurious prints, the Alexander has the enviable position of grandiose proportions draped in the familiar coziness of a beloved grandfather’s armchair–all the while being a power recliner. A genuine article of the triple-threat. 

And who would know all about the Alexander and what it takes to craft the perfect living experience for winters in the Northwest? Well, none other than your local, family-owned furniture store, Ennis Fine Furniture. In business since 1946, Ennis has been a passionate purveyor of fine furniture from all parts of the globe, especially craftsmen right here in the U.S.A. 

Maybe a chairside table is part of your nesting plans this year. Take a look at this beautiful and understated Willow end-table from Hammary Living, with dramatic, sculpted lines that add a dramatic look to any home.  Perhaps a perfect aside to the end table, and continuing with our nesting theme is the look of Gold Branches Screen by Uttermost.  Truly a piece of art for your home, its lifelike branches are hand-forged in iron before a gold leaf finish is applied, also by hand. Whether it’s this remarkable piece, or a whole-home interior design, our expert team will work tirelessly to help you hatch the perfect look for your house this winter. 

Thinking of where to take your nesting plans this year? Come down to one of our three great Northwest locations (Richmond, WA; Spokane, WA; or Boise, ID) and get to know one of the Ennis designers.  They have the experience, insight, and talent to make your home nesting dreams a reality.  By the way, design services are complementary when you shop at Ennis Fine Furniture!