New Year Furnishings that Help You Get Organized

The start of a new year often comes with well-meaning New Year’s Resolutions. We want to keep healthy, give more time to our relationships, and finally find a system for maintaining a tidy home. Of course, good intentions only go so far. You need to take effective action to make those dreams a reality!

For home organization, the struggle usually starts with space. We need a specific place for all of our belongings, otherwise the clutter just piles up. Setting things away in long-term storage is one option, but not every item belongs in the attic or garage. There needs to be a better system for the things we use on a regular or even daily basis. And at Ennis Fine Furniture, we believe that comes down to having great, practical furnishings in every room of your home.

Clean Up Your Home Office

It’s hard to stay productive when your workspace is in disarray. You should also have a desk that’s sized appropriately for your needs. Trying to work on something that’s too small will just give you aches and cramps. It helps to have plenty of space to spread out—and drawers to use for all of your pens, paper, and other office items.

Browsing a selection of home office furniture can help you imagine a more streamlined approach for your day. Bookcases and desks that match your personal style and your workload can really elevate your experience to stay “in the zone” whenever you need to keep focused.

Keep a Tidy Bedroom

Making your bed every day is one way to build tidy habits. Another helpful strategy is to give yourself enough space for all of your clothing. Whether your wardrobe collection is large or small, you want to have designated areas that keep your items in good condition. (That means making sure your dresser drawers aren’t stuffed too tight!)

Your master suite’s armiour lets you keep wrinkles out of your sweaters and jackets, and an attractive chest can keep your blankets and quilts protected when not in use. Paying attention to your bedroom furniture will help you utilize furnishings that are truly a match for your aesthetic and lifestyle.

Home Organization Starts with Ennis!

If you’re ready to get serious about your home organization setup, the wide selection of home furnishings at Ennis Fine Furnishings can help. We have pieces for every room, hallway, and nook and cranny of your home. When you can maximize the space you currently have with practical storage pieces, you’ll be well on your way to a neat and tidy home year-round.  Need additional guidance (and even emotional support as your get organized!)?  The professional design consultants are here ready to help.

Give us a call or swing by our showroom to start exploring your options. We would be happy to collaborate with you on your new layout. Together, we’ll find the solutions that get your home ready for a new year—in style!