Inviting Spring Into Your Home

Now that spring has sprung, it’s the perfect time to take a hint from nature. We should all feel comfortable breathing new life into our home designs throughout the year. Just as the seasons change outdoors, we can also shake up our layout indoors. This time of year, the decorating theme is all about “out with the old” and “in with the new!”

Embrace the Natural Materials

One easy way to get a sense of fresh air into the home is to add different materials to the mix. We don’t always need to stick with the same fabrics year-round. It’s not like we wear our wool winter sweaters in April! Most of us already change the pillows on our sofas. But what about other pieces in our home décor? We don’t need to stick with the same items we had in the fall.

You can start by taking a look at your floors. Is it time to switch out your heavy fabric rugs for something new? Sisal and jute rugs can instantly transform a space to feel lighter—both in color and in mood.

Next, take a look at your window treatments. You can put away those heavy curtains What about linen or silk curtains instead? Bamboo blinds can be another great option for the spring weather. The sunshine looks great peeking through natural materials. Of course, cotton is always a staple, but it can be nice to add some of these other textures to your design.

Play with Spring Colors and Patterns

Thinking of florals goes hand-in-hand with spring, but you don’t have to stop there. The possibilities are endless when it comes to spring-inspired patterns. You might find a geometric pattern that speaks to your senses instead. Or something green, with a foliage design. Again, it’s simple to swap out your pillows. But what about your pictures and paintings? Can you brighten up your space with some new color?

If you don’t want to go the route of pastels, consider some other outdoor-inspired color schemes. A bright blue vase on the mantel or a collection of bright yellow lemons on the kitchen counter are other ways to bring spring into your home.  An added pleasant burst of lemony sunshine can be yours when it comes time to repurpose those lemons by making them into lemonade, or you can use them to freshen your in-skink disposal.

Find Inspiration from All Things Spring

A bouquet of flowers or just opening up your windows can really get you in the springtime mood, too. These little touches are the perfect way to amplify the thoughtful designs you’ve already worked into your home.

If you need other ideas for the season, be sure to reach out to our design teams here at Ennis Fine Furniture. Are you feeling weighed down with old furniture? We’ll help you find pieces that match your style—and feel fresh! When you think of spring cleaning, you should also think about the bigger pieces in your home, not just the clutter. We can outgrow furniture just like we fall out of love with certain clothes or other knick-knacks that we no longer use. When you’re ready to embrace some new designs, you know where to come!