Green-up Your Home for Spring

The word green is a synonym for being good for the earth – eco-friendly – is being set aside for this edition of the Ennis Furniture Blog as we patiently await the burst of color known as spring.  That’s right; when green returns to our world in buds, branches and lawns everywhere.  With the colorful holiday season and the reds and pinks of Valentine’s Day out of the way, what’s left to help us while away the final, dreary days of winter?  Bare branches and brown crunchy lawns that’s what.  So why not plant some fresh green INSIDE your home to get the spring party started early? The designers at Ennis Fine Furniture have more than a few tricks up their stylish sleeves to bring renewal to your home in small ways that will chase the winter blues away in no time.  Most of them are subtle touches that can bring about big changes in your room and your perspective.

Let’s start with green in the organic sense…the green of plants, trees and cuttings.  You can affordably sneak ferns, succulents and other indoor greenery into nearly every room.  Try a vase with floral greenery (whatever is in season) on your entry table. A bundle of the filler used by florists can be amazingly affordable and generally lasts longer than cut flowers.  How about a series of simple vases on your formal dining table, each punctuated with a big, showy green stem – say a Philodendron or Cordyline taken from a potted plant you already have in your home?  Find decorative pots or use pretty bowls you have hidden in the cupboards. Go big with a new potted tree or palm in a corner or elevated with a small pedestal.  It will completely change the vibe of your room.  And here’s a fun tip: use a small can light at its base to create a special dramatic glow each evening after the late winter sun sets.

Because we are a furniture and design store, of course we’d like to suggest sprucing up by adding a few green treasures to your home accessory repertoire. For instance a Tiffany inspired lamp from Quoizel with a green mica shade.  Uttermost has whimsical candle holders in an aged green ceramic finish featuring the ‘hear, see, say’ no evil monkeys.    There are so many shades and intensities of green you can experiment with a new area rug, throw pillows and even artwork.  Our Ennis Fine Furniture designers are always ready to help you search for just the right items to compliment what you already have.

Come see us at Ennis to bring some vibrant freshness to your interior with green this spring!

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