Take a Journey with Ennis Fine Furnishings

In some ways, the furniture for our homes is similar to the way we dress. But the majority of us have a varied wardrobe. Mixing things up is part of how we define our sense of style. (Have you even seen someone grocery shopping in an evening gown or tuxedo?)

Here at Ennis Fine Furniture, we like to remind our customers that these same rules apply to how we design our homes. There’s no real reason to copy the same design sense from room to room. It’s okay to have unique atmospheres. For example, you might prefer a contemporary master bedroom. Then you can change the tone with a mission-style dining room. And how about mid-century modern in your home office? The possibilities are as open as you allow them to be.

Complementary Furniture Brands

There are many brands that can help bring the vision you have for your home to life. When you choose to live with craftsman-quality furniture, though, you’ll find that many brands are natural complements to each other.

We recently welcomed some new furniture lines to give our customers the absolute best options for their homes. Century, Kincaid, Sherrill, and Stressless from Ekornes are now all included in our selection. The customizable features of each of these brands are a fantastic way to capture your personality and taste.

Century Furniture is respected for its wide array of contemporary and traditional pieces, with the ability to select from any number of fabric or leather applications. Kincaid Furniture also has a focus on craftsmanship. Their solid wood construction is a defining feature for the company. You’ll find similar attention to detail with Sherrill Furniture. Their collections include exciting accent furniture, fine furniture, and leather upholstery. For those focused on style and comfort, Stressless is the name of the game. This Norwegian brand is known for its refined sense of ease.

Building distinct designs often means mixing things up across brands—and between rooms. Fortunately, some of our favorite manufacturers have multiple design styles for you to choose from. All you have to do is define your room’s purpose and point of view, pick the pieces that most speak to you, and enjoy your beautiful space.

Embrace the Design Journey

Of course, if you want to play with different styles in different rooms (from modern to French country, for example), you’ll still want to have a cohesive look for your home. Staying firm with one type of interior design might have a flattening, dull affect, but you don’t want to have a jarring or jumbled change of scenery either. That’s where an expert eye can work with you to chart an aesthetic path all throughout your space.

If it’s time to switch things up, our home interior design team can help. Having an outside opinion with years of experience will let you maximize your furniture and architecture for a truly one-of-a-kind setup. Taking a journey through every room—with new sights along the way—can really refresh the outlook for your entire home. We can help.